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MV Agusta Introduces F3 800:Claims Middleweight Agility with Open-Class Power

MV Agusta has introduced the F3 800 sport bike, incorporating a stroked version of the three-cylinder engine found in the F3 675, now displacing 798cc.  MV claims a quite remarkable peak horsepower of 148 at 13,000 rpm.  The relatively long stroke should provide a fairly broad spread of torque, as well.  Redline is at 13,500 rpm.  By stroking the motor, MV was able to retain the very slender nature of the 675 powerplant, as well.  Despite the increase in horsepower and torque, and displacement, the F3 800 weighs essentially the same as the F3 675 – a claimed 381 pounds dry.

With Brembo monobloc calipers up front, braking should be spectacular.  Marzocchi forks are fully adjustable, of course, as is the Sachs shock.

Ride-by-wire throttle coordinates with sophisticated electronics (a package MV Agusta refers to as MVICS).  European pricing is $13,999 Euro.  No word on U.S. pricing at this point.

If you want all of the details, here is a link to a PDF file provided by MV AGUSTA.


  1. DynoSoar says:

    Please MD, don’t repeat the legend of longer strokes producing broader torque characteristics just because it is more popular than the truth. All internal combustion engines will produce the same torque at the same cylinder pressure everything else being equal. Torque curves, and resulting power, are primarily dictated by breathing characteristics (combustion chamber efficiencies and friction effects are significant but secondary). A bigger bore allows bigger valves and better breathing and a shorter stroke allows higher RPM before limiting piston speeds are reached so both are associated with highly tuned (more “peaky”) engines. However, there is absolutely no reason why a short stroke motor cannot be tuned to have a broad spread of torque starting low down.

    Let’s not forget that most classic era US V8s have comparatively short strokes. Anybody here want to argue that a 289 with a small port head didn’t have a good spread of torque?

    As a basic rule of thumb, peak power potential follows piston area (not swept volume) – so I will be surprised if the 800 makes much more power than the 675 (cf. Triumph 675/800)

  2. Superlight says:

    vato, I don’t think there are too many F3s in the US and the Brutales may be just arriving. I find it strange that MV keeps introducing new models when there are so few of any on sale.

  3. vato_loco_frisco says:

    I guess I’m excited about MV’s introduction of the F3 800 but then again I’ve yet to lay eyes on an F3, let alone the Brutale 675, and I ride in the SF Bay Area where exotic bike are run of the mill…

  4. Gronde says:

    The Italians are the best bike designers in the world…period. Everything else looks clunky by comparison.

  5. Ryan B says:

    Fast by Ferraci…. willow grove pennsylvania.

  6. Joe Lewis says:

    Beautiful bike. It is true eye candy and would like nice in my game room. I have always loved those Italion beauties. My problem has always been I am 6’4 240. My Ducati used to look like a clown bike when I rode it.

  7. Roberto says:

    IMHO, no one combines form & function quite like MV Agusta….bravo!

  8. Superlight says:

    Fast by Ferraci is the US distributor for MV. Yes, they need more dealers to grow as a brand in the US market.

  9. HARRYISCOOL says:

    wonder what 13,000 rpm sounds like?

  10. Gary says:

    Love the bike, BUT, I can see why there isn’t many around. I searched for a USA distributor, can’t find any. Is there one? What is the web address?

  11. Superlight says:

    Apparently some of you don’t know MV pricing in the US. Yes, they used to be very expensive to purchase, but that has changed. The F3 675 is $13,500, just a little more than the Japanese 600s, right on par with the Triumph 675R and way less than a Panigale.

    Styling is subjective, but that headlight, to me, is perfect. Simple, yet fitting for a single-track vehicle. This is the best looking MV ever.

  12. MGNorge says:

    This is the kind of bike that can only typically be factored into the budget by those who have been in the workforce for some time, read older! Trouble is, most aging backs don’t take kindly to such an extreme riding position. My brother has an F4 he hardly rides anymore for just that reason.

  13. blackcayman says:

    It’s a thing of beauty. I do like the design, the triple pipes are “perfect” and the lower looks great too – sadly the comments on the stale headlight are right on.

    Having riden some Triumph Triples, I’m a fan of the power delivery. I always thought we might see a few more bikes out of Triumph with the stroked 675 motor – like an RS??? Maybe we still will.

