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Husqvarna Unveils New Parallel Twin: Nuda 900R

This is the new high performance Husqvarna twin we have been waiting to see. Although these are official photos, Husqvarna has revealed only a few specifications. According to Husky, the Nuda 900R displaces 900cc and will make “more than” 100 hp and 73 foot/pounds of torque. The bike will weigh “less than 385 pounds”. The front fork is a huge 48mm Sachs, fully adjustable for compression, rebound and spring preload. The shock is a top drawer Ohlins featuring all of the same adjustments.

The bike gets superbike-class brakes in the form of radially-mounted, four-piston monoblock Brembos. Apparently, Husqvarna is trying to get this bike into dealerships before the end of this year. It looks like more details will be revealed in a couple of days. You can find additional photos on a web site set up for the Nuda 900R here.


  1. John says:

    I like how it came out. It still has a bit if Husky look to it. The seat looks like it will kill you after about 50 miles. I’m impressed though.

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  2. Lowflying says:

    Dropping it is gonna kill that cool tank, unfortunately. Otherwise the minimalist bodywork looks great. I’m glad they resisted the modern trend to cowl/fair the rad. That just tends to make a bike look front-heavy. Although I usually hate other than traditional round headlights, this bug-eye job looks pretty good and in keeping with the rest of the bike.

    The sweep of the pipes looks great from the front-right side. They managed to jazz up the motor nicely. In the BMW F800, the motor just looks like an uninspired lump.

    I’d ride it.

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  3. Nooner says:

    After close inspection of the pictures above and looking at my F800GS, it appears they used the same frame. The subframe is different, though. I think it’s a great looking bike that’s not re-warming styling cues of Japanese bikes. Is it practical? Hell no…. but that’s not the point. Fun? Hell yes.

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  4. bentgrill says:

    looks a bit tubby but throw in a robotech sticker and you can have all my money!

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  5. Sean Browne says:

    I think it looks ugly. Fun as hell. What the hell with these wedgie seats, they may as well just mount a dildo on it.

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  6. Bud says:

    wow that nuda website is a mess!

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  7. MotoChris says:

    it looks like a Chinese knockoff of a Ducati

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  8. mark says:

    Since it has a variant of the BMW 800 twin engine, will it be sold at BMW dealers? I haven’t seen a Husky dealership in a VERY long time.

    This is a very exciting bike!

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  9. Norm G. says:

    wow, introducing the worlds first TRI-COLOR engine…!

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  10. lovely bike.. nice body… light…. a real looker…

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  11. Wendy says:

    Nice to know that in the Husky factory, they don’t have bezier curves in the styling department.

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  12. Gary says:

    Unfortunatly, to comply with US Federal regs, some sort of hideous looking rear fender extension will likely be required. I believe the law states that there has to be some sort of coverage reaching down at least as far as the top of the tire.

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    • mark says:

      I agree. It took me about 15 minutes to take the fender extension off of my Honda VFR and replace it with a Fender Eliminator license plate bracket. Highly recommended.

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    • Tom R says:

      If it wasn’t required by US Federal regs but the manufacturer put one on anyway, would it still be considered hideous?

      Or…if the regs stated that we COULDN’T have hideous fender extensions, would bike owners put one on intentionally just to diss them?

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  13. Denny says:

    Yeah, it should be sharp bike, it has got sharp edges…… new times, new shapes I guess. At least someone takes courage to break away from trend. The engine is proven, we know that. And it’s not ‘compulsory’ V – good!

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  14. RD350 says:

    I love this bike.

    Not every single detail of it, but generally speaking its awesome! I think “street motards” are the perfect street/sport bike for our times. I dont know about you guys, but here in Connecticut, USA, the tough winters and the even worse economy, means that the back roads are a frosted heaved, pot holed mess and haven’t been paved in several seasons. With a bike like this, with its dirt bike stance and longish suspension, a good rider can carve all day on the rough stuff .. as opposed to repli-racer sport bikes which absolutely suck in these conditions (and in most street conditions) for all the obvious reasons.

    This bike is going head to head with the HyperMotard, the Dorsodosos, the KTM990SM and the like (all of which now seem a bit stale compared to this newcomer). If the motor works well at its claimed 100hp, the weight is low enough and the price is realistic (under $15,000), I think this bike will be a contender.

    I see the possibilities of this platform and I am excited to see what’s coming next. I cant wait to see the final product in the flesh. I just may buy one.

    Welcome to the street Husqvarna!

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    • CJ says:

      I agree that “street motards” are what we need to deal with the road conditions in the Northeast. I don’t like the looks of the “adventure bikes”, especially the high mounted beak/fenders and most of them are too heavy. Of course, some concessions to utility must be made to keep the concept from being relegated to that of a playbike.
      I hope Erik Buell will consider building this type of bike when he gets everything rolling again.

