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Volkswagen Pokes Fun at Us (Motorcyclists)

You might find it odd that I am posting a Volkswagen commercial on MD, but the following short video is entertaining and, in some ways, even insightful.  Enjoy . . . I hope.


  1. Steve says:

    Cool ad. When did we cyclists get so hateful and defensive? Chill.

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  2. proheli says:

    The drivers look like the neutered, genderless, half female, actors that are so popular amongst many of today’s largely lost and clueless twenty-somethings. A nice example of exactly who I dont want to be. :-)

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  3. RC says:

    It is a funny video of morons that don’t know anything about riding moorcycles and the video is made by morons that just don’t get what motorcycling is all about…

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  4. Shaitan says:

    Too funny. I liked it. If I were to analyze VW’s marketing:

    (1) Some wannabe bikers who can’t ride, have zero direction sense, wear open-face helmets – because they found them at the flea market – and basically need to hold hands because the open road is scary really SHOULD buy a VW with all the amenities and four wheels. This market segment is for people who love to talk on mobiles and text while driving, need a GPS to find anything, has ABS because they’ll forget to brake until it’s almost too late, and basically are a danger to motorcyclists & other motorists anyhow. Hopefully they VW drives itself.

    (2) If they enjoy would enjoy Jetta, they’d much prefer a modern BMW bike anyhow with all the comforts and gizmos; if they really loved those old Kawi’s they’d much preferred old 1970′s musclecar.

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    • Morris Bethoven says:

      “This market segment is for people who love to talk on mobiles and text while driving, need a GPS to find anything, has ABS because they’ll forget to brake until it’s almost too late, and basically are a danger to motorcyclists & other motorists anyhow. Hopefully they VW drives itself.”

      +1 You said it!

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  5. They’re not making fun of motorcyclists. They’re making fun of weekend poser motorcyclist assholes. Those people should be in a Jetta.

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  6. Cowboy says:

    ROFLMAO. I’ve been a motorcyclist for 40 years, and that is just plain funny…. and a bit true. Wrestling with maps on a bike is a hoot, and I can remember getting caught behind a cattle truck for a couple of hours, once – it took a year to get that smell outta my leathers! Nice work, V-Dub; thanks for the laugh.

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  7. Frank says:

    Thank you VW. I’ll never buy one of your crappy cars again. This ad campaign should get the motorcycling community off their butts and into court (or at least away from any VW dealership forever.) Implying that motorcycle riders eat manure, can’t communicate with each other and long for a cage to drive is disrespectful and immature. Want to eliminate a million potential customers from those desperate VW dealer showrooms? Congratulations VW, you just did it! Now enjoy it!

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  8. GPokluda says:

    Great commercial! Had a few of those mishaps myself at one time or another (especially the bike falling of its side stand). You have to admit, sometimes we do take ourselves too seriously. BTW, I love VW products almost as much as I love Apple.

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  9. MarkF says:

    Kinda funny but really, half of the problems could be solved by a full-face helmet.

    There are plenty of dorks on bikes but thankfully they only ride a few miles on Sundays.

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  10. Rayzor says:

    S@#$ VW! Their products sucks, that’s why they needed to with us to deflect many of their own short comings…The commerical is funny though, at our expense…

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  11. justinsayen says:

    Interesting that the bikes will easily last longer than the car. Check Consumer’s Report. I love Volkswagen’s claim’s about initial quality…. Translated means, “What the car is like when you first look at it.” Funny that in two years the guys will rely upon the bikes when the car frequently breaks down. Funny comercial though.

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  12. Norm G. says:

    hysterical. just substitute tim allen and john travolta for those 2 rooks and it’d be wild hogs.

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  13. Glen says:

    I love the vintage KZs especial because the second bike I owned was a 1979 KZ650. A VERY cool middleweight superbkie. People love em they were like mini Z-1′s! I watch the commercial again just to see the bikes rolling!

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  14. mark says:

    That was hilarious!
    Those that were offended….. Get a sense of humor. You’re taking yourselves far to seriously.

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  15. farnsky says:

    I wonder if this ad is a subtile jab at Suzuki. The VW/Suzuki alliance is in trouble and Suzuki is going to arbitration to get out of the deal. Suzuki is claiming VW won’t share its technology, which was the whole point of the deal in the first place.

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  16. Stinky says:

    That was great! I live sooo close to Sturgis I see that quite often. Bein’ a biker has a couple of drawbacks that some just aren’t prepared for. It’s always sad when the bloom is off the rose. Gotta laugh, sometimes at ourselves.

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  17. superbikemike says:

    remember guys, volkswagon bought like 25% of suzuki… its just an ad… have a laugh… ;)

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  18. LTR says:

    That clip reminded me of a new-be rider back in 1972 . We called him Beatle because of his haircut and he took his brand new Suzuki 250 enduro (as dual purpose bikes were called back then )on our improvised gravel pit dirt track . After quite a while he showed up with clothing torn and parts hanging off the bike . Ahhh memories !

