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2014 BMW K1600GT Sport Announced


Who ever thought it might be a good idea to take a luxury tourer, drop the bulky top case, add some blacked-out features and chop the windshield? Oh yea … it was Honda with its converted Gold Wing, the F6B. BMW has announced a “new” 2014 model, the K1600GT Sport based on its luxury tourer, but featuring a lower windsheild, black wheels, black passenger grab rails, Sakhir Orange/Black Storm Metallic paint and a revised seat. U.S pricing is unavailable at this time, but expect it to come in close to the price of its 160 horsepower, six-cylinder sibling, the K 1600 GT (which also lacks a top case), that carries a US MSRP of $21,200.



  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on choppers.

  2. rapier says:

    I suppose you could have called the Titanic was a ‘sports’ ocean liner.

  3. Halfbaked says:

    If you people didn’t have posers to worry about what would you do.

  4. Delmartian says:

    So does this spell the end of the K1300S, and the oft-rumored follow-on, the K1400S ? I ride a 2005 K1200S, original blue and white paint scheme, and last year I came close to replacing it with a 2012 K1300S HP limited edition model. Then I came close this year to buying the 30-year K-Bike Anniversary model (red and white beauty). I’m holding out for the K1400S (or better yet, the ultimate K-rumor bike, the K1600S), but now it’s not looking too promising. This K1600GT Sport is just too big.

    • todd says:

      I think it sneaks up on you. Your K1200S is too big. Heck, my K75S is too big.

      • Delmartian says:

        True, my K1200S is a large bike, but it was perfect on a recent ride from San Diego up to and around Yosemite. A great Sport Tourer. There’s a limit though, one where the K1300S is still fine, but the K1600GT Sport appears to have crossed over. And for the tight and twisty stuff, my 1997 Triumph T595 does just fine ! I commute 25 miles 3 days a week on both bikes, and while I have no problem splitting lanes with either, I’m scared even thinking about white-lining with the K1600GT. Of course, I don’t have side bags, so maybe that’s the reason.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “So does this spell the end of the K1300S”

      that’d leave quite the gap between this and the S1 so it’s prolly safe. like you said, this kit is big.

  5. RandyTownsendman says:

    At 53, it has become clear to me that BMW’s, HD’s, and those who either love them or hate them have one thing in common: You either get them or you don’t. I get Beemers, I don’t get Harleys. Not a slam on anybody or anything, just the way it is. BTW, never having ridden one of the 1600’s, I did own an ’81 CBX. I GUARANTEE this BMW is on a different planet when it comes to handling.

  6. Hair says:

    I am always on the look out for a replacement for the RS (the gentleman’s sport bike) This bike comes close.

    A few years ago I chased a Goldwing up over Bobcat pass in New Mexico. I was awe struck by its ability to accelerate out of the corners. And just how nimble that bike was. Last weekend I lead a K1600GT on a very tight twisty couple of New Mexico roads. I was very impressed with the bike overall quickness. And it’s ability to pull hard. BMWs have always had acceleration under control. That is they tend not to feel like they are accelerating as hard as they are. After enjoying NM 111 and 519 two roads that are more suited to adventure bikes, all I could see in the mirror was a bike with my name on it.

    • todd says:

      if he was in your rear view mirror it sounds like you are doing just fine with what you have. No need to upgrade!

  7. Gronde says:

    I don’t get it. Where is the “Sport” in a bike that weighs as much as a John Deere tractor?

    • ROXX says:

      That’s because you haven’t ridden one.
      You would ‘get it’ if you did.
      Sport doesn’t actually have to equate to “race”.

  8. MadMax says:

    Compared against Motus, it might be a good deal.

  9. carl says:

    I don’t get it why build two bikes so similar, the K1600GT and K1600GT Sport??

    • todd says:

      Stop by the Harley web site and lose count of how many different “menacing” names they call three different bikes; 70 versions of sportster, V-rod, and big twin.

    • Norm G. says:

      well technically they don’t build 2 bikes. taking their cues from car side, it seems they’re building 1 vehicle and offering it in 3 different trim levels. if you notice, instead of being hard mounted, the top case found on the L just pops off and on that same rack.

  10. Wendy says:

    All you guys are overlooking the most important factor. It has Blacked Out Bits! Has to add 30 mph on the top end.

