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Dorna Head Talks About Joint Control of MotoGP and WSB

Earlier today at Motegi, Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta spoke to the media about the future of both MotoGP and WSB, now under common ownership with Dorna’s parent company Bridgepoint, and the operational control of Dorna.

Several interesting quotes emerged, including:

– “So finally the decision of Bridgepoint was to maintain two championships, two separate championships as two separate companies, but both under the umbrella of Dorna Sports.”

– “It’s obvious that the technical regulations, in my opinion, in both championships are so expensive.”

– “We are not ‘in favor’ of ECUs or limit of revs or whatever, we are in favor of reducing the costs and increasing the show. This is the main aim of both championships.”

– “We think that a championship derived from production bikes [WSB] that is using 39 engines during one season, and in MotoGP you are using just six – to be honest it’s not very correct, and we need to set up both championships with their own spirit…One is from bikes based on production motorcycles, and another is for prototypes. This is something we will do with the FIM first, and then with the manufacturers who are involved in both championships.”

The impression left by Ezpeleta was that big changes will likely come for both series in 2014, when the “production bike” nature of WSB and the “prototype” nature of MotoGP will be reinforced, but both series will see new rules designed to decrease costs and increase competitive participation.


  1. Norm G. says:

    re: “Dorna Head Talks About Joint Control of MotoGP and WSB”

    in the spirit of Halloween, this headline should prolly read…

    “Dorna Head Laughs Maniacally Having (once and for all) Secured Joint Control of MotoGP and WSB” (MUUUAHHHHAAAHHHA!)

    there… that’s better.

  2. MotoChris says:

    The question is can MotoGP emerge from this economy intact and still be MotoGP, or will the series become so watered down due to cost cutting that it becomes a shell of its former self. One of the problems is the riders. The premier series in the world should have nothing but the premier riders, but half the available top riders are in Dorna’s other series, WSB. The CRT experiment is a failure in my opinion. The bikes should be strictly prototype but with technical rules that allow for closer racing

  3. Chaz says:

    The facts are that WSB is very competitive both as to the racing and the number of teams. Moto2 and Moto3, ditto. MotoGP is in deep trouble both as to competitiveness and entries. In most races there are one or two leaders, and three or four fighting for third place, then the slowest prototypes and the CRT’s. Are the CRT’s being dropped, as they are not prototypes or production? Hopefully Dorna won’t mess up what is working, but it doesn’t appear that is the case.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Are the CRT’s being dropped”

      not necessarily, i think we’re going to find in espelata’s NWO (new world order), that they get LIFTED. anybody familiar with the AMA’s old FX (formula extreme) class will have some idea of what i’m talking about.

  4. HotDog says:

    This isn’t going to be good….not good at all.

  5. soi cowboy says:

    The gp and wsbk are 99% identical. 4 cyl, 4 valve head, dohc, aluminum frame. What makes a prototype? A thinner casting on the cases? They don’t want rev limiters or ecu’s? How else would you extend engine life? The generals have lost touch with reality.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “The gp and wsbk are 99% identical.”

      the award for identifying the ROOT of the evil that finds us in this handbasket goes to (drumroll)… soi cowboy…!!!

      • soi cowboy says:

        Sportbikes in general are a declined sub-group of a declining sub-culture (motorbikes and motorsports in general) Most bikes on the road are HD or hd copies. Apparently the thrill of screaming along public roads at 150 mph does not overcome the negatives (high cost of bikes, road regulations, and getting killed by texting drivers) Can’t really be surprised that young people are more interested in an iphone 5 over an R6.

        • Scotty says:

          “Most bikes on the road are HD or hd copies.” I would geuss thats the case in the US, but here in Europe, the home and spritual heart of Grand Prix motorcycle racing thats certainly not the case. Its about 1/10 riders over here that aspire to own a cruiser, and quite a few of the remaining 90% still want and desire a sports bike of some type. Even if its a naked sports bike like the Street Triple etc…

          • Jake says:

            soi cowboy says: ” Most bikes on the road are HD or hd copies.”

            And one of the best things about winter in the US is that they put those noise-makers away for a few months!

            Open-pipe V-Twin ‘Harling-Dinkersons’ = a blight on society..!