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Benelli Unveils BN600 Naked

Chinese-owned Benelli has released this photo of the BN600 naked bike featuring an inline four-cylinder, fuel injected DOHC engine, together with a frame that combines both steel and aluminum, upside-down forks and radial brakes.

The BN600 is similar, if not identical, to other branded models shown previously by Chinese owner Qianjiang. Pricing and availability are unknown at this point. Additional details should be made available at the EICMA show in Milan next week.


  1. Fat Old Man says:

    What other identical previously shown models? I do not recall seeing this. I like the bike.

  2. Artem says:

    Benelli is Dima Vinogradov
    And nothing else.

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  3. AFW says:

    Looks similar to a Kawasaki ER-6N, no doubt they dissected one. It will be worse in every way though. Oil filter changes may scar hands.

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  4. RichBinAZ says:

    and the oil filter is behind the 2 right pipes or the 2 left pipes??? I can’t tell

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  5. Vrooom says:

    I think that’s a surprisingly good looking bike for coming out of china. They typically look a generation behind.

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    • Gary says:

      As mentioned before, the Benelli’s are built in the same factory as old Benellis in Italy. Unless they plan to build this one (for the first time for Benelli) in China for some reason, it will still be an Italian built bike.

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  6. Nocklhiem Verstadt says:

    “The BN600 is similar, if not identical, to other branded models shown previously by Chinese owner Qianjiang”. This quote from the article tells you that there isn’t any Benelli left in this bike. It’s just a Chinese offering and could have just as well been labeled Laverda, BSA etc…

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  7. Tim says:

    I assume this is also built in China now, rather than Italy. Imagine the number of these they could sell here in the US if they were of decent build quality and a carried sub $7,000 price tag. You can find decent mid size Japanese twins in that price range if you shop around, but you can’t touch a 4 for that. I keep thinking the Chinese or the Koreans are going to hit the US market in a big way, at some point, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. This would be a great bike to bring over in that first wave.

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  8. Wendy says:

    Kawasaki wants its Versys styling back.

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  9. ross anderson says:

    Made in China !!!

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  10. Norm G. says:

    wow, that looks really good. part yamaha, part aprilia. wasn’t expecting this.

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  11. Giulio says:

    i’d love to hear that 600cc inline 4 screaming at 16k rpm

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  12. Giulio says:

    I’d luv hearing that 600cc inline 4 screaming at 16k RPM.

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  13. Provalogna says:

    “Hello, Benelli. I ordered a clutch lever two and half years ago. I was wondering if it arrived yet…”

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  14. bikerrandy says:

    And your point is ?? Benelli doesn’t sell any bikes in this USA, far as I know.

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  15. Dave says:

    Looks nice. What’s in it?

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  16. drbyers says:

    A little on the busy side, styling-wise, but still a decent-looking bike.

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