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Suzuki Goes After Kawasaki and Honda with Inexpensive Parallel Twin – The Inazuma 250

At the Motorcycle Live show in the UK, Suzuki has just introduced the Inazuma 250, a low cost SOHC in-line twin with six speed transmission.

Taking design cues from the B-King, the Inazuma 250 appears identical to a model introduced in Asia just a couple of months ago. Suzuki says it “has been optimized for low-to-mid range speeds ideal for city and town traffic.” Suzuki claims the bike still has enough power, however, to “comfortably deal with any open roads.” Suzuki has kept weight down by emphasizing aluminum parts in the chassis.

Instrumentation includes a gear position indicator, a service reminder and a three-mode rpm prompt for gear change. The latter feature also has an option for “economy mode” that will prompt changing gear to “achieve optimal fuel consumption.”

The bike will be available in Europe next fall and priced to compete with the Kawasaki Ninja 250 and Honda CBR250R. It does not appear it will be available in the U.S. next year.


  1. strogateta says:

    there are only four things this one needs to sell on the european market:

    1) lose the B-king styling (yikes..) and use a more conventional round headlight etc.
    2) shorten the tail-section
    3) use beefier forks
    4) stick pricing that’s aware of how good the CBR and Ninja actually are.

    a tough call, yet we somehow need a naked “Bandit”-style 250 in this ever-growing

  2. David Martin says:

    I don’t mind the looks of this bike at all and I’d like to see a three-way with the Ninja 250 and the new CBR250R. However, Honda made a huge mistake as far as I’m concerned when they had the perfectly good VTR250 in the Asian/Aussie market. Look it up on YouTube and you’ll see, it’s an amazing quarter-liter bike.

  3. George Krpan says:

    The above photos don’t do justice.
    I saw some Youtube vids and it changed my mind about the looks.
    I know it adds weight but I really like the way the twin exhausts look.

  4. George Duncan says:

    Over the weekend,I left a post here commenting on how much I dislike the appearance of this bike. You must have a Suzuki-loving editor…because he deleted my message. Touchy-touchy!!

    Well, maybe this post is watered down enough to pass muster, yet still get the message across. I repeat: I doubt that Honda is real worried about this bike vs the CBR250R.

  5. Artem says:

    7800$ for Kawasaki Ninjia 250R is not too much for a motorcycle in the center of Russia.
    It’s OK.
    So. we do not know the prices for this this thing, because, this style is more known” i think

  6. todd says:

    OK, take off the side pods, simplify the front fender, put a regular, round headlight on it (and call it a Bandit two-fifty)and they might have something here.

    Judging by the fact that it is impossible to get the TU250 here in California I imagine Suzuki never gave bringing this bike to the US much thought at all. Meanwhile, Kawasaki and now Honda are selling untold thousands of their 250’s here.

  7. westcanguy says:

    Whats with the negative comments? It’s an entry level bike for teenagers, first timers and women just getting into riding. I doubt any of you fall into that. The bike doesn’t work for you. I get that…but the bike wasn’t built for you. Suzuki needs to have a bike in this class because Kawasaki and Honda has sold a buttload of them. I think in the next few years, we’re going to see a bunch of new bikes in the 250-650 range. Affordability and huge mileage is what it will all be about.

  8. Geo. Duncan says:

    Too bad it’s so effing ugly, like most Suzukis. I doubt that Honda is real worried…

  9. JoeW says:

    It is what happens when a company tries to sell a product in the West that was designed for Asian tastes because they will sell a lot more over there… all the old vertical twins like the GS500 could not pass modern emission/noise laws but they have left a large gap in the market that the Chinese will fill when they get their act together

  10. David Duarte says:

    I really wish they would just take the TU250, bump it up to 500cc and add a rear disc brake. Why do they need to add all this superfluous plastic? Why cover up the engine?

  11. MarkyMark says:

    Why doesn’t Suzuki bring back the GS-500? That was an inexpensive, reliable parallel twin that’ll last forever as long as you change the oil and lube the chain now & then…

    • MarxMyth says:

      I wish they would have updated the GS500 rather than bring this to the market, but as a GS owner, I’m not sad to see it go. I actually can’t believe it was around as long as it was. Now that they have the GSX650 I think there was no reason to have a 500cc bike in the lineup IMO. It would cost more than the current 250s but not do as much as the 650s. The Ninja went to 650cc and competes with the FZ6R and GSX650 so it would really be a bike without a category.

      That being said, I think they missed the mark with this bike but maybe they’re attempting to carve a new (naked) niche. Not that it matters since I’m not in the market for a 250 but I’m not at all impressed with the styling of this bad boy.

  12. billy says:

    Wow. That’s just sad.