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Yamaha Releases Playful Video of Rossi Entertaining Fan Questions


The following video released by Yamaha today in advance of the Laguna Seca round of the MotoGP championship this weekend shows Valentino Rossi responding to fan questions, including some about racing and others about life in general. We found the video fun and entertaining, so have a look.


  1. Ricardo says:

    Very rare individual with lots charisma, he is very famous and yet very simple person with simple reasonings behind each question. I did not see an ego behind his answers, a rare trait on some of the rich and famous…no wonder I am a big fan of this guy.

  2. Brinskee says:

    I think this clip demonstrates exactly why Rossi is still the most popular GP rider to date. What a charming and fun personality. He’ll remain famous long after he retires.

  3. Alon Walker says:

    I would put Stoner on that list…

  4. Alon Walker says:

    Who doesn’t love him? I’d put Stoner on that list…

  5. Provologna says:

    Who, I aska, who doesa nota loveh thisa guy?

  6. Tim says:

    “I arrive, I see….is possible, I go fast, I WIN!!”