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Is Valentino Rossi’s Appeal to CAS a Brilliant Move?


Valentino Rossi has appealed the decision by the FIM to assign 3 penalty points to him as a result of the clash with Marc Marquez at Sepang to the international Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland. In addition to seeking an elimination, or reduction, of the penalty points assigned him, in perhaps a brilliant move, Rossi has asked the Court to stay the execution of the penalty until after the race at Valencia on November 8.

In other words, if Rossi successfully obtains a stay of execution, even if he ultimately loses the appeal, the grid position penalty would be imposed at Qatar when the MotoGP series opens next year, rather than at Valencia, which would allow Rossi to pass through the normal qualification process and start much higher on the grid.

To remind our readers of the context, Rossi leads Yamaha teammate Jorge Lorenzo by 7 points in the championship going into the final race at Valencia.  Currently, the penalty requires Rossi to start last on the grid, substantially reducing the likelihood he will be champion this year.

Here is the press release from CAS issued earlier today:

Lausanne, 30 October 2015 – Italian MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi has filed an appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the FIM Stewards’ decision to impose 3 penalty points on his record following an incident with another rider during the Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix race held on 25 October 2015.

The FIM Race Direction found that Mr Rossi deliberately ran wide in order to force the other rider off line, resulting in contact causing the other rider to crash out of the race. For this breach of the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Regulations (the FIM Regulations), the FIM Race Direction imposed 3 penalty points on the rider’s record. Mr Rossi immediately appealed such decision to the FIM Stewards who dismissed the appeal and confirmed the penalty imposed by the FIM Race Direction. Since Valentino Rossi already has 1 penalty point from an earlier incident, this decision brings him to a total of 4 penalty points. On the basis of the FIM Regulations, a rider with 4 penalty points must start the next race from last grid position.

In his appeal to the CAS, Mr Rossi seeks the annulment of the penalty, or at least a reduction from 3 points to 1. Together with his appeal, Mr Rossi has filed an urgent application to stay the execution of the challenged decision in order not to lose his place on the starting grid at the next, and last, event of the season which will be held in Valencia/Spain on 6-8 November 2015.

An arbitration procedure is in progress. A decision on Mr Rossi’s request for a stay is expected to be issued no later than 6 November 2015.

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  1. dazman says:

    If Rossi succeeded in the appeal, then I guess it would be a stroke of genius!

  2. VLJ says:

    Honda, errr, I mean, Lorenzo, wins in the Rossi CAS appeal…

    • dazman says:

      I`m not a Rossi fan, as in I`m not against him either, but upon saying that, Lorenzo still has to finish the race and with Dani and Marc in pretty good form, then rossi could still finish 4th behind lorenzo and still win the title.

  3. william cannon says:

    after watching the slow mo video…is is quite evident that marquez rammed into and leaned on rossi’s left leg..rossi responded by pushing marquez away…perfect response. marquez should be penalized for initiating the contact. rossi punishment is completely bogus.

    • dazman says:

      I guess that can be applied to any sport where an illusion can be made…eg Rugby Union tries that weren`t, or English Premier League trips that weren`t.

  4. TexinOhio says:

    So Lorenzo’s got Lawyers in this now…

  5. jockus says:

    only one person got this right so far….correct fossi was in front and has the track, how can someone press another riders BRAKE lever as there is an anti tamper device to combat such. it was plain to see Marquez WAS helping Lorenzo..whether Lorenzoknew is another matter…..but if he did, he and Marquez has destroyed the motogp integrity forever.

  6. Pete says:

    Just postpone the penalty and let there finally be a race for the championship.

  7. fabrizio Cremonini says:

    from somebody blog:

    Let’s go straight to the facts:

    Marquez was helping Lorenzo, it doesn’t matter if he wanted Lorenzo to win the championship or just Rossi to lose.
    By holding Rossi, he was helping Lorenzo.
    Iannone noticed Marquez was helping Lorenzo and tried to help Rossi, showing their racing lines once he watched Marquez towing Lorenzo.
    Yamaha is not giving a shit about the incident, they’re not supporting Rossi.

    My personal belief:

    Ducati doesn’t want Rossi to win, it would look awful for them “Rossi won with Honda, switched to Yamaha and won, switched to Ducati and went shit, came back to Yamaha and won”.

    Iannone wanted to help Rossi by holding either Marquez or Lorenzo. Given the fact Ducati is more a factory than a racing team, I think that they forced Iannone to stay back, which he refused to, and retired instead.

    Race facts:

    Iannone was faster than Dovizioso, he was the only one able to hold Lorenzo or Marquez

    Dovi got in front of Iannone with shitty racing lines, making Iannone slow, Iannone didn’t want to take a risk to overtake his own team mate, which made Lorenzo overtake both of them

    Immediatly after Lorenzo got in front of Dovizioso, Dovi started to race normal, but still blocking Iannone for no reason
    Marquez ran wide on purpose to let Lorenzo pass and didn’t try to fight back at all, not even a single time. If you say “Marquez didn’t know Lorenzo was behind him”, I will reply “bullshit, even if he didn’t know, he had the pace to overtake anyone who got in front of him”.

