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  • February 8, 2012
  • Dirck Edge
  • Willy Ivins

2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross: Are We Seeing a Repeat of the “Greatest Series Ever”?

Last year was called “the greatest series ever” by plenty of industry observers and fans, but the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series is looking every bit as good so far.

The four former champs who battled tooth-and-nail last year are back at it.  Current number one Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki), Chad Reed (Honda), Ryan Dungey (KTM) and James Stewart (Yamaha) each won one of the first four races before Villopoto became the first two-race winner of the series at Round 5 last weekend.  Villopoto leads the points, but Reed and Dungey lurk just behind, while Stewart is slightly off the pace at 13 points back of Villopoto.

Stewart has already shown some of the inconsistency, and crashing, that has plagued him in recent years, but we have the feeling he might find his groove soon.  He stalked Villopoto throughout the second half of last week’s main event and could not close the gap as Villopoto won, but Stewart looks a little bit better every week.

Meanwhile Reed and Dungey are as consistent as ever, and always a threat to take the win on any given weekend.

Villopoto has been plagued with bad luck, having to charge through the pack following a first lap mishap more than once this year.  When things go right for him, however, Villopoto seems to have everyone covered in terms of pure speed.

If you are not yet a supercross fan, pay close attention this year; it might change your mind.  Exciting stuff.


  1. mxs says:

    It’s funny … every other article I have read so far was not using nearly such positive statements. Yes 4 different guys have won, but how was the racing. Not so good I have read ….

  2. GT1964 says:

    I think it is a more interesting season.IE: KTM on the top of the box. Jeff Ward & Jeremy McGrath being new team owners. Weimer running so strong.Stewart not dominating with JGR (yet). Villopoto being so fast.
    I just want to see some epic battles in the mains. I’m seeing guys getting passed & not putting up much of a fight. Or worse yet is laying back & not attempting a pass.(I just saw your speed as you caught right up to the guy , now your going to put it on cruise control & take a second or third?) This is how it appears on TV anyhow.
    In closing , I am not a racer & I have tons of respect for all of these riders.
    Cant wait for the next round!

  3. Daneed says:

    Great series so far with four manufacturers in it. Could only have been better if Trey Canard could have stayed healthy. Imagine a close five way battle.

  4. Tom says:

    Sure the competition is stiff but it was just as stiff back in the 80’s with Johnson, Wardy, Bailey, Glover, O’Mara duking it out every week. I mean after all the “Greatest Supercross of all Time” was Anaheim 86 with the Johnson and Bailey battle.

  5. Stinky says:

    So far it’s been about as good as SX gets. I’m just hoping that they all stay healthy. Be nice if they’d all get bad starts so we could see them race a whole main.

  6. jims says:

    I’m not seeing the races, G*#^*#^M CBS stations arounf here are showing the news, golf and home show programs instead.

    Thanks to the AMA and Speed

    … an unhappy customer

  7. SlamDance says:

    And it’s back to live TV this weekend, thanks to Speed.

  8. Joe Bar says:

    Yes, indeed. And watch the heat races. That’s where most of the bar-banging take-out moves are happening.