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Marco Simoncelli Laid to Rest Earlier Today in Coriano, Italy

The funeral of Marco Simoncelli was held in his hometown of Coriano earlier today. In addition to family and friends, many of his MotoGP competitors attended, including but not limited to Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso. Fans were apparently able to watch large screen TVs from outside the church. Here are quotes of these riders entries in the guestbook at the funeral:

Valentino Rossi: “I miss you.”
Jorge Lorenzo: “I’ll always remember you. Forgive me for having argued with you.”
Andrea Dovizioso: “You were so strong and always pushed me to go faster.”

We thought some of you might like to see the video below that shows Simoncelli’s early racing career on minimotos. At least one of the races features lifelong rival Andrea Dovizioso. If you watch the video below, including the interviews of Simoncelli after the minimoto races, you can see that his exuberant personality didn’t change much throughout his short life. It shines through in his recent interview following his second place finish at Phillip Island, which you can view here.


  1. TexasTonn says:

    In a world of P.C., limp-wristed shills, This man was one of the last no-sh.t, first one there gets the check and the girl holding it and the rest of you can kiss my ass motorcycle RIDERS, that we may well be blessed to see…….I tipped a shot and did a 5 mile stand-up in your honor, Marco. R.I.P.

  2. ze says:

    Seeing him so young talking make things even sadder. Goodbye champ!

  3. ROXX says:

    Just Great stuff here!
    R.I.P. Marco.

  4. brinskee says:

    Ciao Ciao Marco. Your spirit will live on and you will not be forgotten. RIP #58