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New Bonneville Bobber Gets 1200 cc Engine from T120 (with video)


Triumph has been as aggressive as any marque with the exploitation of its heritage models. The Bonneville Bobber just announced by the British firm is the latest evidence. With a 1200 cc twin derived from the T120, power and torque are pushed lower in the rev range to give the bike good stomp from just off idle.

This is no dressed up (or dressed down) T120, however, as the Bobber has a unique frame and plenty of unique features. All of them are listed in the following announcement from Triumph (note the adjustable seat):

Brutally beautiful, the new Bonneville Bobber is a genuine factory custom. It perfectly encapsulates the minimalistic styling principles, muscular stance and purposeful engineering attitude of a genuine Bobber.



Stripping the Bonneville T120 back to its purest essence it delivers all the hallmarks of a real bobber. With clean lines and low stance, single seat, wide flat bars, minimal bodywork and headlight, sculpted tank, wire spoked wheels, with wide rear wheel and that all important hard tail look.

An all-new chassis, suspension and frame deliver a supremely confident, dynamic and comfortable category defining ride. With an innovative elegantly engineered adjustable seat and clock position to suit the rider and riding style. The stunning ‘swing cage’ hard tail set-up and hidden mono-shock suspension make the bobber as dynamic and thrilling to ride as it is to look at.

All electronic components are hidden from view so as not to compromise its clean lines. Rider focused technology and the signature Bonnie straight-line ‘hidden cat box’ exhaust run, are all neatly incorporated without interfering with the Bobber’s stunning looks.

At the heart of the Bobber is a category-leading, high-torque Bonneville 1200cc engine with a dedicated Bobber tune for even more torque and power low down and twin slash cut sawn off peashooter silencers and unique twin airbox and filters to surround the rider in a pure Bonneville hot rod sound.

The Bonneville Bobber has over 150 additional accessories available to enhance its beauty further and make it truly unique.


See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Mr.Mike says:

    The rest of this bike is so well executed I can overlook the radiator.

    If they could just ditch the hipsters in the ad it would be perfect.

  2. dan says:

    For guys who never ever ever expect to have the occasion to give a lady a ride. Kind of sad in a way

  3. Dirty Bob says:

    Doesn’t look like a bobber with a water cooler. Sportsters have always been bobbers since 1957. Harleys have been chopped since 1903.

    • Francois says:

      What does a water cooler has to do with it being a bobber?Absolutely nothing. Makes it a better bike anyway.

  4. Kyle says:

    I’ll be wearing my bushy beard, brown leather work boots and open face helmet no matter what bike I buy. Leaning toward FZ-09 v2.0. I’ll wear a flannel too as long as it doesn’t have a leather vest over it. All of the above is due to the fact that I am a man, and I enjoy being comfortable. I equally agree that all these marketing lifestyle videos are lame AF.

    I love tank seams too. And welds.

    This is a good looking bike.

  5. Geoffrey Hill says:

    Looks like the Love Child of my old ’42 Wla, and my ’66 Trump Tr6c. Both of which I wish I still had. I WANT ONE.

  6. Geoffrey Hill says:

    Looks like the Love Child of my old ’42 Wla, and my ’66 Trump Tr6c. Both of which I wish I still had. I WANT ONE. Anybody want to swap my ’93 Sportster and ’12 Roadstar Silverado for one??

  7. Bud says:

    Not exactly my cup of tea, but I like it. I hope they sell a lot of them.

  8. Artem says:

    Freddy with his piano is still with us.

  9. Rod says:

    The bike in the top photo, the one with the low bars and deep red paint… that is a good looking machine. I hope the ground clearance is suitable for spirited riders.

  10. WSHart says:

    At least Harley put tubeless wheels on their 48 for 2017 but stuck with that stupid 2.1 gallon tanklet. They dropped the ridiculous ’72, thank the Buddha. Neither the 48 nor this Triumph Bobber are worth my money but if others think or feel different, fine.

    Put your money where you fingers type and buy ’em up! They do look good but then style for the sake of the ego has always sold well to those that don’t think well.

    • Max says:

      This bike looks to have the same tank as my Thruxton. If so, it’s good for about 140 miles between fillups. As to tubes, yeah, I’m not crazy about them, but I didn’t buy the Thruxton to travel. I’d say in most cases, I like most, ride within about 100 mile radius of the house. I have road service if something goes wrong.
      Comparing these to Harleys is night and day. These bikes go, stop, and handle so much better it ain’t even funny.