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MV Reveals New F4 R

We have to admit we are suckers for any photo of an MV Agusta. The beautiful bike you see here is a new model announced by MV, the F4 R. The F4 R gets a version of the new, super-powerful engine found in the recently revealed F4 RR, but the bike comes in at a more reasonable price (based on Italian pricing we have seen). We don’t know U.S. pricing at this point, but here is the press release from MV.

Varese – 6 October 2011 – The new MV Agusta F4 R 2012 has been designed to offer clients a superbike with extreme performance. The key feature of the F4 R is, in fact, the new “Corsa Corta” engine capable of extraordinary performance and already employed on the F4 RR, the top of the MV Agusta superbike range.

The new 4 cylinder inline with radial valves is the pulsing heart of the MV Agusta F4 R. The thermodynamics have been completely redesigned, starting from the new low inertia crankshaft which makes it possible to use a super over-square bore and stroke ratio. In this way, the MV F4 R is capable of reaching rpm worthy of a pure racing motorcycle. The engine capacity of 998cc has been obtained by using a bore of 79 mm and a stroke of only 50.9 mm. In this way it is possible to achieve an extremely high 13.700 rpm rev limit while at the same time lowering the linear velocity of the piston from 24.9 m/s to 23 m/s improving reliability.

In order to reach the stratospheric homologated power of 195.2 hp (against the 201 hp of the super powerful RR version) at 13.000 rpm, every component was thoroughly engineered. The cylinder head uses completely new ports and employs larger valves both on the inlet and exhaust. For the first time on a mass production motorcycle, all the valves are made of titanium, allowing the weight of these to be reduced regardless of the increase in diameter (from 28.6 to 31.8 mm for exhaust and from 24.6 to 26 mm for the exhaust). The engine “breathes” in a more efficient way thanks to the use of a new 4-2-1-4 primary section of the exhaust system. In addition to assuring optimized engine efficiency, this new exhaust system offers an absolutely unique sound that is even more captivating then in previous versions. The fuel system employs 4 throttle bodies with a 49mm diameter and double fuel injectors per cylinder coupled with the unique MV Agusta TSS (Torque Shift System) variable intake runners.

The new engine of the MV Agusta F4 R was designed with the scope of reducing the internal friction to a minimum: the transmission’s new primary gear ratio allowed a drastic reduction in rpm of both generator and water pump, thereby limiting the absorbed power. This extraordinary engine utilizes the unique features that have become trademarks to MV Agusta including a removable 6-speed gearbox and a slipper clutch which assures precise control even during the most violent braking manoeuvres. The electronic management system has been continuously evolved, the traction control employs a new algorithm and maintains the two rider selectable engine maps, all of which are now comfortably adjustable by means of the new control situated on the left handlebar.

The new MV Agusta F4 R remains, naturally, faithful to the structural tradition of mixing a steel tubular trellis to cast aluminium side-plates. The steering head angle is set at 23.5°, perfect for providing control, manoeuvrability, and stability. Also confirmed is the exceptional rear single-sided swingarm, a real engineering jewel that weighs only 5 kg, a record for this type of element.

The MV F4 R retains its notoriety for excellence in the area of suspension. The Marzocchi upside down forks, with 50 mm stanchions, is derived directly from the units used in competition, they are adjustable in spring preload as well as the hydraulic extension and compression. The forged ultra-light front axle carrier is also especially made for the F4 R and uses a rapid release system for the wheel, reminiscent of the first F4, the legendary Serie Oro that adopted this same technical solution. The rear Sachs shock absorber is equipped with a nitrogen reservoir (separated and integrated within the body) and is adjustable in extension, compression and spring preload. The shock linkage allows the ride height to be adjusted depending on the desired setup, rider preferences to further tune the bike to specific riding conditions and tracks.

The Brembo front brake system, with “monoblock” radial calipers is, without a doubt, the best system for motorcycles currently on the market, coupled to a master cylinder with integrated reservoir made specifically to demanding MV specifications.

The 320 mm diameter floating double front discs use an ultra light flange which are 5 mm thick to reduce inertia forces and non suspended masses. The rear brake system is made exclusively for MV with a stainless steel 220 mm diameter disc and 4 piston calliper.

The new F4 R, already on sale at official dealers, is available in 2 colours: red/grey and white/medium grey, at a price of 18.800 € including tax in Italy (Every country could have a price variation due to local import duties and taxes).


  1. Tom says:

    and one more thing. I’m in the market now for a new car and you don’t get much excitement in a $24,000 car. This, on the other hand, is pure beauty, excitement, and “something to talk about” for years to come. Very tempting. Can’t ride it in the rain here in NC, but for the rest of the year, very tempting….

