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“Never Give Up” in the fight against rare neurological diseases

  • Ducati and Alstare symbolically pass their motto on to the ‘Fondazione Il Bene’, working to support those affected by rare neurological and neuroimmune diseases
  •  The logo of the ‘Fondazione Il Bene’ on Team SBK Ducati Alstare’s bikes during the Monza race weekend
  •  A stand selling celebrative t-shirts in Monza’s SBK village, providing the Superbike fans with the chance to meet the staff of the ‘Fondazione Il Bene’ and join in with other initiatives

Monza, 8 May 2013 – The Monza event, the fourth round of the World Superbike Championship, taking place between 10 and 12 May, will see a symbolic but significant meeting between Ducati and Team SBK Ducati Alstare, and the ‘Fondazione il Bene’, that works to support those affected by rare neurological and neuroimmune diseases.

On Saturday morning, at 11.15, between the two track sessions that precede the Superpole, Team SBK Ducati Alstare and its two riders Carlos Checa and Ayrton Badovini will take to the stage in the Paddock Show to meet the Foundation’s staff and symbolically pass on the famous motto ‘Never Give Up’, something that Ducati has always believed in. The phrase will be reproduced on a T-shirt created especially by the Foundation and which will be on sale to the fans at Monza. A dedicated corner will be set up in the SBK village where the Superbike crowd will be able to buy the exclusive T-shirt (designed for the occasion by well-known Italian cartoonist ‘Matitaccia’), with the money raised helping to fund the Foundation’s activities. To mark the occasion, Team SBK Ducati Alstare’s 1199 Panigale bikes will display the ‘Il Bene’ logo on their fairings over the race weekend.

Team SBK Ducati Alstare, that has a long-standing relationship with the ‘Fondazione Il Bene’, will use the Monza races as an opportunity to give support and visibility to the delicate and important issue of rare neurological and neuroimmune diseases that unfortunately affect many people, conditioning their lives. Many of the SBK riders, not only Team SBK Ducati Alstare’s flag bearers, will support the initiative, personalising the T-shirts with their signatures and assisting the Foundation with communication and PR activities over the weekend.

The ‘Fondazione il Bene’, established in September 2011, has the specific goal of providing social solidarity to help those affected by rare neurological and neuroimmune diseases. The Foundation promotes the development of scientific research activities that are of social interest in the field of neuroscience, focusing particularly on rare neurological and neuroimmune diseases, and also proposes activity in the areas of social services and healthcare, aimed at those who are disadvantaged in that they are affected by rare neurological and neuroimmune diseases.

The Foundation is the ideal and natural reference point for the continuation and development of research work, support and treatment carried out by Doctor Fabrizio Salvi, head of “Il BeNe Centre for the diagnosis and treatment of rare neurological and neuroimmune diseases’, and his colleagues at the Ospedale Bellaria in Bologna. The modus operandi of the centre is the ‘taking care’ of the patient right from the moment of diagnosis and the involvement of other disciplines in addition to neurological ones.

This meeting with Ducati and Team Alstare, further enhanced by Doctor Salvi’s passion for motorcycling, also highlights similarities between the organisations. The Borgo Panigale-based manufacturer, the colourful Superbike paddock and the ‘Fondazione Il Bene’ follow a parallel and similar path in terms of both their methods (the bike/the patient in the centre, around which each person uses his competences to work towards a common objective: to win) and their ‘style’ (or rather the famous motto: “Never Give Up”), fighting and continuing to believe in their ideals, accepting competition and overcoming every kind of obstacle.

Two very different battles where only perseverance and the strength of will, together with competence and research, can lead to the achievement of results.

The appointment is fixed for Monza, with the SBK riders and Team SBK Ducati Alstare’s bikes, at the gazebo dedicated to the ‘Fondazione Il Bene’, strategically placed in the SBK village, to guarantee support and solidarity to those who fight, challenge and research in order to improve the lives of those affected by these diseases.