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Miller Motorsports WSB Results

Carlos Checa (Ducati) won both races at Miller Motorsports Park earlier today to extend his points lead in the WSB championship series. In Race 1, Yakub Smrz (Ducati) and Sylvain Guintoli (Ducati) finished in second and third place, respectively. In Race 2, the podium was filled out by Leon Camier (Aprilia) in second and Max Biaggi (Aprilia) in third.

For additional details, results and points, visit the official WSB site.


  1. Motogeek says:

    The average lap time of the XR1200s at Millers this past weekend was either 6 or 8 seconds faster than the Supersport lap times (can’t remember which), and only 2 seconds behind the Daytona Sportbikes. Of course, the track favors bigger displacement due to altitude and layout BUT the facts are the facts…they weren’t as slow as some posters are suggesting.

  2. Doc says:

    Well now that I’ve found out that only assholes ride those damned Harleys and their junk anyway, I better get rid of my ’09 Roadking and get an ass jacked up GSXR or something similar. Then I can get an underage girlfriend and act like Rossi. Wait I can’t do that. Because since I’ll be just another poser, I’ll have chicken strips to the center of the tires absolutely no common sense. But I sure will look COOL!

  3. Fast One says:

    Can we get back to the race? Just chill and get over anything that brings you down because it is a waste of time and energy.
    Life is great today!

  4. blackcayman says:

    I was there at the pinicle of turn 13 – watched Biaggi crash…saw a bunch of awesome passing, stuffing, bumping, powersliding, trail braking and listening to the wail, scream and belch of the bikes. It was Perfect! By the way, The HD XR1200s are a handful to ride, watching those guys muscle those bikes was a hoot – too much work for 21 laps! They sound great too.
    Pinheads “cap” on bikes they don’t like. To what end? Who cares if you don’t like every manufacturer or model? We are all part of the same MC community…its us against the world out there on the roads. Give feedback even be critical but don’t be a Doosh.

    • Steve says:

      I heard there was a minor disturbance when Danny Eslick & the rest of the H-D XR1200 riders didn’t wave to a small group of spectators touching off a crying jag, breath holding & stamping of feet that lasted the entire race…. the AMA charged Eslick et al with “failure to comply with the motorcyclist tradition of returning the wave”.

      • kpaul says:

        lol good one ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Steve says:

          I couldn’t resist! I know the post is juvenile & possibly irritating… but seriously, I don’t have a problem with you voicing your opinion on things like others riders not waving… I wave at everyone, even scooters & dirtbikes! I do have a problem with you painting every harley rider as an A**HOLE & the bikes they ride as junk. It’s ok that you prefer other brands… if I had more $$ I would have a Ducati 848 & a bunch of other bikes too but I can’t & my riding style & destinations favor a big V-Twin cruiser/tourer.
          I attend Antique motorcycle Club meets with a friend & there’s every kind of bike imaginable there & everyone gets along great because we all like bikes. So please kpaul, try ‘n ease up on the anti-harley rhetoric. Negativity like that only breeds more negativity & there is nothing negative about motorcycling… it’s the total opposite..that’s why we ride.
          & when you do encounter some A**HOLE on a Harley or any other brand bike, try & have compassion for the idiot… unfortunately, they’re everywhere.

  5. Vrooom says:

    Mr. Checa is cleaning up. Biaggi is lucky to get a 3rd after dominating last year, how quickly things change.

    • kpaul says:

      On Wind Tunnel on Speed TV, Dave Dispain interviewed Biaggi. He asked him about Rossi. He said he actually hates him. Wow. I actually like Biaggi’s smoth riding style.

  6. Steve says:

    As is usual for you kpaul… you throw the bomb here online & then run away when confronted with what you said….

    Let me give you the way out of this predicament you constantly find yourself in….

    Stop doing it & then no one will confront you for what you did… simple huh!

    & in ref to me taking this too seriously… let me remind you that it is YOU that throws the snowballs & then whines & cries when one is thrown back at you. IT was YOU that just had to post your negativism here after you took great offense because a few riders didn’t wave back at you…

    You have developed a reputation & history here of being negative & unreasonable…. read the replies to your posts… it’s all there!

    You owe us all an apology!

    • kpaul says:

      Oh boy. I am so sorry. You guys are so thin skinned about your Harleys. .

      • Steve says:

        yes.. turn it back on me…. just like I knew you would…. don’t deviate from your schoolboy maturity now..

        it was you the bad old harley rider made cry & it is YOU who are thin skinned….

        you can turn your rant around all you want kpaul…. but nothing will make the words YOU typed here disappear…

        Like I said… rather than spew your BS here, why not go & confront the bad old Harley riders next time. Your little sportbike should easily be able to catch them…. & it will also allow you to ride away real fast amidst all of the laughter once you tell them about your little temper tantrum for not waving…

        I hope they start giving you the finger instead of just not waving… ain’t like you don’t deserve it…

  7. Tom says:

    Love the rant and reply. A simple race report turned into a LOL moment reading your replies.

    Steve R – Thanks for the laugh.

    kpaul – H-D rant morphs into I don’t like H-D riders who don’t wave back to me. I think the focus of therapy should be on your need to have someone wave back to you.

    -Tom BMW rider that doesn’t wave at anyone ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ha!

    • kpaul says:

      There goes the neighborhood. BMWs over-engineered ugly and over priced. Just didn’t want you to feel left out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Never had a BMW rider not wave to me and Seattle has a lot of BMW riders relative to other places.

