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2014 Trends in Motorcycling – Our Readers Weigh In


We want your thoughts below in the comments section about 2014 trends. The United States market has so much variety now, from big cruisers and exotic sport bikes costing more than $20,000 to the rapid emergence of small-displacement, inexpensive commuter bikes and beginner bikes. Some of the traditional categories like sport bikes have softened, while dual sport and adventure touring motorcycles have become more popular. Naked bikes used to be parts-bin specials, but now they are getting top drawer components and engine performance. Customizers used to focus on cruisers almost exclusively, but cafe racers and standards now command the attention of many enthusiasts looking to add their personal touch to their ride.

Yamaha has embraced three-cylinder engines beginning with its FZ-09, and Honda is making good on its promise to develop more production bikes with V-4 power. What engine designs and layouts are trending upward?

When it comes to accessories, the only limit is our imagination. From cosmetic to functional, accessories serve many needs. LED accessory lighting, in some cases more powerful than the stock lighting on your motorcycle, is one emerging trend.

Motorcycle/scooter hybrids are always interesting, and there are always new developments in this area. Big engines, big performance coupled with step-through design and CVT transmissions, as well as pure electric alternatives.

In short, what’s your vision for the future of motorcycling? What trends will emerge or strengthen next year?


  1. More small bikes please. It’s time for some new and exciting bikes as to appear after a long drought. We are ready for a new era of fresh designs. Especially small ones. The motorcycle industry is remember that small = fun!

    An ultralight sub-600cc sport bike with top quality parts. How about finally making an Aprilia RS 450? An adventure bike that is lightweight, good suspension for off-road and doesn’t buzz on the freeway. How about a KTM 690 Adventure. For the cafe bikes, how about a new Honda GB500? And why not a 50cc motorcycle like the Honda MB5! That’s the kind of nonthreatening bike parents don’t mind their kid’s riding.

  2. Bryan Whitton says:

    For me it is going to be all electric like the Zero. I am done with maintaining a vehicle. Switched to electric car last summer and will switch to an electric bike when my current ride dies.