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News Bites: Triumph Unleashes the big Rocket; Aprilia Introduces Special RSV4 to US; Honda and Ducati Unveil new MotoGP machines

What Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez will be riding this year.

Here we highlight a few news items for the week. Triumph’s big Rocket III motorcycle has been purposely reigned in by the manufacturer so that it produces less than peak power in the first three gears. Why? To avoid  “rider intimidation”, that’s why. After all, the big Rocket puts out more horsepower and torque (146bhp and 163 pound feet) than most compact automobiles available in Europe.

2013 Triumph Rocket III Roadster

Now, however, Triumph is unleashing the Roadster version with full power and torque in the first three gears…whether you can handle it or not …. The Roadster will also be largely devoid of chrome this year, while you can still get the touring version with all the shiny bits. Pictured is the Roadster.

The new Aprilia RSV4 SE for the U.S. market.

Aprilia is offering a special RSV4 exclusively for the US market commemorating Max Biaggi’s world superbike title in 2012. The SE, actually known as the RSV4 Factory APRC ABS SBK SE (a mouthful), gets a bump in horsepower and torque (up to 182 and 86, respectively) , as well as a slightly larger gas tank and all of the delectable electronic aids, including traction control, wheelie control, launch control, three engine maps and a quick shifter. No word yet on pricing or availability date.

A look at Nicky Hayden’s Ducati GP13.

Meanwhile, Honda and Ducati have unveiled their 2013 Moto GP bikes. These weapons are in constant development and specs can change from race–to–race. Nevertheless, Ducati has offered to tell us that the new GP13 makes “more than 235 hp”, and has a top speed in excess of 205 mph. Both bikes will have to meet a new minimum weight standard, which has gone up a few pounds in comparison to last year.

Another angle on the new Honda MotoGP bike.


  1. Tom Blake says:

    Will MD soon test the new Triumph Trophy SE? I am highly interested in rider impressions, etc.

  2. Jay says:

    When Triumph unleases all the power of the Roadster, does that mean it removes double butterfly valves or does it mean it removes computer limitations?

  3. Brian says:

    I can’t wait to see Vale on the Yamaha again, but if Dani continues his dominance in the start of 2013 the way he ended 2012, I think the #26 is going to crush the competition. That RC213v screams dominance…

  4. SausageCreature says:

    I’m not the biggest cruiser guy in the world, but something about that blacked-out look on the Rocket III is calling to me. Many argue it’s more of a muscle bike than a cruiser…and that’s fine with me.

  5. endoman38 says:

    Big deal, so the Duc can do 205 mph:

    • Chris says:

      All the factory bikes can. It is called “gamesmanship”…. Tell the opposition things that they already know.

  6. Rossi46 says:

    I CAN’T Wait for the Moto GP season to get rolling. Rossi back on a Yamaha is going to be fantastic!

  7. NEVER thought I’d say this, but that Honda MotoGP bike sure looks great compared with the Duc (which has none of the styling magic contained in the street-going lineup, IMO). Can’t wait to see the new road-going RC bike from Honda. Been too long since there was a top-flight offering from the big H.

  8. Gutterslob says:

    The Duc must be an electric bike. It’s got speakers in place of the exhausts!! =P

    • MGNorge says:

      Yeah, some sort of diffuser.

      • Norm G. says:

        spark arrestors/fire suppression on the world’s most powerful grandprix engine.

        • Trojanhorse says:

          Nope. It keeps gravel from getting in and working its way back to/destroying the engine, should a rider suffer a nasty trip to the kitty litter. No joke.

          • MGNorge says:

            If that is so I can only it somehow happened to them in the past and they don’t want it to sideline them again. Other brands do not look to have joined in that concern.

          • Dave says:

            I have a hard time believing that anything fine enough to stop kitty litter would be prohibitively restrictive for exhaust to pass. These things move a lot of gasses out of those pipes.

          • Trojanhorse says:

            Dave I understand your reluctance to believe…but without saying too much let me state that I am not speaking from opinion 🙂

            Look closely at the grates and you will see there are several layers of them, which are offset so the openings allow gases to flow freely but don’t permit a straight through shot for physical debris like gravel.

        • Norm G. says:

          re: “These things move a lot of gasses out of those pipes.”

          hey, that’s just like me after a bowl of chili…!!! LOL

    • lost ocker says:

      it’s to stop debris getting sucked in case of a crash….very important considering how many engines are allowed for the season

  9. al banta says:

    I’d like to ride each one of them!