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  15. Ninou says:

    Regardless of styling, it does look like an exciting ride. That being said, I hope they utterly and completely retuned the BMW powerplant when they bored it out, because this engine, at least in the F800ST, is far from being the most exciting engine I have known: it does not hold a candle to a KTM LC8 engine in terms of sensations. That and the fact that it sounds like it’s about to break all the time.
    Would be nice to see mirrors and turn signals.
    By the way, what is the quoted weight: dry? wet?

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    • John A. Kuzmenko says:

      The funky website for the bike says “dry weight below 175 Kg”, which is equal to 385 lbs.

      I like the idea of a bike like that.
      I like the basic idea of a light-weight (compared to some other street bikes, although 385-or-so pounds dry ain’t light compared to a single-cylindered motard, so I hope the engine makes up for it, motard-styled bike with a steel frame, quality suspension (well, the rear shock, at least), big brakes, and a look that is sporty while parked.

      I’d be dreaming if Yamaha would bring out a bike like this that uses a new engine that’s basically two WR-450F cylinders side-by-side.
      Now, THAT would get me quite motivated. :)
      Too bad I’d expect to see free money in my mailbox, first.

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      • Tom R says:

        “although 385-or-so pounds dry ain’t light compared to a single-cylindered motard”.

        That would be because the Husky isn’t a single-cylinder bike, and it has 250cc MORE displacement and much more power than said single cylinder motards. Apple vs oranges here.

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  16. John says:

    It’s hard to imagine an uglier bike. WTF, over?

    That is to Italian styling what Dominoes is to Italian food.

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  17. Richard says:

    My knees would hit that bat-wing tank, just like they do on the Dorsoduro.

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  18. Kjazz says:

    The muffler is not so great, but that’ll get replaced by most folks anyway. The front fender, I’m just not into…… weird. I like the stink bug look, but this could use a bit of refinement on the ass-end. Kinda looks like an unfinished concept model. As far as paint/graphics, I really liked their use of the oversized “Husqvarna” emblem that is all crowded and over hanging … Dont like the little husqvarna emblem. I like the tail piece being finished underneath. That’s pretty different looking for a stock machine. Overall pretty cool

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  19. MikeD says:

    The only thing im not liking so far is the Fugly Muffler and it’s location, they should have gone the Aprilia SXV450/550/DorsoDuro750/1200 Way and clean the back of the bike altogheter in one swift sweep.

    I saw they didn’t bother about pillion provisions(pegs,seat,etc)…good, cause it sure doesn’t look like a two people ride.

    As for the styling…wich i saw lots criticism already here, personally…I have always loved the angular “F-117 Stealth Figther Looks”, slabs, angles, Origami Model, (w/e people likes to call it) of KTM and as of lately…u guessed it, Husqvarna…specially on it’s dirtbike lineup…they just stand out like a black eye (in a good way) from all the other me too dirtbikes (^_^ )

    Keep it UP Husky, Don’t fall for all the cookie-cuttiness of the other OEMs, like is not bad enough already having to share so much with the BMW F800R.

    • MikeD says:

      Is the square black box under the Throtle Bodies the Battery’s location ? WOW. Talk about BEING SERIOUS about mass centralization.
      Maybe the fuel tank’s sump ? Hmmm…(o_O )’

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    • harryxr says:

      Seriously can you can up with something more creative, original, interesting, descriptive then fugly. If the muffler is truly F-ing ugly then just say it. What is the point of using some dumb-ed down, overly ineffectual and utterly weak attempt at humor anyway.

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    • fazer6 says:

      It does have clearly visible pillion provisions (sans pegs, but bolt locations are visible), i.e. seat and grab handles.

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      • MikeD says:

        HAAaaa, im affraid you are right. I think this is the “Fancy$$$” version of it tho (little R under the Nuda sticker on the tail plus all the high end bits) hence maybe the lack of pegs and the fancy muffler bracket with no provisions for one ?…also, no blinkers and mirrors but maybe those are off just for the presentation(makes no sense anyways).

        Don’t remenber where but i think it was mentioned that there would be to versions of the beast…base model and then R. I guess R is first.

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  20. Lowflying says:

    What a cool bike. The seat looks like torture but you probably have to dismount pretty often for gas anyway.

    In the urban jungle and the backroads this thing looks like it would kick some serious sportsbike ass.

