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AMA congratulates and welcomes the Bay Area Riders Forum as the first AMA Online Motorcycle Community (O/MC)

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is pleased to announce that the Bay Area Riders Forum (BARF) is the association’s first official “AMA O/MC,” or Online Motorcycle Community.

The recognition comes on the occasion of the group’s 10th anniversary as the San Francisco area’s go-to internet gathering spot, and as BARF members have established a contribution fund in the group’s name at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. You can find BARF online at

“The Bay Area Riders Forum has long been the kind of enthusiast hangout that exemplifies the best things about the internet and motorcycling,” said Grant Parsons, the AMA’s director of communications. “The group has built a vibrant community around a shared love of two wheels, and this latest outreach effort to support the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame just shows the kind of commitment the folks at BARF have.”

Bud Kobza (aka “Budman”), BARF’s CEO, said he’s glad to support the AMA for all the work it does on behalf of motorcycling’s history and to protect the rights of riders into the future.

“I originally joined the AMA to race in the early ’80s and enjoyed the heck out of those days,” Kobza said. “However, I soon learned that the AMA is so much more than racing, and the good work it does to help protect our right to ride, our places to ride and the opportunity to ride for future generations became so important to me. Also, the historical aspects of the AMA and the Hall of Fame Museum are so awesome. I hope to share that with the members of our forum as we move into our second decade of existence, and bring more motorcyclists into the AMA to help with the great work they do for us.”

As part of its show of support, BARF has become the first AMA O/MC as an AMA-chartered Online Motorcycle Community, a move that helps carry eight decades of AMA club history into the future.

As an AMA O/MC, BARF enjoys special branding on its site unique to members of this new program, and enjoys knowing its members are taking the extra step to help protect the future of motorcycling.