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Ducati Introduces All-New Hypermotard and Hyperstrada in Milan

Hypermotard SP

Ducati introduced an all-new Hypermotard range in Milan, including the standard Hypermotard, the Hypermotard SP, and the Hyperstrada, a version designed for touring.


Each of these new models is powered by an 821cc liquid cooled Testastretta engine, moving away from air cooled technology for this range. Each of the bikes features ride-by-wire and three, selectable power modes ranging from full power (110 hp) down to 74 hp for low traction conditions.  Each of the models also receives ABS and traction control.

While the base model Hypermotard features limited suspension adjustability, the Hypermotard SP gets uprated, fully adjustable Marzocchi forks and Ohlins shock.  The SP also has trick forged Marchesini wheels.  The SP has other upgrades as well, including a radial brake master cylinder controlling the front Brembos.

Both the Hypermotard and Hypermotard SP receive new ergonomics for a more upright, dirtbike-like riding position.  The base model is available for a U.S. MSRP of $11,995, which the SP goes for $14,695.


Finally, the new Hypermotard family welcomes the Hyperstrada, tweaked for improved touring capability.  Among other features, the Hyperstrada gets improved wind protection, a center stand, power outlets and saddlebags.  The Hyperstrada’s riding position is even more upright than the Hypermotard’s.  The Hyperstrada carries a U.S. MSRP of $13,295.  Take a look at Ducati’s web site for additional details.


  1. Jeremy in TX says:

    I disagree. The water-cooled mill is a better choice, and I bet they chose to give it a nice torquey nature to keep the hooligans amused.

  2. Norm G. says:

    i like the redesigned frame, seat section, and exhaust routing, but going 4v water cooled is a mistake for this type of bike. the air cooled 1100 was already bordering on “too much engine”, but it at least kept things light, clean, simple… and that was the attraction. nobody buys a hyper to go touring… you buy a hyper to be a HOOLIGAN…!!!

    • Dave says:

      There are big hp limitations with going air cooled, not to mention the technology stigma. They reduced displacement 300cc and maintained 110hp, more than the old 916’s made, plus it should get pretty good mileage. This engine is also dimensionally much smaller than an air cooled engine, allowing them to design a slimmer bike around it.

      • Norm G. says:

        it’s none of that. same as BMW with water cooling the boxer, it’s emissions compliance. early on, the word was the possiblility of dropping desmo valves on some of the smaller displacement models in exchange… wait for it… traditional spring valves (the horror).

        • TF says:

          Yep, the air cooled engines run too hot when set up to be Euro compliant. I believe the 1100 two valve air cooled motor is/was one of the best motorcycle engines ever offered and certainly not too much engine. Just the right amount of HP and TQ when tuned to run correctly. Yes, a Hyper is a hooligan ride and should remain a simple design. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen……the Monsters will be next.

  3. Jeremy in TX says:

    I know bikes are getting too expensive when I can look at a Ducati and think, “That is a pretty good deal!”

  4. Nocklhiem Verstadt says:

    Nice beakage.

  5. Bob L. says:

    Might be the best bike you ever rode but you still gotta look at the darn thing.
    Looks like a praying mantis, for God’s sake!
    Talk about design for the sake of design…
    My 96′ 900SS SP keeps looking better and better!
    Come back, Ducati!!! You are heading in the wrong direction.

  6. TF says:

    If you are scratching your head when you look at the pictures, all I can say is go ride one. I have owned an 1100 evo Hyper for a couple years and it is far and away the most fun I have had on two wheels in my 40+ years of riding. I am missing the air cooled motor though, and the dry clutch, and the dual under-tail exhaust.

    • stratkat says:

      i test rode the S version, it had great brakes and handled well. but the seat and the power tapered off way too soon. i bought a 990 Super Duke and got all that and more. can put on 400 mile days on the thing.

