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2012 Husqvarna 900 Twin: Husky Releases Development Photos and Video

Are you getting sick of “teasers” dribbled out by manufacturers in advance of the unveiling of a new model? Too bad, because this marketing tactic is probably here to stay . . . at least, for a little while.  The latest example is Husqvarna’s handling of the 900cc twin that should debut in all its glory soon.

These photos, apparently released by Husky, show a prototype entering and leaving BMW offices, and the video below contains a discussion with the lead designer of the new bike.

We already know that Husqvarna, wholly owned by BMW, is receiving generous help from its German parent in the launching of its new street models (this twin being the first).  A close look at the photos indicates the wheels, brakes and exhaust design either come directly from BMW, or show great influence.  The engine, of course, is derived directly from the 800cc twin found in several BMW models.

The exciting thing about the direction BMW is taking Husky is this.  People go on-and-on about the desire for manufacturers to offer the lightest possible package with no performance compromises.  Many consumers claim they want this, and Husqvarna is about to deliver it.  Take a look at the brakes on the Mule, for instance.  If this new bike comes in well under 400 pounds wet (a reasonable guess), those front discs will have “throw you over the bars” power. Think about the best superbike brakes stopping a machine 100 pounds lighter.  You get the idea.  Even the rear disc looks quite large . . . just in case you like to “back it it”.

Of course, we don’t yet know what the price will be.  KTM’s streetbikes/supermotos have always been relatively pricey, but in many instances they have no direct competition.  Husqvarna is about to change that.

Here is the video featuring the Husqvarna designer and several drawings of the new machine.


  1. Jason says:

    Yes, because we needed another herpderp supermoto with a price tag in the stratosphere.

  2. Bob says:

    The dealer where I bought my last two bikes carries both KTM and Husky. The Husky supermoto pales next to the KTM offering. I think I’ll hold onto my checkbook until I see how Gerald Kiska handles the re-design of the Super Duke.

    • AgentSmith says:

      In what world does the husky “pale” next to the KTM? They are a way better deal and are VERY compareabl, not to mention 50 state legal which isn’t true of all the KTMs.

  3. John says:

    I’m sorry but this thing looks straight up BMW. Hopefully the finished product will have some Husky in it. I guess it will depend on if they use the funky BMW headlight or a new Husky one. LOL.

  4. jimbo says:

    Lighter than a Suzuki SV650, more power than a BMW F800, and premium brakes/chassis/suspension? Triple dare you to keep your license!

  5. RD350 says:

    I love this type of bike.

    If its light enough (-350lbs), looks right (not too much German Organic Weirdness)and is priced right, then it will succeed.

    I would prefer a bike like this to have suspension that is more “motard” than sportbike.

    Cant wait to see it .. hopefully in classic Husky Red/White.

  6. bikerrandy says:

    That looks like a 16″ front rim. For a 900, this bike looks really light. What’s it made for, Supermoto racing ?

    • MikeD says:

      That’s a 17″, don’t let the “Lanky” look and proportions trick ur eyes…(x_x )’

  7. ABQ says:

    It looks like the gas tank is under the seat, which is good. I would like a regular seat to sit on, not those skinnyass types. Is that a camo paint job? It looks cool… As for that muffler, most people are going to take it off and put on an after market model. Why not start with a famous brand to begin with?

  8. Ruefus says:

    Yeah…’s a Husky.

    BMW-based engine, developed at BMW with obvious BMW-style parts. But, it’s a Husky.

    BMW, meet Husqvarna. Or is that Chevy, meet Pontiac? Certainly hope not.

  9. DeadSriff says:

    What’s up with the front fender.

    • MikeD says:

      It will be used as a garden shovel to carve the heart out of the Haters of this “Genre”…(>_< )

      Seriously tho, it's just trying to be cool and different, cause it looks as functional as High Heels on an Elephant…(O_o )'

  10. Hot Dog says:

    The mule is beautiful! Poseurs won’t get one but the rest of us will. Sorta along the lines of the original SV1000 Naked, ain’t she? If I woke up with her beside me, I’d probably not want her to go home.

    • blackcayman says:

      I own the SV1000 N….. No SV1000 N design copied on this Husky. You must be thinking of the Kwaker Versys

  11. KnightroExpress says:

    This looks pretty gnarly! I can’t wait to see the final product.

  12. brinskee says:

    I approve of this direction. Having owned a KTM 950SM, a streetfightered TL1000R and my current Ducati Multi 1200, that fits right where I like ’em. Now, who is gonna buy my Mille R?

  13. jimbo says:

    Size wise it looks like a dog gone 250!

  14. Norm G. says:

    the wheels scream bmw, but that’s good ’cause i like those wheels. like the swingarm. rebadging it as a husqvarna is solely to help it sell i guess…? the mega-moto was a far cry away from the sales successes of the 12GS, S1000, and perhaps now the K16.

  15. endoman says:

    Many people think they need the high-end stuff, too. But for most riders, it goes unused. I know I can’t push my bike with basic oem stuff to it’s limits. *(Don’t tell anyone I admitted to that.)

  16. MikeD says:

    IF all the OTHERS OEMs had THE LEAST of the intentions of Husky they would publish DECENT “spy” pics like these.
    OK, so is not the final product…i don’t care about that, i for one just want a CLEAR IDEA of what they ae trying to push out the doors this winter or next spring.
    I don’t think thats asking for an arm and a leg.
    WISE UP Japan Inc ! U know what…forget just Japan, ALL OEMs WISE UP about ur B.S marketing !

    And like someone said on another website already and i +1 that… this Husky stinks too much of BMW.

  17. kpaul says:

    Husqvarna makes great chain saws. Competition is a great thing.

  18. tron says:

    “People go on-and-on about the desire for manufacturers to offer the lightest possible package with no performance compromises. Many consumers claim they want this”

    Claim is a key word here. Indeed I think there are a fairly vocal group who go on about this but when it comes down to buying it, then it seems to be a different story. Generally people have the rather unreasonable expectation that such performance should be cheap and expect to buy at deep discounts. Manufacturers don’t stay in business that way, nor do they invest in developing product lines if they think thats what will happen.

    • Tom says:

      True, Mr. Tron,
      Why can’t I have a balls-out BMW race car at a BMW 318 price? Why not!!!??? I want that!

      • tron says:

        Uh, because its not profitable?
        I guess you can want anything, just doesn’t mean you’re going to get it.