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Worst Nightmare . . . Racer Celebrates One Lap Too Soon

The following video needs no further introduction.


  1. warprints says:

    Oh, ease up. Maybe he lost his contact lenses and thought the wving flag was the checkered. LMAO

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  2. Norm G. says:

    bet he pukked in his helmet the very second he realized the roar of engines didn’t go away.

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  3. Mr.Mike says:

    Stupid humans. This would never happen to our future robot overlords.

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  4. j.davis says:

    While leading the race, Lorenzo Lanzi riding a Ducati for Parts Unlimited Ducati Austin back in 2003(?) did the same thing in an AMA race, mistaking the white flag for the finish flag. I believe that Miguel Duhamel was gifted the race win.

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  5. Jon says:

    Bad, but worst nightmare? That would usually be death at the track….

  6. John Tuttle says:

    It makes you feel better about all the stupid mistakes that you’ve made yourself.

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  7. Paul says:

    Wow…what an idiot…..

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  8. Tim says:

    Reminds me of the olympic snowboarder girl who did the squid move over the last jump while in the lead and crashed.

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  9. HotDog says:

    I coulda been a contenda!

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  10. mickey says:

    Feelin like a fool I’ll bet

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  11. Tom says:

    Man, I hate it when that happens :p

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