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Moto Guzzi California 1400 Production Imminent; Engine Specs Revealed

We’ve known about the impending release of the big new cruiser from Moto Guzzi, the California 1400, for some time.  Now, the Italian web site Motociclismo has published a preview of the new model, claiming it will be released to dealers in Europe any day now.

Motociclismo also published the following specifications for the new air/oil cooled 90 degree v-twin. Displacement will reportedly be 1380cc, obtained by a bore increase over the existing 1200 (identical stroke). With a compression ratio of 10.5:1, it will develop 96hp at 6,500rpm, and peak torque of 90 Ft/Lbs at a lowly 2,750rpm – a pretty good spread of power. The fuel-injected lump will be controlled via ride-by-wire throttle, and feature electronic cruise control and three selectable ignition maps.

A six-speed transmission will send power through shaft drive to the rear wheel, which should push the beefy, 700+ pound beast down the road rather smartly compared to much of the cruiser competition ( most large displacement cruiser v-twins put out less than 80bhp). We will have more details and pictures when available.


  1. Will says:

    Ummmm…sorry. This design doesn’t make much sense. And IMO, other than the new V7s, and the Griso, not many of the brand’s modern models say “Now this is a Moto Guzzi!” They’ve taken a great motor and stuck it in a bike that looks like a Kawasaki.

  2. Paul says:

    I’ve always considered Guzzi’s to be underpowered and high maintainance. This one just jumps out at me. Can’t wait to see one in the flesh.

    • Nick says:

      Never at the top of the horsepower charts they none the less provide a very satisfying mid-range grunt. Maintenance wise they are actually easier considering the exposed valve covers. The rest is pretty well time-tested.

  3. DCDORIGHT says:


  4. Kelly says:

    I think this bike is awesome. I love the way it looks. If and when I get one I will have to add some kind of shield and bags and such, but I will keep it looking good. I can’t wait for it to hit the US. Hope it doesn’t take too long.

  5. kjazz says:

    Love this thing. Totally thumbs its nose at conventional cruiser looks. Love it love it love it!!!!!

  6. B. J. Sullivan says:

    Idiotic, purposeless styling of front and rear lighting; other styling features far too self-conscious. Unless the torque curve provides an advantage, it won’t keep up with my 14-year-old Valkyrie. Maybe it’ll handle better. Doesn’t look like it will have a significant advantage in comfort. I realize Guzzi wouldn’t have survived without Piaggio’s money, but I think Piaggio management is ruining the marque. The great tradition of the Eldorados, Ambassadors, and (original) Californias appears to be dead.

    • bikerrandy says:

      Since Piaggio took over Moto Guzzi the new models have improved and it seems are selling better than prior models. I don’t like the looks of this model or the Stelvios, but I’m not in the market for a new Guzzi either.

    • MacGuzzi says:

      I have taken motor bikes halfway up (a very hostile) Africa. I have owned and ridden many motor bikes. I think therefore it would be after a lot of consideration that I have settled on Motor Guzzi to take me to and beyond retirement. So now, Let’s look at this machine – This is the new megabeast in a market full of megabeasts. After some serious consideration about the comments written down below, I must conclude that no bike on the market will suite the different tastes that attract the potential buyer. I have read with interest the likes and dislikes, I too have a view on the exhaust system that looks as big as a WW2 25 pounder cannon barrel, but I understand that the designers are trying to fit the law abiding mould of different countries. That said, we must be generous with the truth – that is to say that Guzzi has been around longer than BMW, notwithstanding the fact that Piaggio now owns them. (They own other bike models as well – not to be discussed here). Let’s give Guzzi its due. It is one of the very few bike manufacturers around that has not prostituted itself on the design table. Sure one wonders what’s next. An 1800cc? The market has gone absolutely flipping beserk and Guzzi is trying to balance the act but retain what is real. Sorry about the detractors of this latest design, but I’m waiting to ride it before I make my judgement. You know – the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

  7. Mike says:

    Now … just so long as they run the final shaft universal and support bearing in an oil bath…I’ll be happy to learn more !

  8. IronHorseman says:

    Beautiful styling, I hope it sells well so Guzzi could make a model where they extend the suspension a little, add a fairing, good sized saddlebags and an available accessory trunk for touring. I see this bike as less of a traditional cruiser and more of V-Rod style bike (It looks like it has better ergonomics than the V-Rod but it’s hard to compair with the V-Rod engine for smooth hot rod power).

