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Kawasaki Teases New Z1000: Will Be Unveiled November 5 in Milan


MD received the above photo, and the following press release from Kawasaki concerning the unveiling of a new Z1000 naked bike at the EICMA show in Milan on November 5.  We have no information at this point beyond what is contained in the following press release.

IRVINE, Calif. (Oct. 1, 2013) - Since its introduction in 2003, the Z1000 has been regarded as a benchmark “naked” sportbike. Kawasaki will unveil the next exciting iteration of the Z1000 family on Nov. 5, at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy.

Reflecting a radical new design philosophy, the Z1000 is a result of Kawasaki’s unique “Sugomi” approach, which has created a machine with the palpable energy and appearance of a predatory animal stalking its prey.           

Harnessing the awe-inspiring, dark brooding menace of a crouching panther, the “Sugomi” approach has resulted in a machine which appears poised on the verge of exploding into action, focused on its prey, its body crouching low, muscles tensing in anticipation.

Rather than simply being “fastest” or “most powerful”, the new Z1000 concentrates on the overall emotional intensity of the ride, the tactile feeling of physical control and a carefully measured balance between the two extremes of outstanding engine and chassis dynamics that only Kawasaki could have realized.

As Head of Motorcycle Design for Kawasaki, Keishi Fukumoto, notes: “The new Z1000 delivers an increase in overall performance combined with an emotional spirit which will appeal to riders looking for a motorcycle with a strong, discernible character in terms of both looks and riding feel.”

“We were delighted to be asked to take a “clean sheet” approach to styling the new Z1000, a naked sportbike with a refined blend of unique Kawasaki spirit and bold “Sugomi” emotion.

“From a styling perspective, we wanted to capture and distill the look and feel of a crouching predator getting ready to pounce and combined them with refined engineering features and performance updates to reinforce the Z1000’s position as the class leading naked sportbike,” concluded Fukumoto.

Sugomi: The Japanese word “Sugomi” describes the intense aura or energy given off by a person or object of greatness and felt by the viewer. Someone, or something, possessing Sugomi inspires awe, leaves an indelible impression, is daunting in stature or ability, and commands respect.


  1. Gronde says:

    Looks like someone went off-roading with it a came down to hard after a jump!

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  2. Bob says:

    Yuk. Way too over styled trying to immitate Euro custom designs. Upturned tail like it had just been rear ended or is asking for a meat-plowing from behind. Headlight nacell ooks like it is sliding down as if yhey forgot to tighten the bolts. Seat pocket looks like it locks you in one place permanently so you can’t move around. I thought the Buell XB made riders look like a monkey humping a football. This is worse. Nut cruncher. Their stylist really tried way too hard and failed.

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  3. Gary says:

    I’d like to see data on how effective teases like these are in product launches. Infiniti used it to launch an entire brand, but then stopped using it altogether. My sense is it does nothing to help build interest. It only pi$$es people off. Why do it? Either show the bike or don’t. No one is interested in moto intrigue.

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  4. pistoldave says:

    As long as the tank does not have any exposed seams, im in!!!!!

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  5. Guylr says:

    Quasimodo is that you?

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  6. Gronde says:

    I wonder if it will come with hard bags, a driveshaft and center stand? Oh, and cruise control would be great.

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  7. VLJ says:

    Sparky the Pikachu finally gets his motorcycle license, and this is what happens.

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  8. Oilhead says:

    Hmmm, stage prop for next year’s calendar girl?

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  9. Bob L. says:

    Seat looks painful.

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  10. allworld says:

    I ride a naked, my choice was the Triumph Street Triple R, after a few test rides of other naked bikes. The problem I have with larger displacement nakeds is they are way to much bike for the style of bike. Anyone who has ridden the Aprilia Tuono V4 knows what I am talking about. IMO, naked bikes are the perfect example of “less is more”.
    Still it will be interesting to have all the 2014 super nakeds do battle.

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  11. David Bogue says:

    The Zen of the Zed ?

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  12. Jeremy in TX says:

    Very KTMish from the profile. I am interested to see!

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  13. david says:

    hmm, looks like it grows a beak at the head section? A scavenger or a jaguar?

  14. jake says:

    Don’t know which is more annoying, these mystical Japanese teasing promos or the ugly butt mufflers they inevitably put on their bikes.

    As for profile, this bike has the same profile as the new KTM. Hopefully, the KTM drooping headlight is not a sign of a new trend to come.

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    • BlackCayman says:

      overly exaggerated aping of original Katana design…dropping the front end almost off the bike completely…

      LKet me guess; three overly bright candy colors for dandys

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  15. John says:

    Don’t like the profile even slightly.

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  16. ducatidon says:

    Geeze, with a buildup like that – it’s got to be a letdown. Pouncing evap canister, (not very well) hidden cat. conv.?

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  17. halfbaked says:

    Is 凄味 anything like Fahrvergnügen?

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