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News Release: National Motorcycle Safety Fund Trustees Grateful to Shoei Co., Ltd. for Generous Helmet Donation

IRVINE, Calif., July 15, 2011 – The National Motorcycle Safety Fund’s Board of Trustees, consisting of representatives of all major U.S. motorcycle manufacturers and distributors, and the entire staff of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, wish to express their deepest and sincerest gratitude to Shoei Co., Ltd. for its extremely generous donation. Shoei donated a supply of premium X-Twelve full-face helmets to the National Motorcycle Safety Fund, a non-profit charitable organization that supplements the work of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. These X-Twelve helmets have, in turn, been offered to the MSF’s national rider training network for use by RiderCoaches and training sites for a nominal fee. The proceeds generated from the donation and collected by the NMSF will be invested back into MSF-directed safety programs and initiatives benefitting motorcyclists nationwide.

The MSF Basic RiderCourseSM presents novice motorcycle riders with an array of valuable maneuvering skills and mental strategies, and stresses the importance and benefits of motorcycle-specific protective gear. Because many of the students don’t yet own gear, training sites provide what they lack and this includes helmets for use during the course.

“This donation is a huge benefit to training providers nationwide,” said MSF President Tim Buche. “They can now upgrade their helmet supply with Shoei’s modern headgear. Students can experience a lightweight, comfortable, full-face helmet during their time at the course, which can positively influence their decision to wear ‘all the gear, all the time’ after they complete the course and take to the street. And RiderCoaches can replace their own helmets as they serve as role models for students.”

“Shoei’s mission and the MSF’s mission are one and the same: to help protect motorcyclists,” said Shoei Safety Co., Ltd., Senior General Manager Kazushige Yamada. “Shoei does this by developing the best head protection available. The MSF does this by developing the best rider training curriculum available. Our donation of these helmets to the NMSF, which supports the MSF, is another example of our commitment to safety and our support of riders being trained to the highest level.”