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Masatoshi Ohmori Video – So You Think You Know How to Slide a Bike?

When “King” Kenny Roberts established an XR100 training camp in Europe 20 years ago, or so, the impetus was the inability of Europeans to slide the rear end of their motorcycles . . . a distinct disadvantage when the premium class consisted of 500cc two-strokes. Americans and Austrailians, on the other hand, were comfortable sideways (remember pics of Mick Doohan sideways?). Apparently, the Japanese are also skilled at the art of sliding, as evidenced by the video of Masatoshi Ohmori below. Remember, don’t try this at home.


  1. wayne murphy says:

    Bring the guy over here and get him on a big bike, looks like he has the balls to hang with the US guys.

  2. Gg says:

    Remember when Edwards actually crashed the MotoGP bike but managed to save it with his leg? This guy is doing it all the time – ok, at a fraction of Texas tornado’s horsepower.

  3. iliketoeat says:

    Nice. Motorcycle drifting looks much cooler than car drifting.

  4. Vrooom says:

    He appeared to actually have the bike over on it’s side sliding and then bring it back up. The kid is crazy skilled. Breaking the tire a bit loose on a dirt road in a corner won’t feel quite so special anymore!

  5. Jay Lee says:

    I started sliding dirt track midgets/sprints when I was a kid (late 40s early 50s) and graduated (or demoted ;-]) to speedway bikes later on. I could slide’em on asphalt as well, but concrete was easier. If I pumped up my tire pressure (or used different tires) I could slide on any surface, but that was just for fun-n-games.

    Europeans CAN slide motorbikes just as well as that demonstrated in the video. Speedway riders have been doing it for years.

    Technology has made this a lost art when racing most vehicles.

    Ah well, the good ol’ daze, huh? ; – ]

  6. todder says:

    Awesome control!

  7. Karlsbad says:


  8. Michael H says:

    It’s a good thing to see that youngsters are keeping (and improving) one of the great traditions of motorcycle racing.

  9. Gary says:

    Wow! Dat dude can ride.

  10. mobileman says:

    I wonder how many miles he gets out of his tires.

  11. Mark Bremer says:

    Pretty good but there’s plenty of dirt track riders in the US that try and do that for a living but can’t…too bad there’s no money in dirt track anymore….DMG done run it into the ground.

    • bikerrandy says:

      What I like about this display is compare it to street riders who say they have to get a new rear tire because it has a flat spot on it from riding on straights too much and they can’t handle that different feeling. At the same time they claim to be good riders.

      • MGNorge says:

        Well now, street riding can be another kettle of fish. Throw in road debris, oils and greases, slick road markings and a tire that’s worn flat in the middle could very well take the fun away from riding!

        This young rider would be fun to watch coming up if he stays with riding?

  12. Tom says:

    All the electronic wizardry has made the sliding of a Moto GP bike a non-issue. Sad, but that is why I think you no longer see Americans riding up front.

  13. takehikes says:

    I could do that.
    There would be blood and carnage involved but I could do it.
    Dude is seriously talented…..great video.

  14. mickey says:

    Dayum……that kid can slide on any surface