      • TF says:

        I own KTM dirt bikes and would likely own something like a Super Duke if it were not for the Hyper’s air cooled motor. The simplicity was key for me, along with the gobs of low end that motor produces. IMO, that is what makes the bike so much fun and so deceptively fast for most riders and situations. Yeah, the seat and the small gas tank both suck. I have done some 400 miles days though and it works because you have to stop and fill up right about the time your butt needs a break.

  7. Jonathan says:

    Yay for a Hyper(Multi)strada with sensible power that doesn’t need Traction Control just to keep you alive BUT the Hyper has always had a juice-box for a fuel tank, how can you call it a tourer if you have to stop and re-fuel every dozen miles? And enough with the beaks already.

  8. skybullet says:

    I’m with JB, this looks like my ideal bike based on specs. 821cc should be plenty with weight around 400lbs. Acceleration, suspension compliance and braking are all about power to weight ratio. Even the price is reasonable considering the ABS, adjustable everything, windscreen and other included goodies. Looks? Black with the red frame hits my switch.

  9. stratkat says:

    actually, it looks like the penguin from Wallece and Grommet’s The wrong pair of trousers

  10. stratkat says:

    it looks like one of the seagulls from Finding Nemo!

  11. Gary says:

    Some of the better looking Ducatis in my opinion. But just as with the MV’s, Benellis, and even BMW, there are no dealers for at least 80-90 miles from me, and that’s the closest (BMW). Wish the distributors would lighten up on requirements for being a dealer, so we might have a chance to see some of these without traveling so far.

  12. T. Rollie says:

    as we bikers get older, we want more upright and comfortable riding positions like these motard strada adventure bikes. Kids-these-days don’t seem to take to riding as much as we did growing up….too many video games, not enough jobs, no money, too hard to find a place to rip around on mini bikes and dirtbikes…

  13. The Other Tim says:

    UGH – who’s bad idea was is to expand the Hypermotard family?! I’m starting to wonder if Ducati has A)sold out and B)lost its way. An 821 Mulstrada would have been a much better hit than the Hyperstrada. I remember the days when you saw a Ducati you wanted, chose the engine size, and then decided whether you wanted Ohlins (‘S’ models) or not. Am I the only one who feels this way.

    • Dave says:

      Ducati’s primary revenue engine has been the Monster series for the past decade. These are closer to that spirit than a Multi Strada but the HyperStrada at the bottom could be the test. Hopefully bikes like that continue to do well. It seems like there are more practical bikes coming out (Honda 500’s and 700’s) and Ducati is still firmly entrenched as a upper-end recreation product. Piaggio group has other brands but most are nearly invisible here in the US.

  14. Neil says:

    These motors hate low rpms. I rode my brother’s 07 Multi and it hated being around town. Getting on the highway I DUSTED a pickup truck and revved it out and the motor and tranny were MUCH happier. The smaller 796 Hyper is fine and a friend bought one after owning bigger bikes and he really loves it.

  15. JB says:

    So is the Hyperstrada a scaled-down version of a Multistrada? Because I could care less how it LOOKS, so much as how it WORKS. Might be damn close to my ideal bike! I’ve been wanting a lighter (~66 pounds less wet weight than a Multistrada at 450 lbs) sport-tourer with a suspension able to soak up Chicago roads. 110 hp/76 lb-ft is plenty. And at $13,295, that isn’t too insanely expensive, either. 9,500 mi/12 months service intervals and 18,000 valve check intervals, too! Same 35.5 seat height might suck for some, but it’s fine for me.

    Can’t wait to see some reviews on this sucker!

  16. Joe says:

    Maybe they can tack on a few more oddly shaped parts to make these bikes more interesting to stare at. Or, place a nice looking woman on them.

  17. Bud says:

    Those are some ugly ducklings!

  18. Allworld says:

    The Hyperstrada gets my vote as the best of the lot. They are all posers, as they only look like they can handle some off road travel, my guess is they can’t. Perhaps a better touring rigged bike would be to start with the 796 Monster or perhaps the 848 Streetfighter.
    The MV Agusta, Rivale 800 is way more sexy, IMO

  19. Tom says:

    Spy vs Spy beak. Beautiful