  11. Sean says:

    It’s 150 lbs lighter than the F6B and only 25lbs heavier than the Concours 1400.

  12. Gronde says:

    I could get 2 slightly used VFR1300’s for the price of one BMW sport. I think that the price of bikes is getting out of hand.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “I think that the price of bikes is getting out of hand.”

      curious, how is $22k for a state of the art, not available elsewhere at ANY price, straight 6 out of hand…? forget that it sports a Roundel for a sec.

      BM’s own HP2 and HP4 “preem” were/are $25k. the old 1198s was $23,000 and the current pani-S tricolore retailed for $28,000. need I mention some of these bikes are missing as many as 4 CYLINDERS compared to the “Deutsche CBX”…?

    • itchface says:

      And I can get 23 clapped-out Honda Rebels for the price of one BMW Sport. If you don’t appreciate the fit and finish and the technology that goes into the K1600 series, fine, go buy yourself a couple of slightly used VFR1300’s instead. I’d rather have the better bike and pay the difference.

    • jodyz says:

      Interestingly enough, I saw three leftover 2012 VFR1200s (not 1300) at a dealer in Dallas a couple weeks ago… 5000-5500 off MSRP… So the VFR with a clutch was under $11k. Almost made me wish I hadn’t picked up my CB1100 in April. Almost…

  13. John says:

    The only thing this is missing from this is 6 more cylinders and 500 more pounds.

  14. Sea says:

    If I was looking for a tourer and had the money I would look no further!

  15. Provologna says:

    I suppose this performs at a higher level overall vs. Honda’s spectacular looking F6B. The Honda looks so much better that it would be my choice, at least between these two ultra luxury performance bikes.

    I can’t help but think BMW could have improved the cosmetic appeal, but it would have taken longer and they needed to jump in as quick as possible since the F6B appeared, to jump on its coat tails.

  16. Norm G. says:

    for those with complaints/concerns about the shorty windscreen, you probably don’t realize BMW has “an app for that”. just push the button to raise it. the electric windscreen has been one of Hanz and Franz’s coveted features for more than a decade. I would assume the ingrained association with BMW is the reason Honda refuses to offer a system of it’s own. how long has it been since the first GL1000…? it’s the wing faithful’s #1 gripe. enter aftermarket stage left.

  17. Harold says:

    The write up even sounds like a Harley ad. If you close your eyes and just listen to someone reading the write up you would think it was a “new” hd model! Good luck bmw.

  18. rg500g says:

    And jesus wept… What sort of inane badge engineering is this? Sport? Did it drop 20 kilos, or gain significant torque, or get upgraded suspension? Oh, it got blacked out features. Yes, that is good for at least another 60 kph on the autobahn. This does not complement the brand.

    • Norm G. says:

      ok, how about DIY akrapovic silencers in a box to unleash that trademark i6 rasp not found anywhere else in motorcycling…?

      (note, these would cost money naturally)

    • Gary says:

      Dude … jesus rides a Harley. With a beak. Everyone knows that.

  19. Will says:

    For that price I think I would find a 12CL for cruising, a Harley Street V-rod (the short wheelbase bike they made for about one year), a used FJR, and maybe another ZRX.
    I think thats possible for the price!

  20. ducatidon says:

    What’s the difference between this bike and the 1600GT again?

  21. ziggy says:


  22. Patrick K says:

    Forget the price. Either you got it or you don’t. If you don’t, BMW doesn’t really care what you think. For those few that do have the money, I think many would like this bike over a Harley street glide or certainly a Honda F6B.

  23. ibking says:

    I’ll save a little and get a R1200gsw a massage and a happy ending. All is good.

  24. Bud says:

    It looks like a marvelous bike. One of the few BMWs in recent memory that made me wonder what the styling department was thinking.

  25. Tom R says:

    I felt that the Honda FB6 was a cynical effort on the part of the manufacturer, but this example is even more so.

  26. Vrooom says:

    So removing a tail bag and shortening the windscreen turns a tourer in to a “sport” bike? At 21K they are appealing to a really small, if utterly committed, portion of the population. Seems like they are competing against the FJR and Concours 14, but with 7 grand higher cost. Undoubtedly a nice bike, but can’t see it doing much other than reducing sales of the normal K1600GT.

