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Red Bull KTM SX Race Recap & Results – Anaheim II

Anaheim, CA – Red Bull KTM Factory rider Ryan Dungey had a rough weekend at the third round of the Monster Energy Supercross season after suffering a bad start in the main event. Luckily, he was able to charge forward from his 15th place start and pass up to 6th by the end of the twenty lap main event.

Dungey was placed in the first 450SX heat. He had a poor start and was sitting mid-pack around the first lap. He quickly moved up toward the top five and was battling for 5th position when he crashed with Jake Weimer at the halfway point. Dungey recovered in 11th place and quickly made up time to move up two positions and take the final transfer spot to the main event.

In the 450SX main event, Dungey, unfortunately, got off to another poor start and found himself buried in the pack. After two laps, he had moved up to 10th position. He continued to push toward the front of the pack and moved into 7th by lap six. He was able to pass Andrew Short for 6th place with five laps to go. Once in 6th place, he began to close the gap on the 5th place ride of Jake Weimer but ran out of time to make the pass. He eventually settled into 6th position where he finished for the night.

“I rode as best as I could tonight,” commented Dungey. “Unfortunately, I had the far outside gate pick and suffered a bad start which hurt me in the main event. I am bummed about not finishing on the podium, but I will do everything I can this next week to change the results for the positive in Oakland.”

Next Event: Oakland, CA – January 26, 2013

Overall Results 450SX Class –
1. Ryan Villopoto
2. Trey Canard
3. Chad Reed
4. Davi Millsaps
5. Jake Weimer
6. Ryan Dungey – KTM
7. Andrew Short
8. Justin Brayton
9. Matt Goerke – KTM
10. Josh Grant
11. Broc Tickle
12. James Stewart
13. Weston Pieck
14. Mike Alessi
15. Kyle Chisholm
16. Vince Friese
17. Chris Blose
18. Bobby Kiniry
19. Matt Lemoine
20. Justin Barcia

Overall 450SX Class Point Standings –
1. Davi Millsaps – 63
2. Trey Canard – 60
3. Chad Reed – 56
4. Ryan Villopoto – 52
5. Ryan Dungey – 48