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Supermoto Star Entertains Us

If it’s cold and dreary where you are (like it is here), the following video featuring supermoto star Slyvain Bidart just might cheer you up.


  1. Norm G. says:

    wow, never seen camera work quite like that. some take aways… #1, france values motorcycling way more than us here in the states. #2, honda’s real focus can be seen dominating parking lot and garage spaces at it’s french office same as can be seen at its numerous american offices.

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  2. Roadrash1 says:

    He was getting such good service, until he came across that cop!

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  3. Vroooom says:

    Wow, lot’s of naysayers. Would love to be able to ride like that. May not be the best commercial ever made, but it’s hard to think of many more entertaining.

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  4. Larry says:

    If they are trying to impress us with a 2 wheeled version of a Ken Block video…. they failed miserably. They have taken hokey to a whole new bottom!

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  5. ziggy says:

    Can’t see what the big deal is. I guzzle 12 beers and do the same type of riding through my local playgound and adjacent city graveyeard…?

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  6. crashmw says:

    Fun video. Now I gotta go home and get the DRZ fired up for a hooligan run through the industrial parks around here in Pleasanton CA.

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  7. brinskee says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! Fantastic way to bring a smile on this cold day in Northern Cali. Feels so good to be part of the motorcycling family sometimes. :)

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  8. George says:

    What a fantasy day of fun on a motorcycle!

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  9. Russell T. says:

    Fun indeed, great fantasy entertainment on a cold wet Friday morning.

    Any idea how they shot the view hovering around his head while one-wheeling it on the country road?

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  10. paul246 says:

    Talk about hokey productions. That is pretty awful.

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  11. Gutterslob says:

    The camera work is better than the riding. For sure, the guy can ride a supermoto better than I ever could, but I was hoping to see more sideways action. The jumps and gravel/dirt bits don’t quite do it for me when it comes to supermoto (I’d just watch motocross if I wanted that), it’s always been about breaking traction on tarmac.

    Beautiful bike, that converted Honda 450. Single-cylinder kits always have this sexy “purity” about them, dunno why.

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  12. Tim says:

    Great video. If only I could ride like that…

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