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Red Bull/KTM SX Lites East Recap & Results – Toronto

Toronto, Canada – Red Bull/KTM Factory rider Ken Roczen earned 2nd overall at the sixth round of the AMA East Lites Supercross Series held at Rogers Stadium in Toronto, Canada.

Roczen, who has been battling the flu all week, had a rough start to his day and took it easy in the practice sessions so he would have as much energy as possible throughout the night show.

Roczen had a great start in his heat and maintained a great pace out front to stay inside the top three for the six lap race. He crossed the checkers in 3rd position to easily transfer to the main.

In the main event he had another great start and rounded the first turn in 2nd position. Roczen quickly caught and passed Justin Barcia in the first rhythm section and crossed the first lap in the lead. He held the lead for a few more laps until he bobbled coming out of a corner and lost the position back to Barcia. He settled into 2nd place and remained in that position for the duration of the race to take a position on the podium.

After the race Roczen remarked, “I am glad that I was able to earn 2nd place tonight. This is great for my confidence after coming off of a bad race last weekend. I am going to go home and get some rest and hopefully beat this cold so I can come back stronger next weekend.”

Next Race: Houston Supercross – March 31, 2012

Overall Results SX Lites Class –
1. Justin Barcia
2. Ken Roczen – KTM
3. Blake Wharton
4. Jake Canada
5. Darryn Durham
6. Alex Martin
7. Tommy Weeck
8. Justin Bogle
9. Matthew Lemoine
10. Jeff Gibson
11. AJ Catanzaro – KTM
12. Shane Sewell – KTM
13. Malcolm Stewart – KTM
14. Tyler Bowers
15. Blake Baggett
16. Dakota Tedder
17. Lance Vincent – KTM
18. Kyle Peters
19. Shawn Rife
20. Phillip Nicoletti

Overall Point Standings SX Lites –
1. Justin Barcia – 125
2. Blake Wharton – 117
3. Darryn Durham – 114
4. Ken Roczen – 102
5. Jake Canada – 90