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Aragon WSB Results

Yesterday’s WSB Round 2 was held at the Spanish circuit MotorLand Aragon. BMW’s Chaz Davies dominated both races, winning each by comfortable margins. Finishing in second and third in Race 1 were Sylvain Guintoli (Aprilia) and Marco Melandri (BMW), respectively. Race 2 saw Guintoli again come home in second position, but this time ahead of third Tom Sykes (Kawasaki).

Guintoli has a solid lead in the championship points after two rounds. For additional details, results and points, visit the official WSB site here.


  1. Brian says:

    I tried to set my DVT to the insport channel to watch, for some reason didn’t record.
    I heard the races were run without commercial, so I will be paying attention next time to be sure they record. Sorry I missed these races. I watched Chaz racing the R6 with Celtic and the RSV1000 at Infineon. Great guy on the paddock and great to see him doing well. Who would have thought he would be finishing ahead of Melandri, who has been on the bike a year already? (granted his shoulder injury, we will see how he does next time)

  2. Norm G. says:

    who’da thunk, all this glory could’ve been spies’ had he returned to wsbk…?

    • Hefner says:

      Words out of my mouth…

      I will say though that Ben’s shoulder injury scares me. Shoulders are notorious for taking a long time to heal, and for never completely healing… Something about a whole lot of soft tissue providing the support, not bones and ligaments. I have known a few promising club racers who separated their shoulder and never regained their previous form. I wonder if Melandri is in the same boat? Hopefully they both fully recover!

  3. Ricardo says:

    Down to Speed channel (Nascar Channel more accurately) for not airing the WSBK series. I am thinking of cancelling the channel if it was not for MotoGP races still in it…
    Looks like WSBK is having a great start on the competition for the title.

  4. Superhawk says:

    Wow… Chaz! Way to go!

    I remember him racing an overweight underpowered RSV1000 in the Sport bike class. It was wierd as Buell had 1125 and less weight and the penalized the RSV. Anyway, Chaz rode like a Champ then and I said… someone should give him a Superbike… but no one here did… so he went and raced the not-quite competitive Triumph in WSS and really made it work better than anyone else, but no wins.

    However, his abilities / style was getting noticed and next year on the R6 in WSS, he dominated on a 2 yr old machine.

    Now in WSBK he is showing his abilities… Always there, but someone finally noticed…


  5. Vrooom says:

    Apparently the jump from Aprilia to BMW hasn’t set Chaz back much!

  6. Dave says:

    Huge leap for Chaz. Wasn’t he racing an Aprilia RSV 1000 in the in AMA Supersport a couple years back?

  7. Dale says:

    Congrats to Chaz and BMW, special day.

    Long season ahead, looks like some new names will be in the championship mix this year.

    I still miss Max (and Casey).