    This thing is out of reach for 95% (or more?) or there abouts – therein lies the exclusivity factory that most of the actual buyers will appreciate. I’m just happy there are Halo bikes out there that lead out in design / performance. It’s good for the market.

  14. VLJ says:

    With the lone exception of the meh headlights, I would have to say that MV Agusta is consistently producing the best-looking bikes on the planet.

    • sl says:

      You took the words out of my mouth. The head light is the only negative I see.

    • Starmag says:

      Best looking repli-racers , yes, best looking roadsters/nakeds, no., IMO That said, I don’t get the marketing. At 13999 euro that’s 18,323 US. The Panigale is within a few lbs of this weight-wise, has 50 more HP and is 17,999 US Triples sound cool, but so do high revving twins. For the folks who buy bikes by specification, like the large number of negative CB1100f commentators, this doesn’t make sense.Ducati has the panache of MVA and a lot more dealers.

    • Jack says:

      I agree this is a work of art and I like the head light but man….that horn button is butt ugly!

  15. Superlight says:

    As an owner of the F3 675 I see this as an interesting development. From my perspective MV should have introduced an F3 675 RR before offering the 800cc version (and, no, the 675 Oro doesn’t count, as it was $27,000!). I think MV is introducing too many models too quickly for a boutique manufacturer. We still haven’t seen any Brutales in the US, not 675 nor 800 versions, let alone a Rivale, and they announce this F3 800? Has this company never heard of product focus?

    Oh, I do like the bike, even though it is far less refined than the Triumph 675R I was going to purchase. The MV experience is far more involving than the Triumph, not to metion it is much better looking.

  16. allworld says:

    This is a beautiful bike, MV Agusta is on a roll. I am a Triumph guy, and love my triple’s I would love to see Triumph counter this bike. I am really interested in the new Rivale do out soon.
    I did read that MV is actively looking to increase their dealer network, which is key to their success. Aprilia, Moto Guzzi (Piaggio) needs to figure that out as well.

  17. Gary says:

    Great looking bike, but nearest dealer is way too far. Loosen up your dealer requirements some so more can afford to sell these.

    • Ralph says:

      Same here, 4hr roundtrip to the dealer is too far.

      • HotDog says:

        Just go to your local Harley dealer and order one up. They had the foresight to buy up MV, they’ve got great vision into the future. Oh wait, I must be living in the past, just like them.

  18. Fastship says:

    The first new bike in many, many years that makes my mouth water! I live 50 miles accross the water from the Island and I swear I could hear Valmoto’s F3 from here – it sounded sublime on TV ( before it blew up). It goes again this afternoons supersport 2 TT.


  19. paso100 says:

    Others bikes are good for particular reasons, but how many of them do you look at and get an erection? This fulfills the lust factor like no other bike since the Ducati 916. Very cool.

  20. Oilhead says:

    Well bless me! Just retired to the couch only to find the Isle of Man TT on Velocity, and then this on Motorcycle Daily. The Lord is good indeed!

  21. Doc says:

    I’m trading my CB1100 for it immediately! NOT!

  22. mickey says:

    There you go all you guys that have been clamoring for 150 horsepower in a sub 400 pound bike with premium suspension and ugly rear license plate bracket to rip off, no huge turn signals or mirrors, no beak on the front, undoubtedly a 6 speed trans, ride by wire, probably several ride modes…. everything the Honda CB 1100 is not. Expect these will sell at least as well as the yea right!

  23. richard mulvaney says:

    There are a lot of good looking bikes available but nothing matches this. WOW.

  24. Motogrin says:

    Very pretty. The black with red frame is sweet. The SS swingarm and the low triple exhaust tip (on a single can, I presume) are sextastic.

  25. Dave says:

    Finally the factories are making street bikes that disregard established class displacement rules.

  26. Scotty says:

    Is this a desperate attempt to better the upgraded Daytona 675? Most tests I have read have the Daytona as a clear winner, afetr all its had years more development.

    • Butch says:

      It may be an an a attempt to out-perform the T-675 or any number of bikes. Why does that make it “desperate”? Improving your products to increase sales and beat your competition is the whole point. We’re fortunate as sport bike consumers that there are so many great choices available right now.

      • Scotty says:

        Yeah I was probably a bit harsh Butch – it was my thought when they went to 800cc, the bike will beat the Triumph “on the numbers” but with 125cc so it should!