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Brno MotoGP Results

Championship leader Casey Stoner (Honda) recorded another win today at Brno with an impressive ride that saw him gap the field considerably. Hondas filled out the podium with Andrea Dovizioso in second and Marco Simoncelli in third (his first Moto GP podium). Dani Pedrosa (Honda) ran up front early on, but crashed out of the race. The factory Yamahas of Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies finished in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

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  1. brinskee says:

    In Amsterdam on my way back home from Brno. Good time, fun race, but the general consensus is that unless Stoner falls off, he has it wrapped up this season. Rumors abound regarding Crutchlow and his ride next year. He has got to stop crashing…

  2. Scott in the UK says:

    Or maybe Tim it should be “again Stoner dominates”? He’s growing up, getting a cooler head, and of course he has always been fast.

  3. Dale says:

    Que the fat Lady, it might be about over. Lorenzo won’t lay down but I don’t expect Stoner to snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory either. Turns out “everyone” was right, Stoner on the Honda was Too much to be denied this year, probably.

    Still a hundred subplots in play for me to follow, I’ll still enjoy the races. Indy anyone?

    I think that next years 1000’s will tend to favor American Riders. I’m all about credit where it’s due but it would be OK to see “our Guys” do better too…

    • kpaul says:

      I agree Dale. Think the American big boys should do better on the manly bikes next year 🙂

      • Booyaaa says:

        Ha, Stoner will probably hump the 1000s to victory also…

      • Dean says:

        I hope our boys will do better on the bigger motors, but the motor just produces ‘Max’ power. To be fast on the track with todays rules and attitude, it is all about the software taming the ‘max’ power, and the chassis being able to put it on the ground.

        Unless they go back to Carbs, there will always be software running the show… Who crashed at Laguna becuase they forgot to turn the traction control back on???

  4. Tim says:

    Again the Hondas dominate. There is not much fun watching MotoGP when one brand of bike is so superior. I wish Lorenzo and Spies were on Hondas. At least they could give Stoner a good race.

    • Chris says:

      “I wish Lorenzo and Spies were on Hondas”

      So you want more “Honda domination”???

    • Benbike55 says:

      Tim – Have you been smoking some funny GRASS??? Stoner would win on wheelbarrow. Give credit where its due.

      • Tim says:

        My comments were not a negative toward Stoner. He’s definitely a top rider. I’m only frustrated because, other than Pedrosa, who can’t seem to stay on the bike, none of the other best riders are on Hondas. This equates to boring races.

        They also are not negative toward Honda. It is what it is. The Honda is most definitely not a wheelbarrow. The Ducati Stoner was on the last couple of years handled like a wheelbarrow, and we all saw how that turned out. Granted, he was faster on that wheelbarrow than Rossi or Hayden, but he didn’t get within sniffing distance of the championship on that bike the past 2 seasons.

  5. Booyaaa says:

    i miss last season’s aggressive passing and excitement…