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Video of Casey Stoner on the Honda 1000cc Prototype

Honda also appears to be quite far along in the development of next year’s 1000cc MotoGP bike.  A test a few days ago at Jerez with Casey Stoner, as well as a Honda test rider, resulted in the following video.  Not only are Stoner’s comments positive, as well as those from the Honda representative, the bike looks extremely smooth and well-controlled for an early prototype.  Stoner is hardly babying the machine, or tip-toeing around the circuit as though in early development stages.

With the immense power the new 1000cc bike is undoubtedly putting out, electronics are surely playing an important role in corner exits even at this early stage.  You will notice that the bike is not stepping-out uncontrollably at any point during the video.

The thought that the 1000cc era might prompt a return to “steering with the throttle”, a technique that could favor American riders, is probably false given the modern electronics controlling these bikes and the obvious need to preserve fuel and tire life.  A shame, in some respects, for those of us who remember Mick Doohan and others using this technique to steer the 500cc two-stroke monsters years ago, and even the more recent, similar tactics used on the first four-strokes in the class displacing 990cc.


  1. kpaul says:

    “Burgess Unfiltered: Yamaha’s V4, Ducati’s Past Foibles & Claiming Rule MotoGP Bikes Are A “Harebrained Scheme” see link

  2. Neil says:

    There will be places on the track where they use full 1000cc power and other places where the power and fuel are limited by electronics. But all said and done, there will be more power available. I remember taking a 2004 Kawasaki Z1000 for a test ride and as I got on the highway and shifted into third gear I just thought, “Whoa!” I also thought my ’96 VFR had plenty of power and gave me the chance to open it up a bit. – Maybe we will have a chance to see Nicky backing it in again, Rossi and others too for that matter. Gives us something more to talk about and watch. That’s a good thing.

  3. I doubt the electronics will be so limiting. after all, why would the FIM be changing back to big bores? From what I gather, suspensions will be ‘looser’ which should promote some spinning(read:flat track style). Not really sure, but FIM had to see how boring the 800’s were. Can’t wait!!

  4. Crusty says:

    I also would like to see the electronics disapear nothing like Mc coy coming out of a corner at 180 + full opposite lock right hand to the stopper. Now that was worth getting out of bed at 2am to watch.

  5. ROXX says:

    Something that is sadly not being talked about but should;
    The 1000’s have to make do with the same 21 liters of fuel the 800’s use.

    That is just wrong! There is already fuel management taking place with the smaller displacement, and now, they give us liter bikes and they will be circulating the track while trying to conserve fuel???
    Come on FIM???
    Let the racers race each other full on!
    There needs to be an outcry over this!

  6. Dave says:

    Can’t wait. Should be enough power there to eliminate the advantage guys like whiny Dani and SoGay have now…

  7. kpaul says:

    “Jeremy Burgess could not hide his disappointment that the technical rule changes to the GP class do great harm to it. “It’s disappointing going back to the 1000s, he said, “Suzuki and others want stability in the regulations (which will drive) more equal competition. It’s heavily rumored that Suzuki has not begun work on a liter MotoGP bike and will exit MotoGP as a factory team at the end of the 2011 season.”

  8. Tim says:

    The 1000’s will make for more competitive racing. Bikes like this year’s Honda will not be able to dominate on sheer speed advantage alone. Everyone will have all the speed they can use, and it will come down to the most skilled riders, rather than the most skilled engineers. I can’t wait for the 800 era to be over. It has been incredibly boring compared to the previous era.

    • MGNorge says:

      To differ from your viewpoint I do not see racing as just an activity to pick the best rider(s). In fact I care so much less about the riders I don’t care what their likes and dislikes are, what they drive, who their girlfriend is (married or not!) and I don’t read People magazine to find out. With MotoGP especially I think what the engineers bring to the table is even more fascinating, provided the rules don’t dumb things down too much. This is how equipment is improved and advances made. If I wanted to see racing where all the machines is in parity I’d go to the carnival and watch the merry-go-round with the small motorcycles on it! Certainly the riders are an integral part of the whole. But the best riders tend to overcome many shortcomings in their particular machinery and prevail. That’s what I call racing.

