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KTM Releases Promo Video for 790 Duke (800cc Twin)

After displaying the prototype you see here at the EICMA show in Milan several weeks ago, KTM has released the promo video below teasing the 790 Duke, which is expected to be released as a 2018 model late next year.

KTM is all about a lightweight package with good power. The 790 Duke could prove to be the ultimate hooligan machine.  Have a look at the video.

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Daddiey says:

    The “spy” photos you can find online show a different bike. The pre-production models people have photographed look very much more tame and bulky.

    • Scott says:

      Same bike. It’s got lights, mirrors, a proper subframe that can hold a passenger, and less expensive wheels and rotors. And of course the bodywork will look a little different. Please tell me this wasn’t unexpected.

      But the bike in the video can be had with a little bit of money and a just a tiny amount of imagination (which tends to be sorely missing around here…)

  2. Provologna says:

    BMW and KTM compete directly against each other in several motorcycle categories.

    Can/would someone ‘splain to me how it is that KTM and BMW shall be sharing the (generally) same 800cc parallel twin?

  3. Provologna says:

    OK, someone top this: the best analogy for this bike is the “T2” android character from the movie “Terminator 2” walking into the HD bar bare naked.

  4. Provologna says:

    Re. engine reliability for this new KTM…a friend built Doug Henry’s AMA open class Super Moto race bike, a Yamaha 426cc (finished the year second behind Ben Bostrum). Several years ago my friend mentioned his buddy builds BMW F800cc race motors, which are almost unbreakable, even making huge HP per liter.

  5. stinkywheels says:

    It’s a proven hoot. New take on the Monster, not bad. Love the twins this looks like it has a good bit of power

  6. Norm G. says:

    wow that’s nice. ironically I go on vacation, attend one of the bike shows, only to miss out on all the good stuff. how does that work…? 🙁

    anyway just got a text from Xaus, he says “you’re doing it wrong”…

  7. Rayzor says:

    This is one bitching looking bike!! I loved it with one exception…Is it just me or the seat height looks to me like that of off road bike; I am guessing around 33-35in for this prototype, really KTM!? Otherwise, I would buy this in a heart beat…then will have to lower it a few inches…He He!

  8. Pacer says:

    Seems like the 800cc nakeds have a bit of a parallel to the Honda F2 and the like, do it all middle weight. So everyone will fight for market share. Brutale, FZ09, Z900, Street Triple (I think). All of these bikes relatively similar. Then the Duke shows up slightly different, and a bunch sharper. This class will be fun to watch mature.

  9. Doc says:

    Love the idea but not the execution styling wise. Bikes with this styling, of any brand, just make mine look all that much better

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Love the idea but not the execution styling wise.”

      aw c’mon, you don’t like the “dustbuster” tail section…?

      i LOVE that look, MV’s gotta have won some kind of Industrial Design Award for that. just detach the sub-frame and you can catch the crumbs between the seat cushions.


  10. Mike Johnson says:

    KTMs are definitely not built for everyone but they do make a helluva radical statement especially if the looks of an average bike seem too understated. Personally, 4 stroke big singles do not have enough combustions/minute especially at legal speeds so they are a bit like dripping faucets. A twin solves this problem and the stance of this bike above might be the *Ideal* for handling. A bike that handles as good as possible with the ideal rake, trail, swing arm length and so forth has the best looks. This might be *IT* 🙂

  11. TexinOhio says:

    That is a beautiful bike! Dare I say it has a similar front end that my Z1000 has… Slip a stacked dual LED between that front fairing plate to keep the lines and the aftermarket can take care of the rest of the crap the Feds want on these things.

    My only lament is that these bikes are always too tall for me,

  12. Don E. says:

    Another fenderless design that forgets anything past the riders seat. If only they could get rid of that pesky rear wheel that ruins the forward heavy look.

  13. Andrus Chesley says:

    If only I were in my 20’s 30’s 40’s instead of in my 70’s. Sigh!

  14. Matt says:

    This is really the kind of bike that you first pay for, then walk outside and flag down the first officer you see to hand your license over, thus saving them the trouble of chasing you down for it later.

  15. The Spaceman says:

    Meh. Itll probably cost more than the FZ/FJ 09s, have less power, and be substantially more expensive to maintain.

    I used to be excited about KTMs, then I demo-rode a few. Unless orange and black gives you a boner, I really don’t know what all the hubbub is about. They’re nothing special.

    • Mick says:

      It will probably have less power. That’s OK by me if it also has significantly less weight. Hopefully it will have nice suspension and brake components. That would give it an edge in the market. It seems that there is an unwritten rule in the street bike industry that only sport bikes and a few open class nakeds get quality suspension and brakes. I would like to see that mold broken.

      I haven’t noticed and higher maintenance costs associated with the KTMs that I have had in the past. The last one I bought was a 2003 525 EXC. That is until I bought a 2017 300 XC. The 2003 did have two oil filters. But they weren’t that expensive.

    • sbashir says:

      I have the 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure R with almost 17,000 miles and no problems. Have not even reached the first major maintenance milestone of 18,600 miles which costs around $300-400. 150 hp and 92 ft lb of torque on a 518 lb bike (with 6.1 gals of fuel) should be enough for anybody.

    • silver says:

      In the right hands it would shred the Yamahas.

  16. Matt says:

    I have no clue as to how this will translate into the street legal world, but I like it just the way it is.

    • Auphliam says:

      I would think, besides the plethora of gov’t mandated reflectors and lighting, the biggest addition would be a large tin catalytic converter under the belly.

  17. Dave Joy says:

    Wow. If only I was a 25 year old hooligan and not a 68 year old prat!

    • Bob says:

      Ditto. There was a time I would have owned a bike like that — if it had been around 40 to 50 years ago.

  18. Provologna says:

    What is an appropriate context to think about this bike? Might it share some attributes with a mid 80s 500cc GP championship winner? I estimate peak power is similar, but the KTM’s effective torque and power band is at least 2.5 to 3x as wide. Probably the KTM handles and brakes much better, and it’s street legal, w/a limited warranty, fuel injection, a dealer network, and runs on modern pump gas w/o oil injection.

    The question is how do you traverse one city block w/o committing a felony or two……or half dozen? Something tells me riding this bike is like riding Secretariat in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (if he was alive, which he’s not).

    Why are the Japanese brands allergic to such ride?

    • Mick says:

      Even by the mid seventies the GP bikes made more power than this bike is likely to make. They were much lighter than this bike is likely to be as well.

    • Auphliam says:

      “Why are the Japanese brands allergic to such ride?”

      I would add American brands as well. They’re like the Wicked Witch to water when it comes to anything in this manner or style. Shameful, really.

      • Dave says:

        “Why are the Japanese brands allergic to such ride?”

        We’re getting ahead of ourselves. KTM does not yet make this bike for public consumption. This is a track only prototype. It remains to be seen what it will be once it’s road legal and built to a price the market will bear.

    • Norm G. says:

      Q: how do you traverse one city block w/o committing a felony or two (?)

      A: gotta “felonize” somethin’.

  19. Bigshankhank says:

    Oh my, that’s lovely that is.

  20. jim says:

    Make a Scrambler version. I have money!