  8. kpaul says:

    Fun watching those antique vintage Harleys race. What’s that you say they are new Harleys wow I couldn’t tell they were so slow ๐Ÿ™‚ Too bad they scheduled this race too early in the year for Utah. Anyone who has grown up in the Mountain states especially in high altitude states like Colorado and Utah will tell you better to wait till mid summer Even in late June would be better. About the time forest fire season starts. Yes the temperatures may get up to the 90s but its a real dry heat and it always cools down quite a bit at night and early morning. Unfortunately, the race will take place in late May again next year.

    • Steve R says:

      Always got something negative to say about Harley’s, don’t you! Every motorcycle magazine that reviewed the XR1200 raved about it… especially riders/writers over the (mental) age of 12, which you seem to be stuck at.

      I saw the XR1200’s race @ Thunderbolt Raceway last year @ Superbike Weekend…. Danny Eslick is the man! All I can say is…. go see them race…. you won’t believe the speed & handling… & the sound…. incredible…. & remember, they were not built to go head to head with 4 cylinder sportbikes….

      kpaul… you really should get over the constant H-D bashing…really. You go from one extreme of telling us all here how cool you are ’cause you live in Seattle & you are some sort of electrical engineer or something & you ride a Japanese (I believe) sportbike…. how vanilla is that?
      & the weather report at the end of you rant… seemingly meant to imply you are special ’cause you must have “grown up in the Mountain states especially in high altitude states like Colorado and Utah” doesn’t redeem you or get you any points.
      Ask yourself why you MUST constantly demean Harley’s to make yourself feel better…. c’mon.. you make ok money & I’m sure Seattle has loads of new-agey therapists who could help you with your issues.

      & 1 more thing…. go to a freakin race & see how many sportbikers attend…. you will see that there are many more Harley riders that attend AMA Superbike races than R1GSXRCBR riders….. at least here on the east coast….

      Your constant negative/hyper-critical/anti-Harley rants really make reading anything you write a drag…. you have probably suceeded in turning off a lot of people here soley because of that. nobody likes a puffed up pseudo know-it-all….

      • kpaul says:

        Yep you’re right I was kind of grumpy coming back form my Sunday ride. Bunch a Harley guys wouldn’t wave to us. We were on sport bikes. What is up with the snobbery. We all waved first. It wasn’t just a couple jerks it was more like a dozen. Waving at each other is great tradition. I think the Harley crowd is going to kill it. My buddies said hell if a Harley rider comes along we will wait first and see if they wave.

        • Steve says:

          so let me get this straight… you & your bud’s had your feelings hurt because some Harley riders would not wave back at you… so you decided to take it out on EVERY HARLEY RIDER ON EARTH eventhough we had nothing to do with it…. when you could have turned your bikes around & chased down the no-waver’s & told them to their faces….

          all I can say is get over it. There’s a lot of sportbikers that don’t wave to me on my Harley .. hell Gold Wingers & Beemer riders sometimes don’t wave …. but it doesn’t bother me in the least. In fact, I don’t care if no one waves back at me.

          & you justify your negativism by blaming the death of the oh so precious motorcycle wave tradition on those nasty old harley riders…..

          you are aware that there are some Gold Wing groups that refuse to ride with anyone unless they are on a Wing…. they have Gold Wing exclusive events to go along…. they have every right to do that if they wish…. doesn’t mean a thing to me…. but I don’t hear you ranting about them….

          & finally… who elected you to the job of keeping so called motorcycle traditions alive?… why can’t you just ride, like the rest of us, & enjoy it?

          • kpaul says:

            So you are a Harley rider huh. Figures ๐Ÿ˜‰ BMW and Gold Wing riders always wave to us. Only nasty old harley riders don’t

        • Steve says:

          this is in response to your posting below

          “So you are a Harley rider huh. Figures BMW and Gold Wing riders always wave to us. Only nasty old harley riders donโ€™t”

          your attempt at humor doesn’t cut it either….

          I’ve been riding since I was 14 & have owned bikes since 1974.. Kawasaki’s, Honda’s ,BMW’s, Triumphs, Indian, & Harley’s. I have never met anyone so fixated/obsessed against people that ride Harleys. All your rants are the same…. you hate Harley riders because…(fill in the blank, any reason will do)….

          you seem to take EVERYTHING personal & I gotta tell you… you just ain’t that important kpaul. the rest of the world really doesn’t give a shit if your feelings are hurt because someone didn’t wave back at you & your little friends’ riding group. You must have learned statistics in college..right? You know about the Bell curve, right? Well if you put human behavior under the curve, specifically motorcycle riders that wave, then you will see that the distribution of riders that wave is spread pretty evenly…. with very few that won’t wave & very few that always wave… most fall under the middle… they wave most of the time which is probably what most of us experience most of the time. Yet you ignore that & take a small percentage of experiences with a small percentage of riders that don’t wave & state here that because of this totally non-scientific method, ALL HARLEY RIDERS are guilty!

          get over yourself!

      • kpaul says:

        Just remember people who hate Harley aren’t born the are made. Getting rid of Buell doesn’t help my attitude either

        • Steve says:

          I love that! You decline to take any responsibility for your biased rants & then take the cowardly way out by blaming ALL Harley riders & the company itself because they closed Buell down as justification…

          So I guess you own or did own H-D stock & at least 1 Buell since you obviously liked them so much & wanted Buell to succeed that you supported the product by investing & owning the bike… right?? … yeah.. sure you did. Guess they didn’t teach you in college that LIFE IS UNFAIR, so get freakin used to it! I don’t see Erik Buell sniveling or reacting anything like you & you had NOTHING to lose…

          you need to grow a set & confront the evil Harley riding no-wavers instead of attacking us here while hiding behind your computer.

          • kpaul says:

            You are taking this way too seriously Steve. I could care less what people ride. If they want to ride a classic antique that is fine with me. Or a BMW If they want to ride a state of the art sport bike with excellent performance, brakes and handling that is ok by me too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a good day.