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Husqvarna Unveils New Parallel Twin: Nuda 900R

This is the new high performance Husqvarna twin we have been waiting to see. Although these are official photos, Husqvarna has revealed only a few specifications. According to Husky, the Nuda 900R displaces 900cc and will make “more than” 100 hp and 73 foot/pounds of torque. The bike will weigh “less than 385 pounds”. The front fork is a huge 48mm Sachs, fully adjustable for compression, rebound and spring preload. The shock is a top drawer Ohlins featuring all of the same adjustments.

The bike gets superbike-class brakes in the form of radially-mounted, four-piston monoblock Brembos. Apparently, Husqvarna is trying to get this bike into dealerships before the end of this year. It looks like more details will be revealed in a couple of days. You can find additional photos on a web site set up for the Nuda 900R here.


  1. afzal says:

    well nice looks…pretty good power output in dirt-bike segment

  2. duckboy says:

    i’m right in line behind cowboy! can’t wait till this bike comes out.

  3. Booyaaa says:

    they should take one of the seat off of their riding lawnmowers and put it on this bike

  4. Bill says:

    Gas Mileage, Comfortable Seat? Really? Feminine Hygiene is Isle 7, and I think your Prius is double parked.

  5. Artem says:

    Kind of “Mad stool”.
    Cool nevertheless.

  6. Norm G. says:

    isn’t this frame a direct carry-over from the GS…?

  7. Hamel says:

    Odd looking wee jigger. But way cool with it. Love the bodywork, and that groovy front mudguard. Not so fussed on the headlight. Would be a scream to ride I bet. WANT!

  8. brinskee says:

    I had to stop in again a few times today to look at this bike. It’s so damn sexy. It makes me hurt.

  9. Gabe says:

    Hasn’t it occurred to anybody that the gas tank is probably under the seat, not over the motor (which is a dumb place to put gas)? After all, that’s where the BMW F models out their gas, and if this is the same basic motor/frame that would make sense, why else would the tail section be so bulbous? You can even see the tank a little behind the frame.

  10. Frank Laird says:

    That seat is a dirtbike seat (meaning it’s not meant to be sat on for more than a few minutes). This Husky is no dirt bike. Even the tires are pavement-specific. So how can a 5-minute seat work on a pavement-biased motorcycle? It doesn’t! Why can’t Husqvarna equip this moto-monster with an appropriate seat? Is this about looks or riding? I’m not sure Husqvarna knows….


    • riley says:

      Thinking the same thing. The rear sub-frame appears very narrow, not leaving a lot of room for the aftermarket seat makers to do much about it. I guess they’re positioning it as a supermoto style track bike only.

    • Tom R says:

      The seat is awful because they KTM in this category. KTM is very good at making awful, narrow, rock-hard seats.

  11. Agent55 says:

    Everything but the too-big headlight is fantastic, I want one!

  12. Vrooom says:

    It looks fun as hell and insanely impractical. That tank ought to hold 2.5 gallons if you really top it off.

  13. Jeremy in TX says:

    I dig it. I think it looks fresh and original, and the weight / power specs are in the Goldilocks zone for me. I’ll have to wait for full specs (fuel capacity and seat height in particular) to see if it makes my short list.

  14. Don E. says:

    Another bike the inseam challenged can’t ride.

  15. andy1300 says:

    Thats one tough looking bike !

  16. PeteN95 says:

    I like it, a lot! If it’s about 50lbs lighter than my SV1000 and has at least 50/50 weight distribution, it should be pretty good. The V-twins are smooth, but have too much weight on the rear wheel and the parallel twins are lighter. If it has at least a 4 gal tank, that should be enough if it gets close to the mpg of the BMW 800s. If it’s reasonably priced like other Huskys, I’m very interested, maybe even a matching 450?!

  17. marko says:

    That’s a really sweet looking motorcycle. Thumbs up to them for taking risks.

  18. BOB HALL says:

    Now give it the looks of my sweet old Honda 250 scrambler CL250 and I’ll take one. By the way I saw a girl riding one of those orange Harleys this weekend, chezzy!