    • Vrooom says:

      An even harder argument for it is it makes less horsepower than the Concours 14 (about the same as the FJR when measured at the rear wheel, 132), and weighs in the mid-700’s wet (in GT form…without the rear bag). It does make more torque than either bike.

      • todd says:

        more torque but same power just means lower RPM and taller gearing. When the torque gets to the rear wheel it won’t be as high as the Conc 14 and it will be about the same as the FJR. That’s exactly what HP tells you.

        • Norm G. says:

          re: “When the torque gets to the rear wheel it won’t be as high as the Conc 14”

          20ft-lbs. pretty sure there’s a Calvin peeing on a Kawasaki sticker in here somewheres.

          • todd says:

            yes, but it’s at a lower RPM so it is ultimately less powerful. If it had 20 more ft-lbs at the same RPM as the Kawasaki then it would be 23 HP more powerful than the Kawasaki. A bike with less power will be less powerful and slower regardless how much torque it makes. It’s that simple.

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “An even harder argument for it is it makes less horsepower than the Concours 14”

        8hp. what track day you taking either of these to…?

        • todd says:

          I just read that the BMW makes 160 HP and the Kawasaki makes 157.7 HP so I think it’s a wash and more dependent on transmission efficiency, weight, and aerodynamics.

  27. todd says:

    If its touring you’re after you could do just as much with an ’84 Nighthawk. The rest is just for trying to impress your buddies. I hope that makes you feel complete.

    • Jose says:


    • Jeremy in TX says:

      You can do just as much with a bed pan as you can a toilet. I know which one I’d rather have.

      • pistoldave says:

        “You can do just as much with a bed pan as you can a toilet. I know which one I’d rather have.”

        I LOL’d. Literally. Good stuff.

        • todd says:

          Exactly. With a bed pan you never have to leave the comfort of your bed.

          • Jeremy in TX says:

            True, but my Kohler has many other benefits too numerous to mention – that fact that it makes me feel so much more complete and impresses my friends is just icing on the cake.

    • Gronde says:

      $21,000+ should impress other posers, no?

  28. John Hruban says:

    A lot of money! However buy a HD loaded with optional accessories and you will easily go past the BMW cost. But you’ll have ” All of a sudden, its 1950 again with the HD” and its archaic engine designs. But you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the “Rolling Flatulence Thunder” On a BMW.

  29. Auphliam says:

    It was Honda? Seriously? I guess you guys don’t remember way back (7 years ago) when HD knocked all the garbage off the Ultra and called it a Street Glide.

    • Scott G. says:

      if harley “knocked all the garbage off the ultra,” all you’d have is the street.

    • Blackcayman says:

      HD has both the Road Glide & the Street Glide as touring bikes without the top case. Commonly referred to as “baggers”.

      The Honda was a pathetic attempt to convince buyers to come over or stay with Honda while getting some of the HD styling. The riding experience between the two couldn’t be further from each other – so it’s hard to imagine the new Honda could convert a rider who was headed over to the HD dealer.

      This bike is just laughable with its chopped screen. Pick up the tiniest margin of the bagger style while subjecting yourself to terrible buffeting, I think not.

      Bikers buy the HDs and Motorcyclists buy everything else. They are for the very most part two different people…..and that’s all I have to say about that – for now.

  30. Tom R says:

    BNG & W. (Bold new graphics and windshield)

  31. denny says:

    This is (top) end of motorcycles…… how to call this new category?
    Price is very ‘sporty’ though.

  32. Jeremy in TX says:

    I like it. However, I just can’t seem to get my head around spending more than $15K for a motorcycle. I’m not saying the asking price isn’t worth it to those that appreciate what the bike is capable of. I’m just saying I’d much rather have two bikes for my $22K than one.

  33. f doggrell says:

    i hate red bikes . i hate red vehicles of any type . otherwise this is a great touring machine as long as you are rich and don’t mind eating bugs all day . a few questions please : a) why didn’t bmw sell the concept 6 ( one of the coolest looking bikes ever designed ) ? b) is the 2014 bmw k1600gt engine water cooled with a radiator etc . ? c) what is the latest on the new 2014 bmw r1200rt which is definitely water cooled and looks to be the best tourer ever designed by bmw ?

    • Norm G. says:

      Q: a) “why didn’t bmw sell the concept 6 (one of the coolest looking bikes ever designed)?

