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Monster Energy Gives Back Launches Facebook Page

CORONA, CALIF (March 26, 2012) – Monster Energy Gives Back is excited to announce its Facebook page where fans can get the latest news on fundraising events and happenings that Monster Energy supports, and get inspired by the athletes, people and organizations that create an emotional connection with all of us.

The Monster Energy Gives Back program is all about giving back to the community as well as Monster Energy’s injured athletes, and the fans, believers and consumers that support the brand. Monster Energy has been fortunate in the fact that it is still a growing company, so this is the perfect opportunity to give back to the people and organizations that move Monster Energy. Monster Energy Gives Back supports nonprofit organizations such as: Make a Wish Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs, Stupid, Music Saves Lives and others by hosting fundraisers and charity events to not only raise money, but also awareness for these nonprofit organizations that make a difference to so many people’s lives.

The Monster Energy Gives Back Facebook page was created to provide a forum to allow fans an opportunity to see first hand what organizations and events Monster is supporting and when and where they will be hosted.

“We are so excited to engage and connect with our fans through a unique new social platform that showcases our commitment to not only give back to our surrounding communities and the less fortunate, but also support our athletes who make up the DNA of our brand,” said Terri Sacks, director and founder of the Monster Energy Gives Back program. “With over 15 million fans on the Monster Energy Facebook page, we are hoping we can leverage some of those fans to help support the causes we back.”

With approximately 4,200 Facebook fans to date, Monster Energy Gives Back is growing its fan base to help change people’s lives one day at a time and allow a forum for fans to see how they can get involved and support the causes Monster Energy is so passionate about.

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