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Who is Cal Crutchlow, and Why is he Getting so Fast?

Dani Pedrosa owns Jerez, doesn’t he?  With the possible exception of countryman Jorge Lorenzo, Pedrosa has more support at his home track than anyone, together with countless laps and several wins.

Yet there was Cal Crutchlow aboard his satellite Yamaha bridging up to Pedrosa after successfully battling with several other riders over fourth place (including but not limited to Nicky Hayden).  Crutchlow then began to hound, and dice with, the factory Honda-mounted Pedrosa for several laps before being pipped at the line.

Crutchlow hounding Pedrosa at Jerez

With two races in the books this year, Crutchlow has two fourth place finishes and sits fourth in the points.  The new Yamaha 1000 clearly suits him.  Nicknamed “The Dog”, the Brit cut his teeth at famous circuits like Cadwell Park and Donington, capturing the British Supersport championship in 2006 before taking the World Supersport crown in 2009.

After riding a Yamaha to fifth in the 2010 WSB championship, Crutchlow moved up to his current team, the Monster Tech3 Yamaha MotoGP team where he finished twelfth and top rookie in 2011.

The new Yamaha 1000 seems to have been a perfect fit for Crutchlow who set the fastest lap at Jerez last weekend near the end of the race.  Yes, faster than the best lap set by Casey Stoner or Jorge Lorenzo . . . faster than everyone.

Crutchlow’s story is one of steady progress rather than a metioric rise.  He has the ability to stay focused and has consistently reached his goals in the past.  His next goal is MotoGP World champion.


  1. Norm G. says:

    re: “Dani Pedrosa owns Jerez, doesn’t he?”


  2. Philip says:

    A conspiracy theorist might suggest that someone in Yamaha is sabotaging Ben’s bike to ensure that Valentino comes back to finish his career there. Silly

    • Gary says:

      After all the politically inspired crackpot conspracy theories in recent years … that one sounds downright credible.

  3. kjazz says:

    Please! More info and shots of the umbrella girl!!!!!!!!

    • TimC says:

      I actually like how he is utterly ignoring her and her breast rays (which her type think Control All), as well as the photographer for that matter.

  4. Provalogna says:

    Ben? Ben who?

  5. brinskee says:

    I met Crutchlow in Qatar – great guy, super intense. He’s doing great this year. I really think Spies better watch out that his factory ride doesn’t go to Cal next year. He has the fire… while Ben has just been cold. Early in the season yet of course.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “I really think Spies better watch out that his factory ride doesn’t go to Cal next year.”

      again, spies’ factory ride is going nowhere. there aren’t any million dollar race tracks under construction where cal is from.

      • brinskee says:

        Hey Norm G., I like reading your various musings on MotoGP. In fact you’re one of my favorites to read – obviously you’re in the industry, have some good contacts, and write your opinions pretty passionately. All good stuff.

        So with that in mind, I say this: Yes, I know all about the track being built near Austin (for those of you who don’t know: it’s called the Circuit of Americas), and think it’s a great thing. But what does that have to do with Spies? There are plenty of Texas MotoGP fans that will still flock to races even if Ben is on a sattelite bike, no? Sure, there would be more if he was factory, but they will still go. There will also be the “Brand New Racetrack” factor that will drag families in.

        There isn’t anyone from the Monterey area racing in GP yet it’s packed every year. I get your logic, but if he continues anywhere below the top 5, and Cal above the top 5… it would be extremely hard for me to believe his factory ride wouldn’t go bye-bye. And I’m a huge Spies fan – even had him sign my signature helmet in Qatar last year!


  6. brianzr7s says:

    Hey Lloyd G,
    if she looks like a million bucks, that’s probably what it will cost you to maintain her in the style she has become accustomed to. too rich for my poor biker budget. money better spent on bikes methinks. (LOL)

    • BillyGoat says:

      A very wise man once said to me, “No matter how good she looks, there’s some other guy who is sick and tired of her sh*t”

  7. Dean says:

    Clearly the Tech3 Yamaha team has some good support, as both their riders have been finishing strong. Crutch was a close fourth, and dovi was fifth place (16 seconds behind, but still faster than the rest).

    Good support? Good call on bike setup? And of course some talented riding!

    Hopefully Spies can find some of this magic with his Factory Yamaha and get up there with the “aliens” on the podium! Go Spies!

  8. Lloyd G says:

    Who cares why he’s getting fast! Who’s the girl hold the umbrella?

    • Tim says:

      My question exactly. In a world of hot paddock girls, she is a couple of notches above. No wonder Crutchlow did so well. He had to show off for her a little.

      • Doc says:

        Is that why Marco Melandri is riding well? His girlfriend is definitely hot. Probably hotter than most of the umbrella girls.

  9. Dale says:

    Cal’s looking Racy this year so far, good luck to him. Ben needs to pick up his game, between Cal and Dovi Yamaha has potential teammates for Jorge “in the pipeline”.

    Stefan Bradl has been the surprise of the year for me (other than Ben), I didn’t see him coming up to speed so quickly.

  10. Dave says:

    All the Yamahas are the same. No doubt that the first improvements will go to the factory guys, but as of right now they are on equal machinery.

    • Gutterslob says:

      And that should really worry Spies, me thinks.

      • Dave says:

        Machines may be equal but clearly Spies’ guys are struggling with setup.

        • Gary says:

          I seem to remember reading Spies is hurt. More than one crash has slowed him. Crutchlow’s progress will probably have a miraculous effect on his recuperation.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “All the Yamahas are the same.”

      except when it comes to the 2nd factory seat. history records no rider in the past decade has ever really shined when playing “second fiddle” at yamaha. not sure what the method to their madness is…? but there does seem to be a method. anybody who wants that seat should think twice.

  11. bikerrandy says:

    Don’t really know the answer to that but since all the Yamahas this year are new models I suspect they all start out equal, then are improved along the way.

  12. guest says:

    Crutchlow is a raw british dude who used to be pretty good in superbikes. His 1st year in MotoGP was OK (he was licking the asphalt too much for my liking …), his 2nd campaign has took off significantly better mainly due to one single change (or two) and that would be the new Bridgestone tire and adequately good Tech 3 Yamaha. But I bet the tire has more to do with that. I doubt he would have leapped Dovi by as much, especially in Jerez where he has raced only once before. thirs point would be that he was the only guy from top 5 who made the right call with the harder front, if everyone was on the same tire, I don’t think he would be so close on Pedro’s pipe … we will see next week. Hopefully it will be a dry race and fair game for the whole grid, so we can size him up better.

    For Gary, Lorenzo’s bike is identical except for 2 engine components and brakes (longer newer calipers) right now. The more we get into the season, the difference will probably grow. But rightfully so, Crutchlow doesn’t worry how far is the bike from the factory, because there’s little he can do about it. just ride the thing and make sure you beat the other guy, which he has done so far …

  13. Gary says:

    He was indeed impressive at Jerez. He seems like a normal-sized guy … maybe the new liter formula favors riders with a little heft. Here is a question: is his bike the same as Lorenzo’s? Or is it second-tier machinery? If the latter, it makes it even more impressive.