    • Charlie says:

      There has already been “spy shots” released that show it with a windscreen and saddlebags. Makes it look much better IMO. Needs all the help it can get in that respect.

  9. Norm G. says:

    love or hate this particular model, like all good guzzis, it does one thing steller… it continues the unsung tradition of offering variety (mechanical) to the consumer.

    much like the enthusiastic chatter in the threads about yamaha’s triple and MV’s new 800, it is a bold reminder (those with a valuing mentality that is) of all that’s righteous and good about motorcycling. let’s hope you haven’t lost that loving feeling…? it’s something you won’t find in electric scooters and it DAMN sure isn’t something you’re going to find on car side.

    the design goal of 99% of everything automotive is to isolate you (john Q. operator) from being able to tell WHAT’S propelling you down the lane. is it a 3 cyl…? 4 cyl…? 5 cyl…? 6 cyl…? or 8 cyl…? inline…? boxer…? or V…? turbo’d…? pfft, you don’t know. lift the bonnet these days and it’s shrouded in so much damn plastic you’re even denied the pleasure of a “visual I.D.” 🙁 but not in moto world…! here it’s all about good vibrations with technology (more often than not) on display. 🙂 cheeseburgers in paradise…? no, try GEARHEADS in paradise…!

  10. brakeman says:

    Sorry, I just don’t get it. I like Guzzis, but this one is horrible. Hopefully the engine and transmission are brilliant so that they can build something more attractive around them.

  11. Patrick Connelly says:

    Is it just me, or is it relly the love child of a Guzzi and a Honda Rune?

  12. Nocklhiem Verstadt says:

    That is the ugliest Moto Guzzi I’ve ever laid eyes on. I just don’t understand all the love being poured out on this machine. The riding public must really be hard up for something different, and that it is!

    • Nick says:

      That is probably quite a bit of it. Obviously this will be priced beyond what many riders would want to spend and it’s a cruiser type bike but not in the traditional sense. Look around you anywhere on the street and you see same, same, and more of the same. Roving packs of Harley riders, striving for their individuality but looking amazingly alike, bike and rider. Sportbikes that hide their internal machine with fairings, precious few dual sports and this just comes across as fresh. Certainly a large part due to the trademark Guzzi V-twin.
      I am biased as I own a Norge. But I find it one of the most satisfying rides I’ve had over almost 48 years of riding, YMMV. To each their own. But as with any bike I was serious about I’d have to swing a leg around it and go for a ride. My bet is this would make a great basis for a touring bike.

  13. Artem says:

    I like Guzzi. Too expensive for me

  14. goose says:

    It doesn’t rock my world but it is a nice looking bike, I hope Guzzi sells a lot of them and finally gets to upgrade its anemic US dealer network.

    Being a Guzzi it will be fun to ride, don’t let a cruiser-ish styling throw you off there.

    To the folks that don’t like the floor boards, headlight, wheels, whatever: Don’t worry, Guzzi will make lots versions of the bike, if they don’t match your list you can buy the closest version swap parts (a great thing about Guzzis, Harley, Ducatis, etc.) and make it your bike really YOUR bike.


  15. Norm G. says:

    how is that a 2300cc triumph rocket-3 weighs in at 700+ lbs and this relatively small by comparison 1400cc also weighs in at 700+ lbs…? i know the guzzi lump is old-tech and all but is that a typo…?

    • Lumpy says:

      Wet weight on the Rocket III Roadster is 758 lbs according to Cycle World. The old Guzzi Californis weighed less than 600 lbs wet, can this bike be over 100 lbs heavier? I doubt it…

    • Jake says:

      Motociclismo magazine lists the weights as: 710 lbs (dry), 740 lbs. (w/fluids).

  16. Mike D says:

    You mean that radiator behind the front wheel is actually the oil cooler?! Wow!

    And notice on the front wheel – there is what looks like an ABS sensor. Cool.

    Nice bike if I were into cruisers. Definitely something I’d look at.

  17. Jeremy in TX says:

    Now this is a cruiser I would buy. If I were looking to buy a cruiser. Which I probably never will be looking to do unless I lose a leg or something. But I think it is a good looking bike which I really can’t say about the vast majority of cruisers. I wonder if that means cruiser fans will think it is too plain or ugly.

  18. drbyers says:

    Me likey, and cruisers don’t normally register on my radar…

  19. Craig Jackman says:

    Normally don’t give a hoot about cruisers. They just get in the way. This is nice though, and I like the pseudo 70’s look Fox Shox on it eventhough I know they are just covers. Would I buy one? Nope, I’m more of a Stevlio guy when it comes to Guzzi’s, but this is OK.