    As soon as Lorenzo pass Marquez, Marquez lap times went shit to block Rossi. I’m not saying Rossi was riding slow, but once there’s a rider in front of you, you HAVE to slow down to avoid contact.

    Rossi noticed Marquez was slow and tried to overtake him, maybe Marquez was having mechanical failures or something, who knows? Marquez fought back. And again, and again, and again. So Marquez didn’t fight back Lorenzo because he didn’t want to. That’s it.

    Rossi noticed Marquez was fighting him on purpose, but as long as Rossi could finish 3rd that was ok, he had the confidence to let Lorenzo and Pedrosa go, and save tyres fighting with Marquez.
    Once Rossi is better than Marquez at saving tyres, Rossi knew he could get 3rd easily.

    Marquez started making dangerous and unnecessary passes.

    Rossi noticed that, tried to avoid some.

    Marquez started forcing Rossi out of his line on purpose, Rossi came out of the footpeg twice in different corners, then he realized Marquez was not fighting with him for the show, he was trying to make Rossi crash
    Rossi signaled to Marquez “come on, let’s do this”. Rossi’s crew nodded their head like “don’t do this” because they knew Rossi could crash doing that.

    Now, the incident:

    Rossi was in front of Marquez

    For those who don’t know: if you’re in front, you HAVE THE RIGHT to go slow or go wide, you HAVE THE RIGHT of the line.
    That’s why Rossi won at Assen, he was ahead of Marquez ALL THE TIME. If someone is behind you, they have to slow down, but they can’t force you out of your line like Marquez did in Assen, he went into Rossi, not into the corner.
    Marquez forced Rossi out of the track, he almost made it out of the track himself.

    Rossi went wide because he knew Yamaha had better acceleration in corner exit.

    Marquez didn’t slow down, he opened the throttle instead of braking. He knew Rossi was wide and he couldn’t overtake Rossi from outside. Come on, he’s riding a Honda, not Yamaha or Suzuki to do that.
    Marquez started losing the front because of the leaning. Once again: It’s a Honda, not Yamaha or Suzuki.
    Marquez laid his head on Rossi’s knee, because if he lost the front while making contact with Rossi, he could force his head on Rossi’s knee making a point of contact, so the bike would slide and touch Rossi’s front tyre, crashing together
    Rossi noticed Marquez was forcing his head on his knee, which was not safe because he didn’t know how much force would Marquez apply to his knee
    Rossi shoved his head off with his knee to avoid crashing together
    Marquez lost his point of contact and crashed, because, obviously, no point of contact anymore

    Once again:

    • Fangit says:

      “For those who don’t know: if you’re in front, you HAVE THE RIGHT to go slow or go wide, you HAVE THE RIGHT of the line.”

      Except of course if you’re Marquez and you are upsetting Rossi. In that case you are riding unfairly even dangerously and deserve to be kicked off your bike. You Rossi fans are so one-eyed it’s a pathetic joke!

    • dazman says:

      Let’s go straight to the facts…in 2010 Rossi, when out of championship contention, gave Lorenzo absolute hell, instead of helping him win the title! He still won though. Pardon the pun, now the shoe’s on the other er helmut!

  8. jheck says:

    With news of available data from MM93’s Honda showing that the front brake lever was suddenly struck, Rossi should just drop the appeal and admit he screwed up. Move on!

    • Ricky Crue says:

      ……and the data shows what “struck” lever “suddenly”, it can detect that it wasn’t Marc’s fingers that “engaged” the brakes? Available data only shows that the brakes were applied and that is it. Though I did hear Rossi pulled a switchblade on him 2 corners prior to the “incident”, that guy is OUT OF CONTROL!!!!

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        That is incorrect. The electronics log the amount of pressure applied and the rate of change.

        • Ricky Crue says:

          Ok, they must have a transducer or some other type of setup. (which makes sense to me) Either way it cannot say what made contact with the brake lever. The switchblade though, that happened. 🙂

        • Ricky Crue says:

          Ok, so they have a pressure transducer or something to monitor the force in which the brakes were “applied”. It still has no bearing on the “incident”. A good tidbit to know though, thanks for the info.

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          I heard the switchblade sensor data was inconclusive.

  9. Trpldog says:

    How about the unthinkable?
    Rossi – “I apologize, I lost my head and messed up. I’m sorry.”
    Marc – “No problem, I’m sorry that I did what I did, I apologize also.”

    That kind of stuff goes a long way. Virtually unheard of any more.
    Let’s get on with it.