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Sachsenring MotoGP Results

Dani Pedrosa (Honda) won a close fought battle with Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha) and teammate Casey Stoner earlier today at the Sachsenring in Germany.  The top three were rarely separated by more than a second.  In the end, Lorenzo passed Stoner on the last corner to take second place.  Stoner retains a sizeable points lead in the championship.

For additional details, results and points, visit the official MotoGP site.


  1. GixxerGary says:

    It’s been confirmed: Ben Bostrom will ride for LCR Honda at Laguna Seca MotoGP. Tony Elias has got to be worried and will probably crash rather than get beat by a one time rider. Now we can root for two Bens. GO BENS!!!

    • brinskee says:

      Holy cow that is nuts! I’ve been a huge fan of Ben for many years, always wishing he’d have a crack at a GP. Go Bens!!

    • Norm G. says:

      ben defintely knows the track, question is, does he know the bike…? nobody wants to be the guy who WADS a multi-million euro machine during a one-off guest ride…?

  2. Norm G. says:

    AMA racing has been great this year also

    • Norm G. says:

      ‘cept for the damn 11th hour VIR cancellation… 🙁

      • TRedge says:

        VIR was never actually officially on the schedule. Typical of DMG, they waited until it was too late to get a contract to VIR for the event. VIR made attempt after attempt at proposals to AMA/DMG to try and keep the VIR event on the schedule, beginning in December 2010. DMG didn’t respond with their proposed contract for that event until June of this year. At that point, there is not way to feesably think the contract can be re-negotiated, and even if an agreement were made, there is no time to plan, advertise, and be ready for an event of that caliber. AMA/DMG is wholly to blame for VIR being pulled from the schedule.

      • kpaul says:

        Man that sucks. VIR usually gives us AMA fans good racing. Note the to self, when you win Powerball lotto take over AMA racing.

        • TRedge says:

          Agreed on that one! I should start playing the lotto more often and get AMA Racing back on track!

  3. Norm G. says:

    2 words… HONDA ARMADA…! this was really the first round all season where we got to see what HRC envisioned for 2011 (thanks simo). ie. FULL COURT PRESS. sachsenring will go down as a round where yamaha needed to have put spies in the fight. hindsight’s 20/20. “value” though comes home next weekend. really hoped to see if lorenzo could hold the “armada at bay” till the end…? would’ve made for a great talking point, but it was never going to happen. a non-contender was going to get thru. (sans draft) pedro made yet another M1 engage reverse gear. surely ‘renzo didn’t care. dani’s out, but by virtue of blocking the top step…? he’s IN.

  4. MGNorge says:

    Great to see Pedrosa back at it!

  5. Brinskee says:

    Very close and exciting race. Awesome to see Jorge come from behind at the last second on Dani. Also awesome to watch Spies pass Simoncelli – anyone else notice him kick his foot back at Simoncelli just before crossing thr finish line? Fantastic!!!

    • Brinskee says:

      I meant Stoner… I agree kpaul – looking forward to being at Laguna! 🙂

      • Dale says:

        With his leg I believe that Ben was signaling the Riders behind him that he was off the gas after crossing the finish line. Of course he could’ve just been messin’ with Marco. The movement is a common warning given before Riders enter the pits, most seem to favor it over the practice of raising your arm. If I was coming off turn 4 at Daytona and going to enter the pits (160 MPH+) I know which method I’d prefer. Nicky had a moment with Hector (?) at the end of qualifying this weekend that, in my eyes, may have reinforced this practice (complete with the International symbol for “You’re number 1”).

        Great Race! Bring on Laguna and Indy (and the rest of the MotoGP and World Superbike seasons). Now if only there was some way to get our Guys fired up for their home rounds?

        • brinskee says:

          I’ve seen that before… however, they had not crossed the line yet, and when they did, Ben pulled a huge wheelie across the line. So I think he was giving him visual reminder of what he had just done to him… kicked him off the tail end! 🙂

          • GixxerGary says:

            Hey brinskee if I remember right you are from the San Francisco area so I was wondering if you could give me a quicker route thru the area after the Golden Gate bridge (still 6 dollar toll?). I’m riding down the coast route for the Laguna Seca GP and I usually take 14th thru GoldenGate park onto 19th then back onto Hwy 1. This way has lots of traffic and stop lights. Would turning right onto Geary Blvd from 14th then it turns into Great Hwy. to Skyline to Hwy.1 be less traffic and quicker? I’m leaving Thursday from Oregon and plan going thru San Francisco area about 1-3 pm Friday (rush hour?). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

          • brinskee says:

            Hey Gary – unfortunately that’s the biggest problem heading through the city. There just isn’t a ‘quick’ route. Lots of stop lights, lots of traffic. Especially on a Friday afternoon…

            Yep, still a $6 toll.

            I’ll put together a scenic and least-stressful-as-possible route for you on google maps. Email me at brinskee -at- and I’ll send it to you!

        • Norm G. says:

          re: “Now if only there was some way to get our Guys fired up for their home rounds?”

          (presses the EZ button) take a page from the nascar fan. show them love, buy their merchandise, trade your bike for a new honda, yamaha or ducati, support their sponsors (where possible), buy tickets for a live race. drink, eat, be merry, and leave your money behind in those local economies.

  6. kpaul says:

    Great racing. AMA racing has been great this year also. I’m exited for Laguna Seca