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Home Brew: Danish Reader Builds XS650 Flat Tracker

Thanks to reader Uffe Kristiansen, a Dane living in Miami (not sure how he got used to that weather transition), I was made aware that Uffe’s friend Andreas (whose last name I have not been able to discover) took his old Yamaha XS650 and turned it into this cool, flat tracker. You can see pictures of his project as it progressed here, as well as a video below. Uffe describes Andreas as both an excellent Super Moto racer and craftsman. I have no doubt of either point having seen the video below, as well as a POV video of Andreas terrorizing the streets of Demark on his Super Moto (click on the Vimeo page link to see the Super Moto video also hosted there).


  1. Steve says:

    Cool. Idles a little too fast though.

  2. Dick McQueen says:

    Kick ass! Sounds friggin’ helascious….

  3. Santiago says:

    Send the creator of this beautiful bike to China right now!
    Start mass producing replicas and get full of money, he deserves it!
    Great job!

  4. Foogunheimer says:

    Flat Track bikes are always a lot of fun. You can actually venture off-road with these styles bikes, something that most “Adventure Touring” bikes cannot/will not do. Great job on the headlight, very creative.

  5. casatomasa says:

    Oh how i love this bike!! Great job. Love this motor too. My first bike was a XS650 rode from Ft.Dix NJ to Arizona screaming it all the way, she never let me down. Thanks Motorcycle Daily

  6. ABQ says:

    Great work! That hidden headlight was GENIUS! I like this type of project, along with Ryca and triumph scrambler customs.

  7. Uffe says:

    Note the trick headlight arrangement in the slide show.

  8. Tim says:

    I’ve always wanted to build a Yamaha 650 based lightweight bike, along these lines. I saw one at a classic bike show a couple of years ago, a guy from Topeka, KS built. One of the coolest bikes I’ve ever seen.

    Nice work on this one, Andreas!

  9. Denny says:

    Ya, ya this is the kind of thing people need. If anything to be different, it could have more originality instead of being based solely on Yamaha. And dress up the front little bit….. and put it into production, perhaps in China. Overall – great attempt for moto revival.

  10. steve says:

    This is my kind of bike! I love flat track / street track type bikes… regardless of the make….. I started out riding dirt bikes back in the early 70’s so wide bars with dirt oriented tires suits me.

    There are vintage flat track races you can enter with these bikes too.

    I’ll take my Yamaha Street Tracker in black & yellow please :)!

  11. Jack says:

    Where is the link to hime terrorizing the streets on his super moto?

    • Philip says:

      Watch the video (or fast forward to the end) and then click on the thumbnail on the right side within the video window. You might have to allow pop-ups for it to play. Nice footage and “terrorizing” is acurate, worth a look.

  12. JimS says:

    Awesome looking machine! I wish I was a better craftsman or there were more affordable kits for a street tracker. I have a couple of engines/bikes I would like to configure. A Super Hawk engine with a custom twin shock frame and flat track styling; what a dream! Why cant I have one !!!? Or one based on the current Triumph vertical twin.

  13. Zombo says:

    Very nice classic build of a Yamaha dirt tracker . Even better though would be a dirt track two stroke version of a YZ 465 . I’m sure Kenny Roberts would agree !