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  19. Dave says:

    I liked the vintage Kawasakis

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  20. 2vls says:

    Great ad. Wonder how they choreographed that lost map/ride in the lake segment. Nice piece of work. And the reluctant nod from Primal Biker at the end . . . priceless!

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  21. frostbite says:

    WHAT A CROCK !!!

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  22. TooFastTim says:

    Starts off in Molteno Rd in Oranjezicht, Cape Town.

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  23. Kawafreak1209 says:

    What a load of rubbish……..if you cant ride a bike then stay off them and stick to you tin top safety shield………leave the riding to real bikers (girls and guys)

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  24. xootrx says:

    Pretty funny. But it actually seemed to be poking at guys who weren’t meant to be motorcyclists. The theme seemed more like: “If you’re a loser and can’t even ride a motorcycle, our car is made for you.” Not exactly something that would make me want to buy one, but what the hell, it was still funny.

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  25. Brendan says:

    Come on people, it is a joke. Nobody has a sense of humour anymore. We all need to learn to laugh at ourselves. It did look very “Brokeback Mountain” at the end don’t you think.

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  26. Denny says:

    Antagonism car vs. motorcycle does not exist; in reality they complement each other. The fact that consumerism driven propaganda uses notion of it (on both sides) is something else. I find this ‘ad’ pointless.

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  27. vato loco says:

    The ad is even funnier when one realizes what an absolutely dull car the new Jetta is — drum rear brakes, cheap interior plastics, etc. Overall, however, this is VW promoting its safe, sanitized, and saccharine worldview. Zzzzzz.

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  28. MGNorge says:

    Got to be able to laugh at yourself. There’s the “romantic” side to riding and there is a reality. Not everyone is meant to ride a motorcycle and I’m rather glad of that.

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  29. Mike says:

    It did make me laugh. The part that didn’t make me laugh, however, was the memories of MY Volkswagen Jetta from the earlier part of this decade. At least five major recalls, power windows that failed during one of the hardest rainfalls I’ve ever encountered, coil packs dying, a mysterious electrical drain that left me looking for a jump start on numerous occasions, radio that would quit for no real reason, etc. I could not wait to dump that piece of fahrvergnügen fast enough . . .

    Meanwhile, my Suzuki Bandit has not left me stranded anywhere. And, I’ve never driven into a lake. So there.

    Okay, it was funny. I’ll admit it.

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  30. endoman says:

    Remember the Honda Valkyrie ad, with the guy broadsliding the big beast? That’s the one VW should have used as the prelude to their offering.

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  31. John A. Kuzmenko says:

    I wasn’t bothered by that commercial.
    At least it featured some real music with a melody.
    Just a joke using a couple of guys who are portrayed as wanna-be motorcyclists and are better off in a car. :)

    If I were to produce that commercial, I’d like to have a couple of guys who know how to ride sliding and wheeling their street-legal WR-450Fs around and really having some old-fashioned fun.
    That would be a sure way to get an approving nod from the Missus at the end. ;)

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  32. tron says:

    Thats pretty cute. I’ve always admired VW for their sense of humor in their commercials. My favorite was the series of “time to unpimp the auto” ones they ran a few years back.

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  33. Montana says:

    Why not buy a Volkswagon Vanagon and take the whole gang?
    Or better yet, take Amtrak!
    Talk about fun.

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  34. sliphorn says:

    The great Andy Williams singing Born Free.

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  35. mrsdoubtfire says:

    EAT SH_T at .20 yum.

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  36. Kiwi Morgan says:

    Look at the end of the video guys…….. It’s from VW South Africa (where they drive on the left…. like us in NZ)

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  37. Dan says:

    Great pair of old ULMs, wonder why the ‘husband’ characters from central casting have to always be dolts ? At least they were ‘wild hog’ wannabes. Good ad (memorable) wonder what the point was ? ( i.e. How they pitched it )

    That said, I like my 2006 Jetta tdi just fine, aside from the headliner falling off.

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  38. johnny ro says:

    I was surprised at RHD in an official looking VW ad. Seems to be US.

    Thats not the VAG vehicle to take if you want driving fun in the US. Thats dog meat. Try an A4. Or TT.

    Wife seems wistful. Buy her an Inazuma 250 and let her tag long behind the Monster? Buy the kids Z50s?

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  39. Gutterslob says:

    I actually quite enjoyed that, as much as I hate to admit it.

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  40. TunaPete says:

    Well, since you’re posting commercials that portray motorcyclists in a humorous light…

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  41. falcodoug says:

    Well it is right hand drive, thats cool. If you are going to drive a car.

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