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Jonathan Rea Will Replace Casey Stoner for the Next Two MotoGP Rounds; Currently Testing at Brno (with video)

WSB Honda rider Jonathan Rea, with 10 WSB victories under his belt and a long association with the Japanese factory, is testing the Repsol MotoGP weapon at Brno today in anticipation of replacing the injured Casey Stoner over the next two rounds at least.

Rea cut his teeth on British race tracks, moving from motocross to roadracing in 2003.  In 2005, he became the youngest rider ever to secure pole position in a British Superbike round.  Rea has previous experience testing an 800cc MotoGP bike, as he discusses in the video below.


  1. don s says:

    Is this the person who knocked down the BMW team when they were doing so well earlier in the year. after the incident not a word was said about it. some riders can get away with this type of riding. now another incident this past weekend. so he gets a gp ride. go figure!!!

  2. soi cowboy says:

    How to fix GP (by me!) Return to 800cc limit with maximum two cylinders. This will limit hp to reasonable levels without a thousand pages of rules. The bikes will be narrower for better cornering. The bikes will be different from wsbk. (wsbk is basically kicking motogp’s butt, more fans and manufacturers)
    Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW, Honda already make big bore parallel twins, so there is some real world relevance.

  3. Ricardo says:

    Rea has a lot of potential, I like his riding style and he can really go sideways on the superbike turns, I think he has a similar style as Stoner. Good luck to him with hopes he can stay…

  4. GixxerGary says:

    This will be interesting. We’ll have to wait and see who he’ll take out in MotoGP.

  5. Nomadak says:

    Wow, how cool is that? Good for him. Best of luck to him on that beast of a bike.

  6. Brinskee says:

    Well he didn’t do fantastically well in today’s test. Let’s see what happens next time out.

  7. Philip says:

    I’m a Rea fan, glad that Honda gave him this opportunity. He seemed really stoked in the video, that was nice to see. Hope he has fun out there and takes Norm G’s advice.

  8. Norm G. says:

    GO JOHNNY…!!! lil’ bit of advice…? mind your lines (no zig-zig) and don’t knock anybody off.