  19. E-Dub says:

    I don’t see why people are having such a hard time getting their heads around it. Naked reasonably light streetbike with good suspension and a torquey twin cylinder engine, styling representative of the marque; pretty straight forward concept. It is not a supermoto, and clearly is not intended to be. The 800GS appears to have donated the main frame, but I would expect a lightweight aluminum subframe on the Nuda since it shouldn’t be expected to carry the loads of the GS. It will not be cheap, but it is not made of cheap components, so it would be silly to expect it to be cheap. I will have one.

  20. Foogunheimer says:

    It’s funny how bikes that nobody is really going to buy always get the highest post count. I guess that we all like to dream and give our opinion, but when it comes to putting down our hard earned cash we’re not so quick to act.

  21. Jerrylee says:

    so the real question is- Husky is known for their dirt and dual purpose bikes. Do they compete with the mother ship in the GS market against the 800GS? BMW has huge brand equity already in this area. That must be keeping the execs up at night!

    • Jerrylee says:

      not that I’m saying this concept will compete with a GS but it could be a step or two away in a new model design.

  22. kpaul says:

    Love it cause its very different. Looks like it would be a hoot to ride. Much better looking than say a Harley XR1200 which I saw today with some lady riding it. I bet it would run circles around that Harley. Frame looks strong to me. Those are tubes boys like a Ducati.. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Foogunheimer says:

      Definitely run circles around the XR1200. It’s Harley’s intention not to scare the young girls on XR’s.

  23. al banta says:

    Me ride Nuda, nope no way…

  24. Tom R says:

    Like the language translation joke from old TV sitcoms, Nuda might be Sweedish for “Model pushed forth by parent company in order to get people at least talking about this recent questionable corporate aquisition and perhaps grumbling shareholders off their backs for a while”.

  25. kando says:


  26. Dave says:

    The frame looks wobbly? Doesn’t inspire confidence?

    You guys can’t possibly be serious. I suppose your extensive experience in finite element analysis is leading you to feel this way?


    • Gutterslob says:

      Didn’t you notice the quotes I put around the word wobbly? I was just talking about the way it looks. I never claimed it was actually bad, it just didn’t look quite right (aesthetically)

      Geez!! … why is everyone on the intrawebz so butthurt all the time?!

    • jimbo says:

      “Yes, the frame doesn’t inspire confidence in the images…”

      I apologize for claiming the frame is the sign of the anti-Christ.

  27. jimbo says:

    Yes, the frame doesn’t inspire confidence in the images. OTOH, if the frame were the only component failing to meet the promises made by the the overall specifications, the brakes, the forks, the motor, the weight spec, and especially the looks…this particular bike would be a complete flop (no pun intended).

    As is often the case in motorcycling, Europe fills the void left by the Japanese and Americans.

    Might be a good time for shoppers of used Ducati Hypermotard. I’m thinking a modern liquid-cooled 4-V 900cc motor should be preferred to the air/oil cooled 2-V 1100cc Hypermotard, which IIRC evolved from the Pantah in 79 (19, not 18). And no Desmo operated valve train to service. Hmmmm…

    Ducati can not be happy about this particular bike.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Ducati can not be happy about this particular bike.”

      ducati has nothing to worry about. nice, but no lust here. nice will be for “consumers”, and lust is reserved for motorcyclists.

  28. Mark P. says:

    It’s ugly. The shovel blade fender needs to go. I’m guessing the gas tank is tiny also…what, about 3 gallons max? Also, a 385 dry weight isn’t exactly stellar…figure another 30 pounds for a oil, coolant, a full tank and the performance doesn’t look too far off a Ducati Monster.

    The manufacturers always seem to be late to the party when it comes to motorcycling trends. Personally, I think manufacturers should be coming out with street-legal lightweight dirt-tracker style bikes. The XR1200 has the right look, but needs 17″ tires, a monoshock rearend, and needs to lose about 200 pounds. I think the Japanese would be doing well to bring over their 400cc UJM style bikes too, such as Yamaha XJR400 and Honda CB400 SuperFour.

    • Tom R says:

      “I think the Japanese would be doing well to bring over their 400cc UJM style bikes too, such as Yamaha XJR400 and Honda CB400 SuperFour.”

