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Subaru Demonstrates Near Death Experience at IoM TT

If you can get past the irony that we are not covering the two-wheel races at the IoM TT this week, take a look at the four-wheeler taking a demonstration lap there under the control of a Subaru rally driver with an auto journalist in the passenger seat. At roughly 150 mph, the driver saves a massive slide and lock-to-lock steering angles, through the narrow streets with walls looming. Among other things, this gives you some idea of what the motorcycle riders face in terms of speed and danger. Make sure you watch the video twice and focus the second time around on the steering wheel in the hands of the driver.


  1. Gronde says:

    Nice save, but not an unusual display of talent for a rallye driver.

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  2. Voice of Denial says:

    don’t know what’s better… the recovery…? or how, when all is sorted, he grabs another gear and tips back into the fuel without missing a beat…? LOL racer’s instinct.

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  3. Bill says:

    Meh. Those WRC guys do that every day on the way to drop the kids off at school.

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  4. jimbo says:

    Thanks for the instructions to watch twice: once for the road view, the second time to view the pilot’s hand work.

    The first time I could hardly believe my eyes, the second time I made several involuntary sounds and definitely thought it looked like science fiction. A definite case of truth stranger than all the Hollywood special effects fiction.

    Reminded me of one Sunday morning ’round the Bolinas Lagoon just N. of Point Reyes on CA-Highway 1. I was shadowing another rider on his Honda CBR929. We were clipping along at a good rate but not flat out. Suddenly, out of nowhere, going 70+, I’m staring at the underside of a CBR clear as day, exhaust collector, drain plug, crank case belly, etc…I thought we crashed and were sliding together toward the shoreline, wondering why I’m not tumbling…then I realized my co-rider, fond of and very expert at stop-pies, was inclined at a reverse 45-degree angle. He later explained he thought he spotted a CHP and wasn’t about to get another ticket.

    “No, you can NOT test ride my Moto Guzzi to prove you can do stop-pies on such a heavy bike!”

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  5. Friggin sweet. I have a Suby Forester with a few upgrades (family man) but I’d love to get a WRX STi and rally car it. That All-Wheel Drive has saved my bacon a number of times. It flat works.

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  6. Mark says:

    Big ups to the Journo man…he didn’t even flinch! Balls of steel or what!!

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  7. Speedy Pete says:

    F’ing hell!

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  8. Gary says:

    I nearly pooped in my office chair.

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  9. Tim says:

    So, is it difficult to get poop stains out of racing leathers?

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