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Husaberg Introduces New 2013 Models

2013 FE 350

Husaberg North America has announced the 2013 model range available in the U.S. market.  The high-end off road manufacturer, with its roots in the Swedish origin of Husqvarna, has a well deserved reputation for innovation.

Interestingly, Husaberg has abandoned the unique architecture of its four-stroke singles (whose cylinders were previously laid over at a near horizontal angle) claiming the handling advantages of that design are more than offset by significant weight reductions in the reciprocating mass in the new engines.

Both the four-stroke and two-stroke models (described in the Husaberg press release below) each receive new frames with improved rigidity balance and a WP fork with “patented floor chamber technology.”  Complete details are available at

2013 FE 250

Murrieta, CA – Husaberg North America, a division of KTM North America, Inc is excited to announce its 2013 model line-up including a range of 2-stroke and 4-stroke machines that will suit riders in every competition class.

4-stroke models:
FE 250: The newest addition to the Husaberg model range is the all new FE 250. The FE 250 is the first 250cc 4-stroke model from Husaberg. The FE 250 features a lightweight and compact power plant with a modern electronic fuel-injection. The quick and responsive FE 250 is the new weapon of choice for all enduro racers.

FE 350: After winning an Enduro World Championship after its release in 1991, Husaberg is back on track with the return of the FE 350. The FE 350 succeeds the FE 390 in the 2013 line-up for the new and growing mid-size division that performs like a 450 but feels like a 250.

FE 501: Husaberg’s most successful model in racing so far, the legendary FE 501 is back for 2013. The FE 501 combines a huge weight reduction in 2013 with massive power that represents what Husaberg encompasses: Ultimate rideability without compromise.

2-stroke models:
TE 250: The TE 250 now offers a more lively power delivery and all new chassis. An adjustable power valve and selectable ignition curves give the rider the ability to adjust the bike to their personal riding style. In 2013, the TE 250 also features the standard 6-speed transmission and electric starter.

TE 300: Known for its matchless power-to-weight ratio the TE 300 approaches 2013 with a completely new chassis with even more power and agility than ever before. The TE 300 is proven to be the ultimate extreme enduro bike.

The entire 2013 Husaberg line-up features a new frame, made of chromoly, subframe made of high-strength plastic, a new swingarm and new bodywork. Additional elements to the 2013 chassis are the patented 4 chamber technology, closed cartridge forks by WP Suspension. The new user-friendly fork enables both the rebound and compression adjustments to be made at the upper end of the fork. The Husaberg’s 2013 innovative chassis are fully equipped, integrated and characterized to provide optimal functionality.

For complete details, engine specs, and photos, please visit


  1. RICO SWAVAY says:

    Blue and Yellow it’s time to Raise the Bar !

    I challage the engineers and bean counters of Husaberg Inc.,to design and manufacturer a “Race Ready” street legal “Rally motocycle”.

    The rally motorcycle would be under 350 lbs (without fluids) water cooled,six speed,two additional fuel tanks,12 inches of progressive suspension,easy to read digital display screen,and be set-up to compete (out of the crate) in the famous Paris/Dakar Rally Race.

  2. chr1s says:

    Keeping Husaberg helps KTM to sell more units w/o having to let the EPA sniff all of their bikes. If KTM as a whole sold as many bikes as the Japanese, there’d be no more “clean” Certificates of Origin. And as someone who desires the ability to get a street plate, that clean CO is a major buying incentive.

  3. Simon says:

    When Husqvarna was sold to Italy the old Husky engineers left in Sweden created Husaberg. KTM bought Husaberg for their engine technology and now it seems like Husaberg has become just part of KTM with hardly any real differences What’s ironic is now that BMW own Husqvarna they are the ones with the different engineering with the CoAxial system and suspension linkage on top of the swing arm while KTM are getting more Japanese and main stream. Everyone should be sad with what’s happened to Husaberg and it’s hard to see how Husaberg can survive being a blue KTM

  4. Tim says:

    As a die hard two stroke rider, I love the idea of a wide ratio 6 speed transmission mated with a WP CC fork on the TE models……a configuration KTM has not offered yet. I sure hope they keep the linkage-less rear end.

  5. Simon says:

    A blue KTM, very disappointing that the leader of fourstroke innovation has been consumed by KTM. Why bother just buy a KTM. As an owner of an 2006 FE550 ill be keeping it, sure its quirky but huge power never gets old.

  6. HalfBaked says:

    First of all 2T ‘Burgs are just flat out wrong it goes against everything the Swedish company stood for. And secondly what exactly is the point of passing of blue and yellow KTM’s as new models. Just kill the brand already and put it out of it’s misery.

  7. ziggy says:

    A W E S O M E !

  8. Tom says:

    Gonna miss that odd-ball husaberg of old. Standardizing around the best is good, but not as interesting.

  9. superbikemike says:

    no supermotard… bummer… 🙁

    • Provalogna says:

      Yes, you and me and three other American enthusiasts cry foul!

      • Tom R says:

        That many?

        • Rooster says:

          Tis true, if its not a fat pig “lifestyle” cruiser, or fire breathing race-rep torture rack, Americans seem to be generally uninterested, outside of a smidgeon of adventure style bikes, which are really just ‘standards’ in disguise.

          I am one of those few who loves naked bikes and motards(ZRX1200, FZ1, Tuono, HyperMotard, Dorsoduro, Duke, etc.), but we have to face facts that we will always be in a tiny minority here in the states. Sad but true.