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Polaris Reveals Plans for Indian Motorcycles

I spoke with Gabe this afternoon, and he just returned from the 2012 Victory motorcycle launch in Park City, Utah.  He will be reporting on his riding impressions and changes to the line-up early next week, but he informed me of a conversation with the manager of both Victory and Indian Motorcycles (both owned by parent company Polaris) regarding the future plans for Indian Motorcycles, which was recently acquired by Polaris.

Gabe was advised that Polaris intends to position Indian Motorcycles as a premium brand above Victory Motorcycles. Polaris will begin by improving the existing  Indian machines (one of which is pictured), followed by the introduction of newly developed premium Indian motorcycles.  Manufacturing of the Indian bikes will be transferred to the Spirit Lake facility where Victory motorcycles are currently assembled.


  1. Sveinn says:

    World slowest Indian……

  2. Jamo says:

    I’m not sure what you are getting at, Dannytheman. How many Victorys were sold in the same period. %?

  3. Kjazz says:

    How could even tell what it was he was saying……..!!

  4. jcott says:

    huh. sounds like the same plans the previous owner, Stellican, had – buy Indian, redesign product, move manufacturing to new location, sell as a premium brand. I’m sure it will work the 3rd time around….what is it they say about trying the same thing over and over, but expecting different results?

  5. Jay says:

    I don’t think Polaris ever sold any of the Victory line of motorcycles. I wish them a lot better with Indian. THey should have started with it.

    The Nessies are just tiresome to look at. Dated. At least the Indian has an enduring design.

    But this Indian will only compete with VIctory. IMO, Polaris should be competing with BMW and building a modern motorcycle, rather than competing themselves and Harley in the retro market.

    As far as cruisers go, I like the riding position, but not the retro performance, noise or weight. I’d be interested in a modern V-4, lightweight, quiet cruiser.

    • Foogunheimer says:

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for something new from Victory. If it’s not a V-Twin it’s not going to happen. I’m surprised they’re not bringing back the Excelsior-Henderson brand. OOOPS! I may have just have given them a new lead!

    • Dannytheman says:

      I mean seriously?? How many BMW get purchased a year in the U.S.? I bet they sell as many Victory as they do BMWs. I own a BMW and a Harley and I am a BMW rare bird around these parts. I have stock in both so I will read to you the sales figures from my stock report.

      BMW sold 87,000, down from 89,000 for 2008, motorcycles for the 2009 financial year. Harley sold 313,000, down from 340,000 in 2008. And Harley was not in India and China then.
      So who would you choose to compete with now?

      How does that shoe taste?

      • Nate says:

        Cherry pick numbers much mate?

        BMW and Triumph are gaining market share and have been since 2008. Harley is losing market share… in fact… they had sales losses 16 quarters in a row before finally leveling off at the bottom last quarter.

        Hardly something to be proud of Danny.

        Take off your orange and black glasses and try to see the real world.

        • Dannytheman says:

          Not quite apples to apples comparison my friend. Harley is just recently broken into China, India and Pakistan. Triumph and BMW have already a world wide following. My point is that Harley sold more. So if you sell 300,000 and sell more than the rest combined. Gaining market share but still not selling same EVEN combined! I own a BMW, a Honda and a Harley dude!! I don’t wear glasses.
          I also know market share numbers as I have been in marketing for 35 years.

          • Dannytheman says:

            And my numbers are off of my stock holders annual report for Harley and BMW from the years I stated!
            BMW bikes in the touring division also lost sales. I was attempting to talk 20 grand to 20 grand MCs!

          • Nate says:

            Dude… What do Pakistan and India have to do with US sales? Oh right… Nothing.

            You want to compare world wide sales? Or US sales? Pick one. Not both. You don’t get to compare Harley’s worldwide numbers with BMW’s US numbers. That’s not how it works.

            Again.. its market share mate. That’s what matters. Who’s gaining… and who’s losing.

            BMW and Triumph are gaining… Harley is losing… and losing badly.

            I’m sorry your butthurt harley heart is having hard time accepting reality… Talk to your biker gang accountant buddies. They’ll make you feel better.

          • Downer says:

            I don’t see Harley moving a lot of 1200cc bikes in China, India or Pakistan. Those markets are driven by small UJMs. If Harley starts moving on a smaller bike maybe there will be some numbers there for them that will actually account for something.