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2017 Yamaha FZ-10: Long Term Review – Introduction

When Ken rode the new 2017 Yamaha FZ-10 at the press introduction, he came away very impressed with this big, fast naked bike with the heart and soul of a superbike. We just received an FZ-10 for an extended evaluation. We will bring that evaluation to you in a series of reports over the next few months.

Consider this an introduction only, together with Dirck’s first impressions of the FZ-10. This is a comfortable bike with generous ergonomics (upright and decent leg room) coupled with an extremely potent engine and chassis package.

The FZ-10 is a very fast motorcycle with mid-range power that provides flexibility for riding on the street at sane rpm levels.

As Ken noted from the press launch, the FZ-10 wheelies (no clutch-work required) when hard on the gas in the first two gears. Indeed, if you are uncomfortable with the front wheel in the air, don’t wind the throttle too quickly in first gear!

The chassis is obviously very stiff.  It feels like a race bike. This requires excellent suspension settings to provide a comfortable ride at a street pace, and, fortunately, the FZ-10 appears to have an excellent fork and shock. We will be riding the FZ-10 in several different environments, and we will provide some recommendations regarding suspension settings.

We have not taken fuel economy readings, yet, but given the forward thrust offered by this machine, we expect it to be pretty thirsty. Stay tuned for details on fuel economy in a future report.

So far, this feels like a hard core superbike with upright ergos and power pushed down into the mid-range.  Don’t get us wrong, this bike pulls extremely hard on top as well, just not as hard as an R1. The FZ-10 redlines at 12,200 rpm, while the R1 spins all the way to 14,500 rpm.

Oh yeah, the Crossplane crank in this bike makes the intake and exhaust sound bitchin’. Keep an eye out for our next report.

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  1. slipjoint says:

    A little smoothing and blending of surfaces would go along way for me on appearances. Several of these nakeds present a pretty fair value in performance, utility and comfort. I really don’t understand why the manufacturers don’t look into offering these bikes as as a basic naked running package available with 2 or more interchangeable headlight, fairing, instrument cluster and tank packages. One new wave, one more conventional or mix and match. It could be done more easily and with less financial risk than certifying a completely new model with the same basic running gear (that they all do now) and gambling a lot of potential sales on the popularity of a single cosmetic package.

  2. Neil says:

    I sat on a Tuono and the pegs were far too high for a street bike that I would ride for any period of time.

  3. Allansb says:

    I rode the “10” early last year and it was great. Ergos and power. I am a Yamaha fan (I own a FJR and a XSR900), but I couldn’t get around the styling or the colour. I also ride an Aprilia Tuono 1100 which is designed beautifully and has amazing power, and in Canada, is priced the same as the “10”. Put the two beside each other and the Tuono blows it away.