  2. Tom says:

    Very sweet indeed. I would definitely buy one if I had the scratch the Wall Street crowd has. But I don’t so I won’t. I would buy one if it were priced at $10,000. But it ain’t so I cain’t. So I guess I keep riding my old Suzuki 750, and keep wishin’. “If wishes were horses then beggars would ride…”

  3. Tai says:

    18,800.00 Euros = 25,157.22 U.S. Dollars. About the same as a nice Ducati, Harley, Etc..

  4. CowboyTutt says:

    Hmmm. Seems to me they keep improving the product. The radial valve head/cam design is very complicated to design and expensive to produce. Its not your generic Japanese valve train. As to the looks, I still think the F4 is one of the most beautiful motorcycles I have ever seen and I’m still not tired of looking at it. They could change it, but not sure they could IMPROVE upon it. Just my own thinking. -Tutt

  5. Neil says:

    I like it but I don’t make that kind of cutter to afford it…and I would want the naked one…enter the Duc 848 naked…I test rode the Honda Shadow 750RS and it was really fun and functioned so well, sounded good, shifted fantastic compared to the Harley, braked better, turned easier…I also like the CB1000R and the CBR250R…but this is nice, but then Ferraris are nice too but I am not going to buy one…has anyone looked at the economy lately…ah, yeah…CBR250R……nuff said!

  6. Morris Bethoven says:

    From that angle it looks like it got the Joan Rivers face treatment.

  7. Agent55 says:

    I realize it’s the “New” F4, but I think it needs a refresh, I see some pretty dated lines in that fiberglass.

    • MikeD says:

      Don’t say that too loud around here, some of the MV Agusta mob might want to burn u alive on the stake under charges of heresy and witchcrafting against “heavenly penned style and perfection”…lol.

  8. MarkT says:

    If it is around $15K, it will sell well. It will be around $24K and will remail “rare” only to be dumped for $15K 2-3 years later by all the remaining US dealers.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “If it is around $15K, it will sell well.”

      if it were around $15K, it’d be an insult to the memory of claudio castiglioni.

      • Morris Bethoven says:

        That’s the problem right there. They are charging too much for CBR performance and are asking an extra 10 grand for the Italian name.

        • Norm G. says:

          actually they are charging you for CBR performance, 10 grand for Ferrari styling penned by castiglioni, and the ability to not see yourself coming from the other direction every time you’re out on a ride. (southern accent) dis don’ look like no CBR’a i’ve ever seen. (/southern accent)

          that being said, keep in mind, just because we don’t like the price of something…? doesn’t mean the price is incorrect…? it just means we don’t like it. this outward dislike is the internal conflict of trying to hide how badly we love this hobby, but really can’t afford to indulge in it.

          • MikeD says:

            Norm G. says:

            Just because we don’t like the price of something…? doesn’t mean the price is incorrect…? it just means we don’t like it. this outward dislike is the internal conflict of trying to hide how badly we love this hobby, but really can’t afford to indulge in it.

            LOL. Fair enough.

    • Vroooom says:

      If that bike were $15K I’d be making room in my garage right now. Could be a wicked sport tourer with a little work and some soft bags.

    • MikeD says:

      They want 18.800 euros (this thing is already selling in Italy)…18.800 euros = 25.175 dollars. Is been discussed before that “pricing don’t translate as simple” as what i did here but is something to give u a ruff idea of how hot($$$) she is.

      Will it be 19K(dollars) when it gets here ? I hope so for the ones who want to buy it…’cause the economy sure ain’t helping.

  9. Whatever MikeD. You expected a dual-sport? And the GSXR is how old? R1?

    These are what MV builds. Seems like they do a good job of it, too.

    • MikeD says:

      U can only POLISH a DIAMOND so much BEFORE it gives all the SPARKLE it had…yes, they do a good job at it but the theme is starting to get old, really old.
      The “others” are just as guilty as MV at this point in time.

      No, i wasn’t xpecting a D/S…LMFAO…How u people come up with these crazy sugestions ?

  10. MikeD says:

    MV Agusta: The New GM: Bunch of rebadged models trying to lure the same old costumer while canibalizing it’s own kind.

    • Bud says:

      Who is the same old costumer? A guy who wears the same getup every halloween?

    • MikeD says:

      The outfit is got nothing to do with it. Where were u going there ?

    • Ruefus says:

      How is this fundamentally different from Ducati’s Superbike:

      Superbike S
      Superbike R

      Same bike, three levels of spec.

      Some seem to complain just to hear themselves.

      • MikeD says:

        U are totally right. Last time i checked MV Agusta was building a competitor to the MS1200 and the Diavel…2 kinds of bikes that have nothing to do with superbikes…

        And how many different superbikes has Ducati put out since the MV 750 F4 came out ? Yeah…i tought so. (^_^ )

        Sorry dude, the F4 is beatifull and all but the world does not revolve around it.