      A: gotta proof the package first. ya know work the bugs out. see what the cost of warranty claims are, etc. it’s new kit. tourers will get ridden, nakeds will be out front starbucks. this is no good.

      Q: b) is the 2014 bmw k1600gt engine water cooled with a radiator etc?

      A: si senor.

      Q: c) what is the latest on the new 2014 bmw r1200rt which is definitely water cooled and looks to be the best tourer ever designed by bmw?

      currently decked out in that ever fashionable swirly camo for the “motorazzi” and engaged in hot weather testing. you’ll see it in November.

    • Honyock says:

      It’s not red that I hate, it’s THAT red. Supermarket cabbernay sovinyone from a box red. Sluggish veinous blood seeping out of flaccid leathers red. No, sir! Give me a real highly oxygenated blood spurting out of a severed artery red, or rattle can it black and be done with it.

  34. sl says:

    I just hope there is an option for matching tail luggage…oh and wouldn’t it be nice to have a taller windscreen?

  35. Michael H says:

    Remember when people used to kid that new Harley models came form the Department of Paint and Decals?


  36. ian saki says:

    This kinds of reminds me of my V Strom 650, no my Ducati Multistrata 1200s, no my BMW R1150R. Looks great but I think I am out of money to buy another bike. Sorry BMW. 😉

  37. JR says:

    Motorcycles should be inexpensive to purchase. Thats also why they are designed for good weather. The $21,200.00 price tag for this bike means you should be financing a new Jeep Wrangler which would be more practical. The motorcycle industry is killing itself with more and more overpriced machines.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Motorcycles should be inexpensive to purchase.”

      should be…? or you WANT them to be…?

      re: “The motorcycle industry is killing itself with more and more overpriced machines.”

      oh ho ho, have you got a lot to learn…! 🙂 see this is not the “motorcycling industry”… THIS IS BMW.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “The $21,200.00 price tag”

      ps: in the grand scheme of things, that’s actually a STAGGERINGLY good value for what this kit represents. a friggin’ 1.6L straight 6…? BMW’s trademark engine…? here in the 21st century…? i’m shocked this thing doesn’t cost every bit of $30-$40 grand. try to buy a 6 in one of their saloons, fugeddaboutit. on a dealers lot you can trip over 4-bangers stickering a cool $65,000. not 8’s, not 6’s, 4’s…!!! that’s a C7 innit…? apples v. oranges, but it gives you context.

  38. Colors says:

    Well that sure is big. Which is what sh… nevermind.

  39. BoxerFanatic says:

    This is pathetic.

    A low screen (which could be an option for a GT instead), and some black paint… and this is a “sport”?

    This (^) isn’t a sport.

    THIS is a K1600 Sport. (The Concept 6 bike)

    The K1200R-Sport was worth the Sport designation. more elemental than the K12S, but sleeker than the K12R.

    I would LOVE to see a K1600R and R-Sport, with significantly less tupperware.

    • Auphliam says:

      Its “Sport” because they say it is…not because it meets any criteria.

      Honestly, if MoCos tried matching true capabilites to every differing opinion of what is Sport, Cruiser, Adventure, Standard…there’d be 10 million different models on the market.

    • Provologna says:

      That may be the most desirable looking bike of all time and forever. Does it exist or is that just CG? Link to specs? A CBX for this generation.

      I had the sublime privilege of riding my friend’s professionally tuned (I emphasize professional) black 80 CBX with 79 cams and OEM “Sport Kit” (rear sets, forged low bars, shortened control links, etc.)

      The throttle response of that beat was nothing short of surreal. Blipping the throttle at red lights was orgasmic. Having owned about 70 bikes, I still place brief rides on that bike as one of my all time mc high points. I’d buy one if funds allowed. Black only, forget the red and silver. I don’t know if the designer Irijimari is alive but if he is, kudos to you sir! Hale Soichiro for overseeing this masterpiece.

      We all know the CBX was too heavy and large to compete on the track. But for pure gestalt and overall riding experience, few if any motors approach the supreme inherent smoothness and ecstasy of an inline 6.

    • Provologna says:

      Sorry to double post, but after seeing that BMW actually built this “Concept 6,” I posit that it is one of the most beautiful and desirable man made conveyance of all time.

