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Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda Race Report – San Diego Supercross

In front of a big crowd in San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium Cole Seely posted a solid second place finish, matching his finish from last weekend. His teammate, Travis Baker, posted an eighth place in the final.

It was a TLD show in the second 250 heat race of the night as Seely and Baker gated first and second and then proceeded to open up comfortable cushions from their competitors. For the first time this year they finished first and second in a heat race. Both riders were anxious for the main event.

In the final Cole rounded turn one in fourth position while Travis was buried around twelfth. Both riders went to work with their sights set on the front of the pack. Cole was able to get to second quickly but the leader had already opened up a gap that would prove too much to close. Cole would have to settle for second. Travis worked his way to eighth after fifteen laps, a solid top ten but not what he was aiming for. Seely wanted another win but he was smiling after the race.

“I’m happy with the way the night went,” Seely said. “I got good starts and put together fifteen laps. Sometimes that would be good enough to win but sometimes you have to take a second. I’m looking forward to the break and getting some of our outdoor testing started.”

Baker is excited to ride some motocross as well. “It’s been a little frustrating at times not getting the results I want,” said Travis. “I am really happy with the way I’m riding during the week but that hasn’t translated to good results every weekend. This switch for the next few weeks will be a good break and then we can get serious about hitting the podium at the last three supercross rounds.”

The team’s third rider Christian Craig will miss much of the remaining Supercross series due to a wrist surgery, but will be traveling with the team for support and to participate in autograph sessions.

The TLD team will be pounding laps at local southern California tracks in preparation for the outdoor nationals. Don’t be afraid to come up and say hello if you happen to bump into one of them. And if you are a fan of drifting or wearing shoelaces as a belt be sure to strike up a conversation with Cole Seely because you have a lot in common.