      • Tim says:

        And that’s a valid way to look at it. Honestly, I just want to see closer racing. I’m sick of the drama in every race being from guys in the middle of the pack.

        Back when they did away with the 1000’s, the electronics were just coming in to play with some of the bikes. Now they all use it in some form or other, so it should make for competitive races at the front. I like to see who hasthe biggest b@lls. Who brakes the latest, who corners the fastest and who reads the track the best. I’m looking for heros, not machines to be the major determining factor in who wins races.

    • Chris says:

      What makes you think that it will be more competitive?

      Honda hasn’t dominated since last Rossi rode for them, so I am not sure as to why there is a problem all of a sudden. Sometimes a factory comes out with a package that is head and shoulders above what anyone else has. That is progress…. And back in 2007 Stoner on the Ducati dominated on sheer speed advantage alone…

      What makes you think that “everyone will have all the speed they can use”? I don’t recall the last time I heard a racer say that his bike was too fast and that they should slow it down to where the other riders are at or so the other guys can keep up…

      Hayden was probably the last time the most skilled rider (Rossi) didn’t win. Stoner kind of came out of no where, but has proven to be very talented. Rossi is Rossi, GOAT anyone?… Lorenzo was going to at some point or another be world champion. Pee Wee is fast, but inconsistant. That kind of covers the 4 aliens…

      Unless they go to a spec bike, engineers are going to be part of the equation. And who exactly would you have make the big changes (frame, engine power, etc.) if not for the engineers back in Japan or Italy or _____. How would bikes improve without engineers?

      I think that the 800 era was alright. Electronics may have tamed things a little too much. Will electronics do the same for the 1000cc 81 mm max bore era? Probably, as the electronics don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. For me, the best era was from maybe 1990 – 1995 with the 500cc 2-strokes. That was exciting!

    • kpaul says:

      Actually there will be more electronics not less. All that power isn’t useful if you can’t apply it. The engineers will become even more important. Revenge of the Nerds

  9. mongrel says:

    with V4? sorry, didn’ realize I hadn’t finished typing when I submitted.

    • John A. Kuzmenko says:

      I read that the rules say a maximum of 4 cylinders is allowed.
      Rules also state maximum bore diameter allowable of 81mm.

      I think it will still be amoungst the same guys who are currently at the top.

  10. mongrel says:

    Wonder what the engine configuration is, back to the V5, sticking

  11. DaytonaJames says:

    I’ll be very interested to see which riders rise to the challenge of the new style of power. ie. Will someone like Hayden have a better chance at the front again?
    I’d love to be a fly on the wall during a Rossi / Burgess 1000cc development discussion. I guess I’d have to learn Italian first though, wouldn’t I?
    One thing is certain… 2012 won’t be boring.

    • Stinky says:

      I don’t think there will be any changes in style or much chance of riders leaving darkies out of the corners. Haydens outta luck unfortunately, with electronics he doesn’t stand a chance unless he can get Burgess to jump ship. I wish they would get rid of electronics, not gonna happen though.

  12. I’d give one of a pair of major organs for a track day on that thing.

    • Stinky says:

      You mean kidney? That’s the only major I have in pairs, one of my minors, definetly, I could show them how slow that thing can go.

  13. Wilson R says:

    At 1:22 I thought he was going to put his foot down ala flattrack! The 1000 looks fast.

  14. kpaul says:

    Sad to see the 800s go. They were smooth and allowed increased corner speed. Graceful. The 1000s will be point and shoot. More intrusive electronics will be introduced to tame the excess power. Wasteful and excessive. 800 is just right.

  15. Bill says:

    Good gravy! Amazing what 200 more milliliters can do, the wait will be agonizing…