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Swift Justice: Connecticut Cop Helps Motorcyclist Deal With Aggressive Driver


Even commuters routinely wear helmet cameras these days, and sometimes they come in handy dealing with aggressive automobile drivers. Case in point is the following video where a woman driving a car doesn’t seem to care that she is merging directly into a motorcyclist despite his honking and yelling at her.

The most fascinating thing about this video is the swift response of the police officer that the motorcyclist recruits to pull the driver over.  Take a look:

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  1. Dan W. says:

    All he had to do at any time was speed up or slow down – net result ONE CAR either way ! Motorcyclist gets the “Precious Snowflake” award.

  2. Tommy See says:

    Staged by them both ! Police do not fall for this BS. Rider should of sped up not waited till she was ready to merge !

  3. Bruce says:

    It is disappointing that common courtesy seems to slowly being eroded with self righteous attitudes and use of dash / helmet cams. The police will not always be there for when you want to tattle – so why not handle handle things like adults out on the road?

    The attitude shown by the rider is one of a newb or someone who is unlikely to survive for long on two wheels. I hope that he figures it out soon.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for bringing back that wonderful word, tattle. Ah, memories of elementary school. I can hear my grandmother’s voice now, “Don’t be a tattle-tale!” Great memory rush, LOL.

  4. waitman says:

    Any of us who loves riding motorcycles should be aware that there are many out there that have no business enjoying that privilege. Please, whatever your opinion, do a YouTube search for “motorcycle road rage”. Maybe you already knew. If you didn’t, you should.

  5. One who knows says:

    before the crazy woman even entered the picture I was looking at that video wondering “Why is that guy on the bike not keeping up with traffic?”

    Pro Tip: two assholes don’t make a right.

  6. Kent says:

    The driver was clearly in the wrong. A simple and common case where the less vulnerable impose their will on the more vulnerable. It’s common but it is sick, pathetic. The rider did the right thing. Every once in a while, the vulnerable rise up and it is good. If people can’t think right, help them think.

  7. Vrooom says:

    He is in her blind spot. I’m not saying she should have merged like that since she passed him she should have known he was there, but he could have simply avoided her. I’m a daily commuter, and if I summoned a cop every time someone changed lanes into my lane on the way into work I’d never get there. Always ride like you’re invisible, because you are, even in high vis gear with your headlights on high beam.

  8. ConnieUSA says:

    Completely disagree with the caption for the video.

    The rider knew the lanes were merging, saw the driver on his side with the intention to merge. Why ‘enforce’ his right of way?
    If there was enough distance from the traffic behind him, he should have left the lady merge. At the end, all that commotion could have been avoided and he would ultimately be safer. The driver could even had thought: wow what a nice guy. But even if she didn’t, he would have less of a risk of getting hurt.
    Defensive and smart riding goes a long way. Don’t want or need to be ‘right’ or enforce the law all the time when I am riding.

  9. shane says:

    If someone is that desperate to get ahead of you just let them. As I would tell my students when I taught MSF, ‘But I had the right of way’ doesn’t mean a lot when you are on the stretcher looking up at an EMT.

    That rider is, as we all agree, a giant knob.

  10. Slob says:

    What the hell? That sort of thing happens to me every day on my commute in Paris (look up “Charles de Gaule Etoile” and you’ll see what I mean) I don’t go crying to “mommy” each time it happens. When you are on a bike you near to be above that sort of thing IMHO (kind of in a Zen and the Art of Motorcycling way)… Ah well 🙂

  11. Chris says:

    Yep, agree with the majority, here. The biker was the aggressive one. Hope the judge reviewed the footage and agreed with us, the biker was wrong. He made an enemy for all of the rest of us to deal with, down the road.