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Las Vegas Supercross Results

A wild, and busy, evening in Las Vegas served as the final round of the Monster Energy Supercross series.  Coming away with the big prize was Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto who clinched his first Supercross championship with a third place finish in the main event behind winner Chad Reed (Honda) and second place Ryan Dungey (Suzuki).

The final round of each Supercross Lites region was held in Vegas this year, and Broc Tickle (Kawasaki) earned the Western Region championship with a second place finish behind Ken Roczen (KTM).  Kyle Cunningham (Yamaha) rounded out the podium in the Western Region main event.  In the Eastern Region, Justin Barcia (Honda) took the title with a third place finish behind Blake Baggett (Kawasaki) and Ryan Sipes (Yamaha).

The evening saw an East/West shootout with Sipes taking the win ahead Cole Seely (Honda) in second and Roczen in third.

For additional details, results and points, visit the official Monster Energy site.


  1. orbea8 says:

    I was just wondering why some people are so threatend by others praising God. Are they some how unsure of what they believe or don’t believe. If that is so then maybe they should look deeper into what threatens them. Seems to me if you Don’t belive that God is real then there shouldn’t be any threat at all. I thank God that these athletes have the guts to voice what they belive.

  2. Bikeman says:

    I was routing for RV for the longest time and then he uttered those words! Jesus don’t give a shit about your race results. I’m a Yamaha fan but wanted RV to win but I guess it will be Stewart or Reed.

    Believe what you want but don’t use the mic as a tool to push your beliefs.

    • Greg says:

      That’s exactly how it went with me, too! I was 100% rooting for RV. And then…he jumped on the Jesus bandwagon. I felt betrayed. Incidentally (or coincidentally?) it was following that podium speech that his season began to go haywire.

      Quite a few of the top riders have taken to giving mini-sermons on the podium as of late. It makes me wonder if the folks at Monster might be giving them some gentle encouragement, perhaps in support of a marketing agenda.

  3. nathan says:

    Supposed to be ” by that D-Bag Reed”, not “but”.

    • Gary in NJ says:

      So that’s how it works now? Say anything about a black person and you are called out for being a racist. Guess what, the term racist has lost its meaning. Nice job libtard.

      Regarding the race…the one on the track Saturday evening, I thought that RV, Reed and Dungy performed as expected and gave us an exciting final. Windham was having an outstanding race until Unlucky 7 took ’em out of the race.

      Oh no, now I’m a racist too.

  4. nathan says:

    You’re a bunch of pathetic racists, plain and simple. If he were a whit guy you’d be saying nothing about him, like when R.C. was crashing all the time nobody said anything. The guy does things on a motorcycle that nobody else on the planet can do, he’s the fastest guy on the planet and as such he has some spectacular crashes. He also gets taken out a lot, especially but that D-Bag Reed. Take a look back through the history of motorcycle racing; whether it be dirt or road, the fastest guys have big crashes because they are pushing the envelope far beyond what other riders are capable of.

    • Greg says:

      Not me! I’m a militant athiest! I root for J.S. and C.R. and KDub because (so far) they’re the only guys whom I have never seen thanking their lord on the podium!

    • Martin says:

      Reed would have won the championship this year – as a privateer – if it wasn’t for Stewart taking him out TWICE in completly avoidable situations. Nathan, these are some of the stupidest comments I have had the misfortune to read – Stewart crashes most often while following. Therefore not the fastest guy out there. Your comments suggest that Rossi must be slow and Stoner one of the fastest of all time. Perhaps only beaten by Randi dP.

      • nathan says:

        Please. Reed INTENTIONALLY takes Bubba out at every opportunity and has done so for years, it’s the only way he can beat him. He’s a vial P.O.S.
        News flash! Stoner is faster than Rossi right now, has been for a few years The fact that Rossi cant ride the Ducati that Stoner successfully rode before further proves this.
        You clearly have no grasp of the history of motorcycle racing and as such have no concept of what GP racing used to be before electronics took over.
        I’d also like to see your statistics that show that Bubba crashes most often while following. THAT is one of the stupidest comments I have had the misfortune of reading, especially since you have nothing and will never be able to produce anything to back it up.

    • Bill says:

      i’m not a racist, i hate everyone equally, i could care less what color he was, the fact you brought this up speaks volumes about you, however as much as he frustrates me sometimes, Stewart makes this sport interesting. Crashes and passing are what makes this sport fun to watch. I fast forward thru races that have virtually no passing and one guy out front…very boring. Stewart is the proverbial monkey wrench in the machine, but i wouldn’t want it any other way. And yes Reed would have won if not for Stewart, but that is racing. Villipoto probably would have had an even bigger points lead if he hadn’t have been taken out of the main even in both heat races by others. So, whatever, this was the best season I have ever seen, and Stewart was one of the professionals that made it happen.

    • mr_dirtrider says:

      There isn’t much comparison between Stewart and RC when it comes to crashing. Yeah, RC crashed alot during his first year on the big bikes, but he got over that quickly. Stewart isn’t getting out of that phase.

  5. ninja9r says:

    Can’t wait till the James Stewart era is over. Oh wait, it already is.

  6. Bill says:

    here is something of interest….a compilation of stewart…

  7. Bill says:

    I always route for Windham, the old guy…freaking stewart, its a good thing he owns his own team…however, that crash was pivotal, if RV had hit them, it may have been all Reed. One weekend off then onto Motocross!!!

  8. James says:

    A great race and an exciting season, wasn’t decided till the last race. Feel really bad for Windham, he was really flying till Stewart did the inevitable. We wern’t betting on the winner last night, just when Bubba was going to come off the rails, I lost, I figured it would be the first corner so he did better then I thought.

  9. Greg says:

    RV won because Jesus helped him. He said so himself!

  10. Al says:

    And of course, Bubba crashed again, this time taking out Windham. Stewart is the fastest crasher in motocross history.