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Nicky Hayden Will Miss Next Weekend’s Brno Round

Rather than race next weekend at Brno, Ducati has announced that Nicky Hayden will remain in the United States to further recover from the injury to his right hand and concussion sustained during Qualifying at Indianapolis last weekend.  Ducati has provided the following quote from Nicky:

“It’s tough to miss another race. I don’t have big problems, but my hand is still very swollen and I don’t have much strength, and of course right-hand injuries are worse for motorcycle racers. I would have been at far less than 100 per cent, and if I used too much force or crashed again, I could displace the breaks and possibly be in big trouble. Obviously, the head is even more important, and with the amount of time I was unconscious, I’m still dealing with a headache. The main thing is all the doctors told me racing was a really bad idea and not smart, and everybody on my team agreed. As much as the racer in me doesn’t like staying at home and missing track time and points, I need to listen to the experts and try to heal up and get ready for Misano. That’s an important race for me and for Ducati, and I’ll be doing all the rehab to come back as fit as possible. I don’t like it, but it’s the right thing to do.”


  1. bikerrandy says:

    Rigth now Nicky has 2 issues, his hand and his brain(concussion). We could tell by the last interview we heard of him he wasn’t talking the same as before this accident. I’ve had a head/brain injury so know more about this than most people. My head injury was far worse than Nicky’s, but riding on the street is far different than what these top road racer’s do. I couldn’t ride a bike for at least 2 years on the street !! Until you’ve lost some of your brain capacity of what it takes to ride a bike, you have no idea of what’s involved here. Your brain can’t heal itself like other parts of your body. It’s too complicated to do that.

  2. Brinskee says:

    Nicky is such a hard charging, always positive, give it 110% champ. It’s such a pleasure to follow his career – going way back to the RC51’s up at Sears Point. What a good guy. Get well soon Nicky – give them a good show at Misano.

  3. Pedro J Diaz, M.D. says:

    Each country has their favorite son. You should have heard the crowds at Laguna Seca yelling when they appeared: Rossi of course, then LOUDER for Collin Edwards, then Nicky. The girls were shivering. Keep it up Nicky.

  4. Mick says:

    Hmmm…Remember the Cagiva GP500 effort?

    The grids, they’ll be a changin’.

  5. man relish says:

    Ducati should include a black cloud as part of their insignia…good grief