      They have tried this several times before…and sold about 13 units nationwide each time.

      And what’s wrong with a 385 pound dry weight, 900cc motorcycle? Geez, there can be such a thing as TOO light, as in the wind sheer from a passing Ford F-150 will blow you over two lanes.

      • Mark P. says:

        Actually, that is a factually challenged statement. When did the Japanese ever bring over the XJR400 and Honda CB400 SuperFour in the last 20 years? Suzuki brought over the Bandit 400 and granted, it wasn’t a wild success largely due to cost compared to higher performance bikes. But, look at the GS500, EX-500/Ninja 500…both bikes that have been so successful they remained in production for over a decade with few changes other than cosmetics.
        However, times have changed. As middle weight supersports (600cc bikes) haven’t gotten increasingly race-oriented, the gap between 250cc bikes like the Ninja 250 and the 600cc bikes has widened tremendously. Some people foolishly look at 600cc class bikes as “beginner” bikes despite the fact that today’s 600cc can makes as much power as the liter class bikes from a decade ago and the shorter R&D cycle has meant that purchase prices have gone up too. Because of this, there’s now an opening for the Japanese manufacturers to bring over their 400cc bikes (what they call their middleweights in Japan) as beginner bikes available for around %6000.

    • MikeD says:

      +1 on the XR1200 (i can live with the dual shocks tho).

      • kpaul says:

        -1 on the XR1200 (it’s Harley’s new chick bike)

      • Foogunheimer says:

        The XR1200 would be competitive if Harley took Mark P’s advice. It’s too much of a pig to be taken serious. The guys that enjoy them are happy with performance that was exciting in the 1960’s, but time has moved on, hasn’t it? If Italy can build a performance V-Twin, then Harley has no excuse. I really do look forward to the day when Harley grows a set and produces a competitive machine that makes no apologies when it comes to performance. Until then people will look elsewhere to get their performance jollies.

    • Neil says:

      I have just written Harley a second letter about their ballooning ethanol affected fuel tank. They spend all that time and money and people developing it to have some dummy use a plastic which everyone knows does not handle ethanol well. Ditto on the heavy weight of the XR1200. Could be much better. I think this Husky looks the part and would be a hoot to ride. Just make sure you get your butt off that seat on one side or the other to give it a rest now and then. The motor should be very nice in these modern days of counter balancing.

      • Foogunheimer says:

        Yes, but is the tank recyclable? A very important factor in today’s “green minded” world.

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “I have just written Harley a second letter about their ballooning ethanol affected fuel tank.”

        harley i’m afraid is not alone… 🙁

  29. mark says:

    Maybe the saddle will be more comfortable that it looks like it will be. If its not too kind on the nads, I’m sure there will be an aftermarket seat at some point soon. I agree about the urine cup – ugly and cheap looking. BWTF, I’d still take one.

  30. Gutterslob says:

    Trellis frame looks a tad “wobbly”, the seat looks like a plank and the pipes look kind of plump, but other than that it’s quite gorgeous.

    No idea how big the test-rider/model in the photo is, so it’s a bit hard for me to judge it’s size right now.

    Any idea on the rear tyre width? 6″ seems a bit much for this sort of bike.

  31. Jim says:

    BMW: That motor is urgently needed in the F800 ST

    • Steve P says:

      I agree. hat would definitely seal the deal on my next bike!

    • Foogunheimer says:

      Interesting how the average rider knows what a winning formula looks like, but the manufacturer is without a clue. Too bad, as they are missing a lot of sales.

  32. khairil says:

    sadly it wasn’t a twin.. but a pretty bike i would say.. ermm… is that a beemer wheels?

  33. Joe Moto says:

    Great. Another impractical toy for teenagers.

    • Goose says:

      Thank you but I’d change that to teenagers of all chronological ages.

    • Foogunheimer says:

      Ain’t no teenager going to be able to afford that thing, unless their pop’s last name it TRUMP!

  34. Cowboy says:

    Tingling in fingertips, wallet beginning to slide out of pocket… I agree with John on the bit o’Husky look, and being impressed! Numbers look good! If it is close to this, it’ll be my next motorcycle.