  20. Phillippo Scardosi says:

    Nice look, nice Harley rival. Owners of old Calis can now trade up.

    Next step, put that motor into a package that weighs less than 500lbs dry.

    Where is the catalyzer in that exhaust system? How could they meet emissions restrictions without one?

    Funny bit about the sidestand. Think full-time gyroscopic balancers.


    • Auphliam says:

      Many of the new cruiser exhaust systems have little inline Cat inserts that fit in the pipe just upstream from the muffler.

  21. Jay says:

    Now, that’s what I’M talk’n ’bout.

  22. Joel says:

    Sign me up.

  23. PN says:

    I like everything about it. It looks so powerful. If Ducati can make a Diavel, why can’t Moto Guzzi make a California cruiser? Note the red turn signals.

  24. bikerrandy says:

    I don’t see a side stand or center stand.

  25. mike says:

    I like the look though it looks bulky under the seat area. Maybe it looks better in the flesh. If the fuel tank has a range of at least 300 kms (190 miles), it may prove a handy tourer as it has shaft drive. The Bellagio and Griso are two of the best looking bikes out there. Unfortunately, the Griso’s fuel tank is too small otherwise I would buy one. The Bellagio should have a bigger engine.
    I hope Moto Guzzi does well with this bike. Hopefully this new 1400cc engine will be used in other models

  26. Dave Spain says:

    Sweeeet! Love Guzzi’s and love that bike!

  27. HotDog says:

    Gosh, we could grill dogs on the grates above heads! Great camping bike. Cool bar Poseur, though. All things the same, yet different.

  28. skybullet says:

    If cruisers are about style, this one is the classiest one out there. I love the clean, simple lines and the beauty of the engine. I have never owned a cruiser but I might give this one a test ride to see if it rides as good as it looks.

  29. rapier says:

    It makes sense in that senseless way of cruisers. I mean it should sell which is what Guzzi needs to do. Sell something. Well there is should and then there is could. It could sell to that demographic of old guys with too much money looking to show off a cool bike on Sundays. If there are any left that is with room in the garage. Then again how many Rockets has Triumph sold? 37?

  30. Provalogna says:

    Ditto all prior positive comments. Am I nuts (don’t answer that) or do some lines resemble those of Honda’s Rune (futuristic-looking cruiser based on 1800 Gold Wing)?

    If I liked 700+ lb cruisers (which I don’t) this tops my current short list.

  31. joega says:

    And I thought BMW snowflake wheels were hard to clean plus it is ugly hope they find better use for that engine.

  32. ROXX says:

    Such a beautiful standard with historic lines.
    Love it!

  33. Nick says:

    These days I like this stuff because it’s different. Nothing I’ve come to dislike more than droves of people wanting the same thing, looking the same way and it must be just so. To heck with that, where’s the individuality? This looks fresh, will never be mainstream and therefore I fine it intriguing.

  34. sowhatsnew says:

    Perhaps the “fuel tank” isn’t actually the fuel tank……

  35. Lumpy says:

    I LOVE it. Gotta lose the footboards and put some pegs on it.

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for pointing the boards out. I was thinking “look Ma, no footpegs”. The only thing that I do not like is the headlight. Is it not possible to make a quality headlight that is round?

      • Lumpy says:

        I can live with the headlight if it provides good light at night, but I hate footboards. Not sure I want to try keeping those wheels clean…

  36. Gary says:

    Sorry … just can’t get past how that fuel tank wraps around the cylinder head. That’s got to be a major heat trap. Looks like a huge compromise in engineering for the sake of unique styling … which just never flies in my book.

    • Fred M. says:

      And yet you’re probably fine with a tank sitting directly over four in-line cylinders with very little airflow.

      Why does it have to be a “major heat trap” when the heads are right out where air can flow over them?

    • Tim says:

      It’s a cruiser. Since when did engineering factor into cruiser development? (OK cruiser guys, I’m braced for your comebacks. Hit me with them…but deep down you have to know it’s true.)

      • Lumpy says:

        If by cruiser you mean those underpowered and ill-handling HDs and the Japanese HD clones, you’re right. But there are cruisers that don’t follow that HD mold.

    • Norm G. says:

      isn’t the rear cylinder on every traditionally mounted v-twin a heat trap…?

    • Gary says:

      I am fairly certain the engine won’t overheat. But the fuel might.

  37. madronan says:

    Wow. That’s a good looking cruiser. Coming from a non-cruiser fan.