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Tony Cairoli is the Everlasting Number One in Motocross

The World Champion gives Sidi Sport the victory in the “Italian Internationals” MX1

Maser (TV), 27 March, 2012 – There was a grand finale at the 2012 Italian International motocross series. The last stage was held on Sunday, March 25th, on the spectacular track of Gazzane di Preseglie (Brescia) and once again the great Tony Cairoli was crowned the winner.

The reigning MX1 World Champion did not initially start out as a favourite, because Frenchman rider Steven Frossard had dominated all the tests up until now, looking back on his adversaries for the classification with a reassuring advantage. However, a champion like Cairoli was just not going to settle for a simple placement so, breaking out all the determination and class that have always been his calling card, he stormed the highest step on the podium.

With a gripping race entirely on the attack that got the considerable crowd present roaring, the Sicilian ace dominated the trial from the start and successively, lap after lap, he started accumulating an advantage over his adversaries and ended up cutting over the finish line meritoriously alone.

It was a double satisfaction for Sidi to carry our most outstanding rider, with his Crossfire boots, to the top of the podium in the Italian International series, where Sidi Sport is also one of the main sponsors.

This important victory brings Cairoli to the top of the Italian Internationals, where the Sicilian had been missing since 2009. It’s a prestigious result and especially encouraging as we look forward to the date with the first test in the World Championship where Cairoli, and with him Sidi, are aiming to reconfirm his World Championship title. The first test in the rainbow series is set for April 9th in Valkenburg, Holland.