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Nicky Hayden in Serious Condition Following Accident While Training on Bicycle (Update 4)

Like many professional motorcycle racers, Nicky Hayden frequently trains on a bicycle. According to reports, including this one from Italy, Hayden was riding near Misano in Italy when he collided with an automobile. The impact reportedly resulted in serious trauma to Hayden’s head and chest.  Hayden is receiving treatment in a hospital in Italy at this time.  We will update with additional details a bit later today.


Latest word is Nicky is in intensive care. Doctor describes his condition as “very serious”.  Follow this link to an Italian site with frequent updates from the hospital.


Italian press is now reporting that Nicky remains in intensive care in serious condition, and that there will be no additional updates on the status of his health until at least tomorrow. Additionally, it is now reported that Hayden was riding alone, rather than with a group, when he was struck by the automobile. His brother Tommy and mother Rose are reportedly en route to Italy to be with Nicky in the hospital.


This is from an Italian report on Thursday afternoon (local time, Italy).  You can see the report here. An apparent quote from a hospital representative indicates Nicky remains “critical” and in the intensive care ward.  Further, Nicky “suffered a serious polytrauma with consequent very serious cerebral damage.  The prognosis remains guarded.” Like all of Nicky’s fans, we here at MD have him and his family in our thoughts constantly … hoping for the best outcome possible.


A local Italian news organization is following Nicky Hayden’s condition by checking with the hospital.  A report posted earlier today indicates Nicky’s condition is still “very serious”. In addition to the injury to his head and chest reported earlier, it is stated that Nicky also suffered fractures to his femur and pelvis.

The Hayden family has indicated they want the media to respect their privacy, and exercise some discretion given the grave circumstances.  From this point forward, MD will only post reports published directly by the Hayden family or Honda.  If you wish to watch local media reports, the link posted in the paragraph above appears to be from the local news organization, so you might check there periodically.

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  1. VLJ says:

    I was really looking forward to seeing Elder Motostatesman Nicky. Damn.

    This reminds me of when Stevie Ray Vaughan passed. Both were thirty-five, too.

  2. Norm G. says:

    F’ me running (the irony) this is worse than losing Joey in Estonia on a 125, or Hizzy to a helicopter…

    RIP Nicky Hayden the gold standard for “gentlemen racers”, we were not worthy.

  3. One Upper says:

    R.I.P i had the pleasure to meet him in 2007 and such a loss..

  4. Alex says:

    He will be missed. Gone too young. RIP.

  5. Trent says:

    I just saw the news. RIP Nicky. You will be missed.