      What is BMW waiting for? IMO they could attach any price to this beauty up to $50k and still pre-sell every single one up to about 200 or so. Limiting the production number would seem critical and desirable. Guys with that kind of money absolutely positively do NOT want to pass another one on the street when they take it out for the occasional SMR.

      Any German cage with such engineering and exclusivity starts at about $150k.

  40. Norm G. says:

    re: “Who ever thought it might be a good idea to take a luxury tourer, drop the bulky top case, add some blacked-out features and chop the windshield? Oh yea … it was Honda”

    well actually it was BMW. this was going on back with the old LT top boxes, and if you notice this is nothing more than the exact same K16GT they debuted in 2011. however, what Honda did do (to their credit) was a better job of giving the rear that “49 mercury coupe” bagger styling. I doubt hanz and franz are ever going to go there.

    • goose says:

      Hans and Franz tried, it was called the R1200C, it was so ugly even BMW types wouldn’t buy it. It joins the R1200ST as the only two BMWs I know that failed the “even BMW die hards will not buy this thing” test. Hey, I bought not 1, not 2 but 3 R100GS’. Great bikes but ugly as sin.

      As an example of the progress BMW has made, they didn’t try to do a “49 Mercury coupe” styling. Knowing both your strengths and weakness is an important part of success.

      Back to this bike, I can’t see what it does a K1600GT doesn’t but hey, it didn’t cost much and if it tanks BMW will not be out many Euros. If it sells BMW’s marketing types can tell their boss’ they should get a bonus.

      Anybody want to take odds on more than half of these bikes getting taller windshields and top boxes within a year of purchase?


      • Norm G. says:

        re: “Hans and Franz tried, it was called the R1200C”

        that’s merely a reference to building a cruiser… and you really mean the 12CL. however, a willingness to mimic the styling’s of HD with a flagship built to be the rolling embodiment of Roundel philosophy…? yeah, that was never gonna happen.

  41. johnny ro says:

    The bike is awesome, an aspirational item for sure.

    I find myself wondering about a darkside tire. I want 20-30k miles on a rear tire, not 3-4k. With 160 tractable and civilized hp on a heavy bike I think the rear will wear quickly.

    Bike tire design lags in mileage- I see why- small contact patch on a round profile tire on a large engined bike. WHat does the future hold for high mileage bike tires?

  42. George says:

    Seems like BMW is adopting the strategy or throwing every widget they can at a motorcycle and calling it an improvement…

    This bike is another example of too much of everything.

    If I wanted all that electronic widgets and huge engine and excess weight… I’d buy a car and have AC too…

    Motorcycles are supposed to be … something other than a 2 wheeled car, at least to me.

    • johnny ro says:

      I take your point but one is not limited to one bike. A fat touring bike plus a dirt bike plus a small day bike, etc.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Seems like BMW is adopting”

      seems…? adopting…? oh no sir, take the red pill and i’ll show you how deep this rabbit hole goes.

    • Patrick Connely says:

      “This bike is an example of too much of everything.” Just think for a moment about that…Too much for thee might not be too much for me….obviously you have an issue with the idea of continuous improvement…..and hey if You take yourself that seriously go buy yourself a new FJR 1300 and let us folk that are so mired in excess just suffer on…..

  43. Duff says:

    I’m not sure I get it, change the windscreen and it’s an entirely new model. Even seems lazy by Haley’s standards.

  44. Barry Smith says:

    Looks just like the 81 and 82 Honda CBX, except much more modern of course.

    • Provologna says:

      Wow! I usually catch similarities like that but I totally missed this dramatic similarity in side view shapes. Hmmmmm…wonder if the similarity is accidental. My only excuse is extreme color difference. I remember only pearl white with pearl blue and black stripes for the Honda. Many thought the source of 80-82 power loss was carburetion but the primary culprit was softer cams for EPA regulations effective 1980.

  45. HARRYISCOOL says:


  46. starmag says:

    Well, I’m not wild for the color, but I’d take this over the poorly-monikered F6B. BMW has the best quick release bags in the biz, but I’d rather have a quick release windshield also, That way i can drop the bags and windshield for around town and when it’s hot. I know I could do that with a R1200R, but I don’t dig the flat sounding airplane motor. Without the bulbous-looking fairing this would be a beautiful roadster. Unfortunately, if BMW were to offer such a thing they would undoubtably have to ruin it with a space monster headlight like the K1300R.