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Casey Stoner Again Quickest During Pre-Season Sepang Testing

After an additional three days of testing at Sepang, marked by inconsistent weather, Repsol Honda factory rider Casey Stoner again proved to be the quickest MotoGP rider.  This is despite the fact Stoner and teammate Dani Pedrosa stayed idle yesterday, the second day of the test, for unknown reasons.  Pedrosa ended up 2nd quickest with Andrea Dovizioso (Yamaha) leading a group of three Yamaha riders, including Jorge Lorenzo and Cal Crutchlow.  Next came the quickest Ducati under Hector Barbera in sixth position.  The factory Ducatis of Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden were 10th and 11th quickest, respectively.


  1. Neil says:

    Ducati should just use their WSBK bike! Even Jeremy Burgess cannot get that thing to do what it needs to do. Now that, is saying something! Casey is proving that it was not just Rossi winning those races. It was Honda. There is no way Ducati gets to the front ahead of the Hondas and Yamaha. Not when they are still so far off.

    • Pete says:

      They did when Stoner was on it.

      • mickey says:

        Some bikes are easier to ride fast than others. The Hondas are obviously easy to ride fast. The Ducatis are not. Just because Stoner was able to ride the beast, doesn’t mean anyone else can, and that has been proven I think when the the obviously talented multi World Champion Rossi, and former World Champion (on a Honda) Hayden can’t ride it fast.

        personally I hope they get the Duc straightened out, the more riders who are competitive, the better the racing.

        Only 30 days and change to go…………………..

  2. Alan says:

    what I want to know is why are we using cathode ray tubes (crt) in moto gp?

  3. Dale says:

    Yet again, “they” know how the season will go based on preseason testing… I’ll just wait for the actual races myself, thanks anyways.

  4. Philip says:

    Do we need multiple tire manufacturers in MotoGP? Maybe once the series is all CRT??

  5. brinskee says:

    They’re not as far afield (Ducati and the others) as last year, right? At least it will be more interesting in terms of tire management, fuel management, CRT involvement… okay I’m reaching…

  6. John says:

    Looks like it could be Yamaha’s year if Honda can’t get their engines straight. Look at Dovi.

    You can stick a fork in Ducati.

  7. MGNorge says:

    Hmm? Rather sounds a bit like last year. I would think this should quiet Stoner’s detractors since this is supposed to be the year where everything evens out. Less electronics, more horsepower to help the larger riders, etc., etc. Even still, somehow I just know won’t quiet them. That’s racing!

  8. frostbite says:

    Dani Pedrosa was quiet because he BLEW an ENGINE …. Hmmmm!!! I would like to have been there for the Tear Down on that one …. Cheers ….

  9. mickey says:

    Wow looks like Val & Nicky are off to another rough start.