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2012 Triumph Daytona 675 Special Edition Features Sulphur Yellow Paint and Bundled Accessories

We are expecting an all-new 2013 Daytona 675.  It is not surprising that Triumph is offering special deals on the 2012 model, including the Sulphur Yellow version pictured that will come bundled with the following accessories:

  • The fresh and striking new Sulphur Yellow paint scheme
  • Color matched pin stripe rims
  • Carbon fiber front mudguard
  • Carbon fiber instrument surrounds
  • Carbon fiber exhaust heat shield
  • Quickshifter
  • Billet levers

Although the special model is pictured on Triumph’s web site for the U.S. market, we don’t know the premium Triumph will charge over the base $10,999 price. If the Daytona 675R is anything to go by, however, Triumph will substantially undercut the cost of purchasing these items separately.


  1. Just Joe says:

    Curious as to how some can judge the color when it isn’t even an actual picture, much less something you have seen in person…
    I think the new MV is beautiful, but the 675 comes up as the better street bike in every test I’ve seen. I’m glad that Triumph has the cajones to go with something different rather than focus group approved colors.

  2. Stevie says:

    Each to their own – but that colour looks awesome!

  3. Superlight says:

    Picture probably doesn’t show the color very well, but, yes, the MV F3 will make selling the current Daytona more difficult, as the styling (to my eyes anyway) is on another plateau entirely.

  4. Austin ZZR 1200 says:

    You guys have no taste…the color reminds me of the matchbox cars I played with when I was other words, awesome.

    • Dave says:

      All depends on the metalflake. Lots o’ flake=awesome. No flake=puke.

      Color notwithstanding, the 675 is supposed to be one of the best sportbikes ever but (rightly) small. Makes me wish I were ~6″ shorter..

  5. mickey says:

    Color is kinda of wierd, but I hear the motorcycle is superb.

  6. Nick says:

    Can’t tell from the photos if I like the color, but it is definitely a unique alternative to the boring primary colors that perennially grace the Japanese alternatives. Probably won’t see anything else like it (from a factory or custom) on the weekend ride.

  7. ReflexTowing says:

    Anyone know of any rumors about the 2013 model? Or are we all in the dark…

  8. Ken Springhetti says:

    Nice bike.. “Sulphur Yellow” color is a big mistake.. Ducati made this mistake with the Streetfighter too..

  9. Yoyodyne says:

    MV Agusta F3 will soon make life harder for Daytona methinks…

    • Scott in the UK says:

      Not from the road test comparisons I have read. As one of the UK testers said – “Why pay a lot more for a bike that feels unfinished, poorly mannered, and only works better than the Triumph in one place – the track?”

  10. RoB says:

    But how many tens of miles will it get at 20mph before you need to recharge the battery?

  11. Haggis Rules says:

    big mistake on the color. Nuclear Red would have been the way to go 🙂

  12. Gutterslob says:

    The extras sound nice, but the colour is not for me. I generally dislike yellow, champagne or gold. Don’t mind them as highlights (stripes, pinstripes, gold rims, handlebars…etc) but not as a primary body colour.

  13. kjazz says:

    I love this color, but, I’m color blind so….

  14. Glen says:

    Looks more like “mustard” yellow to me.

  15. Thoppa says:

    This gets my vote for 2nd worst bike colour ever. Pearlescent pink still holds top honors.

  16. MGNorge says:

    With added bling!

  17. Denny says:

    Best looking midsize sportsbike. Go Triumph!

  18. Josh H says:

    That looks cool!