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  21. Thoppa says:

    I think the ugliest bike is the KTM 690SM – Mr Beaky. The slab styling on the KTM looks disproportionate, whereas, this Husky is very well proportioned and looks balanced as a result. To me, the tank shape is a bit too odd but overall the bike manages to look compact and purposeful. Basically, it looks like it is a wild ride ! So I’ll give it the thumbs up – and I’d definitely love to have a go on it ! Wouldn’t you ? I wouldn’t buy one though as I prefer 450 supermotos for short blasts.

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  22. Goose says:

    What makes forums like this worth while is seeing other people’s opinions. I am amazed tis styling of this bike has gotten such positive responses. I’d call it one of the ugliest bikes I’ve ever seen. To my eye this thing makes the DL650 Suzuki look like a thing of beauty. The front fender looks like it was designed by a very creative five year old.

    It seems plenty of other people disagree, I guess that is why there are so many bikes on the market. With so many so many positive comments I guess it will be a hit but you won’t need to get around me to get yours.

    It seems like motorcycle styling is splitting between the folded paper/ no compound curves deconstructed side and the graceful, more flowing side. Whatever turns you on.


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  23. Jeff says:

    “Nuda”? Seriously?

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  24. Gary says:

    What is that thing on the front end? A shovel?

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  25. nathan says:

    Wish I still lived in So Cal, I’d buy that bike in a heartbeat no matter the price. Roads are too flat and straight to make that bike very useful here.

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  26. Jerrylee says:

    wow! a concept becomes reality. Nice to see something different for a change.

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  27. Mike says:

    Was thinking about getting a Hypermotard but this looks as good or better.

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  28. Pushrod says:

    Be still my throbbing member.

    And the price? “If you have to ask…”

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  29. knievel says:

    Do the new hot bikes HAVE to look like they belong in a MAD MAX epoch movie? Can’t
    ANYONE make a bike with these specs and make it look A LITTLE more “traditional”?
    Traditional doesn’t have to mean ugly or boring. And bikes like this shouldn’t have the aesthetics only liked by the Mad Max wannabes. Why not two versions? One for the 20-something crowd and one for 40 and up. There are millions of traditionalists that have the riding skills, desire and dedication to own a thoroughbred.

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    • Dave says:

      Chances are there will be other bikes built around this engine. Previous articles mentioned that. This one is probably the most radical to get the hype engine rolling. It does appear to be missing a few things to be a “real” street bike. There are guys talking about luggage racks and 2-up seating, that’s missing it completely. There’s a whole market full of bikes like that, notable the F800 from BMW (who own’s Husky). These are going to be something different, can’t wait to see what’s next.

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  30. JimS says:

    I really dislike the cut off, bobbed rear ends of modern bikes. That being said, I like the bike but would need to add a luggage rack to offset that stubby look.

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  31. Fat Old Man says:

    A bike of this size, with its street tires, should have a wider more comfortable seat. Looks like a wedjie inducer.

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  32. KnightroExpress says:

    Well dang! If it doesn’t have a huge price tag, I may have to look at one. Looks like it would be ridiculously fun to ride.

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  33. endoman says:

    That thing’s ugly and guaranteed to cost me my license in just a few short weeks.

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  34. falcodoug says:

    Mirrors, turn indicators?

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  35. Brinskee says:

    It’s strange to see the chain on that side though. Anyone have any practical reasons why they chose to do that?

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  36. Joel says:

    Looks fun. Should do well in U.S., since we tend to use bikes for fun rather than serious transportation. Not my kind of bike though, for the same reason.

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  37. stone996e says:

    Damn. Why take a great bike and beat it with the same ugly stick they use st Suzuki? Can you say fugly?

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  38. Gary says:

    Sweet. I wonder if that’s a bored BMW parallel twin engine.

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  39. ABQ says:

    A Husky passed me on the freeway this morming. It looked real nice.

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  40. John Brough says:

    Really great looking bike, but completely impractical. There doesn’t even appear to be enough storage space on the thing to stash a piece of paper!

    Will make a few people who have too much money to spend on 15,000 dollar toys pretty happy when they want to go out and just screw around. Looks great for that, but not much else.

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    • Jeff Mess says:

      Good assessment; I was one of those fools. I bought a SuperDuke and although it
      was insane fun at first, it just ended up being an unreliable, overpriced toy that was
      nearly impossible to sell (lost a bundle). I must be getting old, KLRs are attractive to
      me these days.

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  41. mmmm.... says:

    …..I’m going to bum that.

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  42. Dave says:

    What the KTM Duke 990 should’ve been. You should be able to buy Speed Triples and Monsters used for pretty cheap next year.

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  43. Brinskee says:

    Well hey hey everyone, take a look at my next bike. I think I’ll go down to Munroe Motors now and get in line. I hope I don’t get arrested for walking around with a b0ner!

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  44. slimlidlicker says: